O Rei do Gado: Bruno reveals Luana’s identity

In “O Rei do Gado”, on Tv Globo, Bruno (Antonio Fagundes) scares everyone when he reveals that Luana (Patricia Pillar) is a Berdinazzi.

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Bruno is incredulous that Luana is a Berdinazzi. Marcos is relieved that he hasn’t been captured by Geremias. Marcos asks why Geremias was obsessed with Faust. Marcos and Marieta sleep together and Judite knocks on the door to wake her up. Lia tells Léia that Luana has left home. Ralf and Suzane travel on the yacht. Geraldino thinks he knows her somewhere. Lia says Luana is chucra. Léia doesn’t believe she will be accepted back. Bruno tells Zé and Donana that Luana has left him. He becomes jealous of Regino. Caxias tells Chiquita that he is relieved that everything is resolved with his daughter. Luana finds the camp and finds Jacira. Regino explains that there are many people who want their land invaded in order to raise the price. Luana says she lived with the cattle king. Julia and Lurdinha tell Lia that their father has been devastated by Luana’s departure. Bruno is very sad and takes it out on Zé. Luana tells Regino and Jacira that she lived with Bruno and remembered her past. She explains that at this point Bruno hates her for being a Berdinazzi. Zé and Donana try to convince Mezenga that Luana could actually be a Berdinazzi. Zé offers to look for Luana. Marcos tells Lia that he is sleeping in Marieta’s room. Lia says that Luana has left home. They arrange to bring their mother home. Geremias tells Marieta that the employees saw a car with Ribeirão Preto plates at the farm. Zé and Donana try to convince Mezenga that Luana could actually be a Berdinazzi. Zé offers to look for Luana again. Geremias travels, saying he will go to the doctor. Judite tells Marieta that she has the courage to take Mezenga there. Luana wonders where it was recorded. She asks Jacira to call her Marieta. Donana suggests that Zé look for Luana even without Bruno’s permission. Luana starts taking lessons from Bia, who invites her to stay in her tent. Bruno returns and surprises Bentão and Aparício having dinner at his house. Aparício says that he has already bought some oxen and that, unlike Bruno, he hasn’t inherited an ox from his father. Jeremiah says he is in excellent health and she decides to raise beef cattle to face the king of cattle. Aparício tells Zé Bento that he intends to run away with Lia. Bruno overhears the children talking about their lives and learns that Ralf has hit Léia. Ralf asks Léia for forgiveness. Bruno tells Lia and Marcos that Léia can go home as long as she doesn’t go to him. He reveals to his children that Luana is a Berdinazzi.

“O Rei do Gado” is a Brazilian telenovela produced by TV Globo. It ran from June 17, 1996 to February 14, 1997, replacing “The End of the World”. It was written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, with the collaboration of Edmara Barbosa and Edilene Barbosa, with the general direction of Luiz Fernando Carvalho. It had the participation of Antônio Fagundes, Patrícia Pillar, Raul Cortez, Glória Pires, Fábio Assunção, Silvia Pfeifer, Carlos Vereza and Stênio Garcia.


Tuesday 17 January

Luana studies with Bia and Regino brings her a bed to settle down on. Bruno says that in order to clarify the story of Luana / Marieta, he will have to find Luana. Marcos decides to go to Guaxupé. Ralf and Léia make peace. Luana tells Bia about her life on the farm and that Bruno made her into a woman. Ralf tells Leia that he needs time to get rid of Suzana. Lia tells her mother that she can go home, but Leia can’t talk about her because Ralf is nearby. Bruno decides to look for Leia. Suzane doesn’t find Ralf in her apartment and becomes annoyed. Lia tries to warn her mother that Bruno is going to São Paulo. Bruno appears at Leia’s door. Léia denies being hit by Ralf. Bruno informs Léia that she can go home, as long as she tells him where Ralf lives. Suzane accuses Ralph. Bruno goes to Ralf’s house and beats him. Lia visits Liliana, who confesses that she fabricated her pregnancy. Léia returns home and Julia and Lurdinha understand nothing. Geremias tells Marieta what she found out about Bruno Mezenga. Léia is happy to be reunited with her children. Bruno arrives. Climate. Léia gets up to leave the table, but Bruno says she has already had dinner. Bruno regrets hitting Ralf and bringing Léia back. Luana explains to Bia that Bruno hates the Berdinazzis. Donana regrets that Luana is not there and she wants Zé to look for her. Marcos tells his father that Geremias has already made a will and encourages him not to leave Luana behind. Valdir tells Geremias that the car found on the farm belongs to Marcos and that Marieta was with him. Geremias confronts Marieta, who makes up that Marcos had a fight with his father and asked him to help him get a job on the farm. Marcos and Bruno think about how to prove that one of the two Marietas is an imposter. Bruno decides to go to Guaxupé. Lia prefers to have dinner with her mother, but Bruno doesn’t allow it. Geremias warns Marieta that she cannot like a Mezenga. Marcos and Bruno go to Minas together. Marieta tells Judite that this family fight is silly. Bruno and Marcos arrive at Geremias’ house. Ralf tells Léia that Bruno hit him and Lia listens. Geremias arrives and finds Bruno at his house. Mezenga tells Geremias that there is another girl who says her name is Marieta Berdinazzi and tells him Luana’s story. Geremias asks Bruno to take Luana to the farm, but Bruno explains that she ran away when she found out that she is a Mezenga.

