Palmeiras fans have already written off Abel and players in case of any failures. And he will ask President Leila Pereira about the economy

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Neither Abel Ferreira nor Palmeiras players will be charged, in case of defeats, or even the loss of the Supercopa do Brasil, in 12 days, in Brasilia, in a match against Flamengo.

In a firm and civil manner, the main Palmeiras uniformed fans have decided to anticipate who will be charged, in case of failures by the club this season.

President Leila Pereira.

The presenter assumes, as the blog has already anticipated, that it is she who does not authorize the arrival of new players.

Even with the farewell of important players like Danilo, Scarpa and Wesley. The trio that left Palmeiras was something more than what was already planned.

Scarpa also warned in May 2022 that he would not renew his contract, he wanted to play in Europe. Danilo was a player that Abel Ferreira believed could be sold if a proposal arrived that Palmeiras considered important. This is what happened.

And both are in Nottingham Forest.

Wesley has lost space in the cast.

Especially with Endrick’s effectiveness as a starter.

Incidentally, the great revelation of Brazilian football has already been sold to Real Madrid, for more than R$ 400 million. He will only leave the club when he turns 18 in 2024.

The leadership was more than aware of the need for reinforcements.

It was obvious that Abel Ferreira needed spare parts.

Leila discovered Claudinho, Zenit, Matheus Henrique, Sassuolo, Jean Lucas, Monaco.

He considered them all very expensive.

“I’m not irresponsible. I will buy what our coaching staff decides is best for Palmeiras. The fan sees the sales, and retail, like all sales, payment is not in cash. They are installments. The full amount will not be included and Palmeiras have a percentage of the player, it’s not the entirety that comes to the club. I will only buy what is good for Palmeiras,” he said in the presentation of a digital card for his membership-fan plan.

Abel Ferreira, who was the first to win the card, declined to speak to the press.

Palmeiras have never started a season without signings.

And it’s the only club in Serie A 2023 that doesn’t even have a booster.

There were no Green Tip representatives at the event. The lead organization was one of the pillars in support of Leila’s candidacy. But there was a departure.

Even with Leila no longer contributing to the crowds organizing her Carnival.

At the same time as the president launched the digital card, fans advertised their position on social networks.

The protest will reach the stands in the next Palmeiras matches.

Here is the open letter from fans.

“Where’s the Palmeiras money?”

“It hasn’t even been a month since we asked President Leila Pereira that question. We haven’t had an answer. What we have seen since then has been the apparent transformation of a victorious sports project into one that seeks only an economic return. The problem is that money in the bank carries titles only if it is reinvested in the club’s raison d’être: football.

“Palmeiras start the season without even signing a player – something never seen in history – and, worse still, see the squad lose important players with no prospect of a replacement.

“Gustavo Scarpa, Danilo and Wesley left and no one came! No wonder, manager Abel Ferreira has already stated that the team needs reinforcements to fill the gaps left by those who left.

“The weaknesses of the squad appeared at various times during the 2022 season, but the constant work of the coaching staff and players led Palmeiras to the Brazilian title to meet the needs of the group.

“A champion team only remains champion when it understands that it is necessary to always be one step ahead of the others, but Brazil’s greatest champion starts the 2023 season with a smaller squad, ahead of rivals who are qualifying.

“We cannot accept this loss of competitiveness, and we will not wait for eliminations or defeats in important matches to express our dissatisfaction with a board that seems concerned only with the financial balance of the club, but, contrary to what president Leila Pereira could do think, Palmeiras is not a financial institution, but a sports club with one goal: to win titles.

“Palmeiras are the current champions of Sao Paulo and Brazil, but the shields of FPF and CBF on the alviverde shirt will not be maintained only with the integration of a group of victorious players. The visible weakening of the squad can exact a very high price high in qualifying races or in the middle of the long 38 rounds of the Brazilian championship, which is why we ask for signings NOW, at the start of the season.

“We are in favor of exploiting the children of the Academy, also because we have a very talented generation, but guys like Fabinho, Giovani, Jhon Jhon and Vanderlan need a strong group to give the necessary support to young athletes.

“They have to be launched gradually and without excessive responsibilities and for this we need established and experienced players, who come to play and make a difference!
“Here is a message to President Leila Pereira: after so many broken promises, her ‘credit’ is over.

“The accusation has begun, and it is aimed at you, who have a pen in hand and the resources to impose the historic winner of the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras!”

“Table Tip Alvi Verde”

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