Gabriel Santana wears cropped at BBB 23: men cling to bare stomach

Upon entering the BBB 23 house, actor Gabriel Santana surprised with a look in a crop top that left his midriff showing — and fans went wild on the networks.

The garment, initially much more popular among the female public, has once again forcefully entered the menswear radar in 2022, attracting fans abroad and in Brazil.

Actor and singer João Guilherme caused a stir by “reacting” on his Instagram by wearing a crop top. At Paris Fashion Week, several models appeared wearing the midriff-showing pieces.

This fad is not new. Especially in the 80s and 90s, the crop top for men made history in movies, clips and shows and even hit the streets. But how did this comeback come about with BBB 23’s right to the spotlight? Check out this “timeline” below:

First act
among the famous

Rapper Kid Cudi in a crop top performs at the Coachella festival

Image: Getty Images

Let’s start with the enthusiasts in the spotlight. In the 1980s, the then teenage heartthrob Johnny Depp was one of the defenders of the short blouse, at least on the big screen, when he gave her abdomen a film record in the production “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984).

Johnny Depp inside

Johnny Depp in “Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)

Image: playback

In the same decade, on stage, the multi-artist Prince took showmanship as one of his most characteristic trademarks. Style fused with performances that, like his art, made him immortal. Worth remembering at Wembley Arena, London in 1986.

Prince at Wembley Arena in 1986 during a performance in London, England - Getty Images - Getty Images

Prince at Wembley Arena in 1986 during a performance in London, England

Image: Getty Images

In later years, especially the 1990s, the costume became popular. It has ceased to be something that, in a certain sense, belonged to the artistic universe to be adopted in casual looks — even if often in the productions of the big broadcasters.

Will Smith, for example, wore the crop top as his uniform in episodes of “Um Maluco no Pedaço” (1990). Lenny Kravitz, on the other hand, has let his dreadlocks extend beyond the length of his blouse. Even Adam Sandler, long before he became a Gen Z fashion icon, already wore such a look.

Lenny Kravitz - Getty Images - Getty Images

Lenny Kravitz

Image: Getty Images

the blacksmith will do

Will Smith in “Crazy in the Piece” (1990)

Image: playback

Nowadays, the celebrities who wear their blouses with their bellies showing are, not surprisingly, the same ones who have a major influence on fashion, whether dictating trends among the public or embraced as the darlings of designer brands. .

João Guilherme can be cited as our Brazilian example by wearing the “put on a short cut and react” meme. Or rather, Supla before influencers even dared to exist on Instagram.

In a foreign land, the protagonist of “Euphoria”, Jacob Elordi, has already presented us with an essay for the magazine “Wonderland” in which the costume was the protagonist. In this version, it fitted like a corset to the abdomen, rather than showing the muscular curves.

Already Jaden Smith, singer and son of the aforementioned William Smith, seems to carry small cuts in his veins. Or rather, in the closets.

Jacob Elordi - Reproduction/Wonderland - Reproduction/Wonderland

Jacob Elordi

Image: Reproduction/Wonderland

Jaden Smith - Play/Instagram - Play/Instagram

Jaden Smith

Image: Playback/Instagram

second act
catwalks and brands

JWAnderson |  Autumn 2022 - Disclosure - Disclosure

JWAnderson | fall 2022

Image: Disclosure

It is not surprising that the big names are obsessed with inserting the cropped top as one of the protagonists of their men’s collections. Here we can mention some of the driving factors, such as the great effervescence of the genderless and, along with it, the obsession with the 2000s.

While for women we see the hipster, for example, among men, the cropped blouse seems to play such a role.

Among the prominent brands is Balenciaga. The Demna Gvsalia collection, presented for Fall/Winter 2019, has already introduced us to clothes. A shyer, but still smaller version than the popular one.

In 2022, crops have become ubiquitous. For Vetements, under the direction of the other Gvsalia, Guram, the blouse appeared in an all earth tone look, with the fine knit contrasting with the leather of the trousers and jacket. And one accessory in particular: underwear on display. After all, few things these days are intimate in fashion.

Balenciaga |  Fall/Winter 2019 - Revelation - Revelation

Balenciaga | Fall/Winter 2019

Image: Disclosure

At the same rate, more labels those who also invested in the piece among men were Fendi, in a flirtation with tailoring, JW Anderson, in high relief, and GmbH, in a university adaptation of a knitted waistcoat.

All this for both the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter fashion shows. There is no bad time for a man and the crop of him.

Fendi |  Spring/Summer 2022 - Revelation - Revelation

Fendi | Spring/Summer 2022

Image: Disclosure

GmbH |  Spring/Summer 2022 - Revelation - Revelation

GmbH | Spring/Summer 2022

Image: Disclosure

As style consultant Gauss Damascena claims in an interview for Ourthis strong presence of the cropped top is a result of the younger generation’s grip, both as consumers and influencers, so that trends gain strength.

“I believe that the eyes of the fashion market are, more than ever, focused on young people and I think the ability of fashion to break down barriers and shake up the dominant aesthetics is incredible”, says the specialist.

No one better than the young man and his audacity to be the protagonist of these changes”.
Gauss Damascena, image and style consultant

third act
In the streets

How will the cropped top end up on the streets?  - Play/Alled-Martinez - Play/Alled-Martinez

How will the cropped top end up on the streets?

Image: Reproduction/Alled-Martinez

Street fashion during Paris Fashion Week - Edward Berthelot/Getty Images - Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Street fashion around Paris Fashion Week

Image: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

To the street styleThose who are embracing the crop top as part of the look, for the most part, are the queer community. Gradually, as well as on the catwalks, we see genderless fashion making its way among consumers, even if its use is still somewhat restricted to the scene. underground.

For Gauss Damascena, there’s a counterpoint: While these suits embrace diversity, they also perpetuate a masculine body figure: ripped abs and so-called “tanquinhos,” which we all know aren’t a reality outside of the Instagram feed.

«Fashion is still far from being inclusive», opines the fashion and style consultant, «we are often inundated with images of defined and naturally unattainable bodies».

This piece aims to frame and enhance these bodies.”

For those who intend to venture into this fashion, with or without a body within the stereotypes to which the cropped top is attributed, the professional’s advice is: “Be aware of the image you want to convey to feel confident. Do you want to start slowly? Try clipping in an overlay with a longer, form-fitting knit, like a second skin.

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