Wednesday 18 January

Bia encourages Luana to write and tells her about school memories. Geremias asks Bruno about his sister Giovanna and his mother Marieta. Lia asks if Leia really wants to get rid of Ralf. Geremias wonders who Marieta is at her house and says that she will cancel her will. Marcos tells Marieta that if she’s the real deal, he needn’t worry. Bruno says that unfortunately he too is a Berdinazzi and that he will not share his share with a crook. Marcos tells his father that everyone likes their Marieta Berdinazzi. Marieta tells Geremias that Mezenga just wants to deceive him and that Marcos heard the whole story about the truck from her mouth. Bruno tells his son that he believes in Luana. Marcos says he wanted to be raised on his father’s shoulders. Regino tells the landless that the occupations are temporarily suspended so as not to serve as a maneuver mass. Rosa tells Liliana that the Senator got her a scholarship. Chiquita realizes that the Senator is worried about Liliana going abroad. Bruno tells his children that he is looking for Luana. They comment that if she is a Berdinazzi, she will be very rich. Lia arrives. Geremias tells Marieta that he is worried about the other Marieta. She fears being exposed. Alone in the room, Geremias reads the report given to him by the chief of police. Bruno asks Zé to look for Luana. Donana says that Luana felt that she was about to lose Bruno because of her hatred for the Berdinazzis. Judite confronts Marieta about killing Fausto and she remembers that she knows her name is Rafaela. Zé Bento, Lia and Aparício travel to São Paulo to record the album. Jacira says Bruno’s love should be greater than hate. Luana tells Jacira she is pregnant. In Ribeirão Preto, Bruno orders Zé do Araguaia to look for Luana. Jacira tells Regino that Luana is pregnant. Zé goes to look for Luana. Geremias tells Marieta that he thinks Brubo is really trying to trick him. Luana asks Regino to hide her if someone goes looking for her at the camp. Luana tells Regino that she is sure Bruno will come after her. Marcos tells his father that Leia is leaving for São Paulo. Bruno says that he wants to introduce Luana to Geremias. Jeremiah remembers Bruno’s departure for the war. Images from the war and Bruno with Gemma. Marieta wonders if Bruno hasn’t left a lover in Italy, but Geremias doubts. Marieta gets emotional when she remembers her childhood about her.

QWednesday 19 January

The senator confesses to Liliana that he didn’t have the courage to ask for the scholarship, he would have paid for it out of his own pocket, and she gives up on traveling to the United States. Léia returns to São Paulo. Ralf tells Leia that he has found a buyer for the yacht. Suzane complains that Oreste is on his cell phone. Leia refuses to sell the boat and Ralf threatens to assault her. Léia reacts and Ralf apologizes. He explains to Léia that he intended to use the money from the yacht to open a brokerage firm in partnership with her. Oreste begins to suspect Suzane’s behavior. Judite finds a gun under Geremias’ bed. Deputy Valdir tells Geremias that he intends to close the investigation into Fausto’s death for lack of suspects. Rosa doubts that her husband can be re-elected without financial support. Marcos and Lia are sorry that they have no talent for drug dealing. Marcos wants more than his mother to be fucked. Senator rehearses his political campaign for the election period. Léia asks Ralf to wait for a higher offer for the yacht. Judite talks to Marieta about the weapon. Geremias says that Otávio is returning from the United States and will have to tell him that Olegário is dead. Liliana decides to spend some time in Rio and Lia offers to stay in her family’s apartment. Rosa asks what her daughter is running from. Marcos tells Lia that Liliana is crazier than him and that she can’t stop thinking about Marieta. Zé finds Regino’s camp. Donana worries about Zé and Luana. Zé meets Regino, who claims not to know Luana. Jacira warns Luana of Zé’s presence. Regino lies to Zé that he hasn’t seen Luana since the cattle king’s occupation of the farm. Luana appears and they embrace. Lia, Bentão and Aparício excited about the release of the album. Luana refuses to go back to Mezenga’s house. Regino says that Luana will leave only if she wants it. Luana tells Zé that Geremias stole her father and that she doesn’t want a damned fortune.

Friday 20 January

Zé tells Bruno that Luana didn’t want to go back with him. Bruno decides to follow her personally, but Zé warns that if he does, she Luana will disappear into the world. Luana tells Jacira that Geremias has already given the fake Marieta the inheritance. The Mezenga hypothesize the veracity of Luana’s story. Luana tells the teacher that if Bruno finds out that she is pregnant with her, he will hate her even more. Jeremiah complains about Bruno. Bruno talks to Marta on the phone and warns of Liliana’s arrival in Rio de Janeiro. Liliana tells Rosa that Marcos will still be with her and is excited about the trip to Rio. Zé returns to the farm and finds Donana. Otávio (new character) arrives from the United States eager to see his father, not knowing that he is dead. Geremias tells Otávio that Olegário is dead and that the assassin is also dead. Zé tells Donana about meeting Luana, who asks her if she is involved with Regino. Bruno thinks of going after Luana. Geremias tries to console Otávio. He meets Marieta. Liliana arrives in Rio. Geremias and Marieta try to convince Otávio to stay in Guaxupé. Bruno tells his sons that he will look for Luana so that he can claim Jeremiah’s inheritance. Marcos and Lia tell their father they will not give up their share. Marieta and Otávio talk a little about themselves. Aparício and Lia in love. Bruno goes to his daughter’s room and discovers that she has been sleeping outside her. Lia arrives home and finds her father sleeping in her bed. Luana suffers thinking that Bruno does not want more children. Lia confesses that she spent the night with Aparício and Mezenga is shocked to learn that her daughter is no longer a virgin. Bruno thinks of Luana. Otávio tells Geremias that he only wants to see his father’s grave. Geremias asks Marieta to try and convince Otávio to stay. Bruno is satisfied with Aparício.

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