Rodrigo Coutinho – The ‘extreme’ of Brazil Under 20 in the Copa Sudamericana in Colombia

Despite the many requests for his expulsion from the clubs, the Brazilian Under 20 team is in any case well served with wingers and ”extreme” for the South American championship which begins in two days in Colombia. Giovani(Palmeiras), Ângelo(Santos) and Matheus Martins(Watford-ING) were not released. Giovane and Pedro Henrique, both from Corinthians, and Stênio, from Cruzeiro, are the substitutes. Sávio (PSV Eindhoven-HOL) was the only one left from the original list.

Savio – PSV Eindhoven-HOL
04/10/2004 – 18 years old – 1.76m – 68kg

loaned by Troyes – the French club which is part of the City Group – to PSV six months ago, ”Savinho” is still going through the period of adaptation to European football. He has played more often in the Dutch club’s B team, but has played in eight matches for the main team and has already provided two assists. He is considered one of the most skilled forwards recently revealed in Brazilian football. He was an absolute highlight at the base of Atlético Mineiro.

He arrived at the Galo at just 14, and a season later he was already winning a South American Under 15 with the Brazilian national team. He turned pro when he was 16. He practically ”skipped” the under 20 when he was raised by Jorge Sampaoli. In just over two years in the main group he has made 35 games, ten as a starter. He scored two goals and provided one assist. He failed to have the expected sequence. The team competition was very strong.

At Alvinegro de Minas he played most of the time as a right winger. Left-handed, he is at ease playing full court, receiving the ball head-on and ”scribbling”, facing the scorer in 1×1. He has a lot of dribbling, ball control and pace repertoire. If he has space, he will often take advantage of it in melee. He attacks the back of the rival defense well.

Sávio was the youngest player to play in the 2020 edition of the Brazilian championship

Image: Pedro Souza/Atletico-MG

A positive factor for him at PSV, even though he is in team B, has been his use as a left winger, who gives his teams a lot of depth in this sector of the pitch. He played most of his minutes in the Netherlands like this, and it won’t be surprising if Ramon Menezes makes the most of it in the Brazilian national team.

Another effective feature of his is the quality in his crosses, especially at the far post. Need to mature in decision making. Sometimes he holds the ball too much when he should serve a teammate, or delays the moment of conclusion. He scores few goals. He’s not a bad finisher, but he doesn’t put himself in a position to score goals. He can also improve in defensive contribution. Little pressure on the ball.

John – Corinthians
2003-11-24 – 19 years old – 1.84m – 82kg

Born in Santa Barbara D´Oeste, a city 139 km from San Paolo, Giovane arrived less than two years ago at Corinthians, already in the under 20 category. He came from Capivariano and had also played for Red Bull Brasil. 12 months after his arrival on loan, Timão paid R$ 3 million for 65% of the athlete’s rights. The other 35% still belong to the Capivari club.

It can be said that the ascent within alvinegro was lightning fast. He stood out in the third division of the Paulista Professional Championship and moved to the state capital in June 2021. He became a regular shortly thereafter and had a good Copa São Paulo last year. He came on for the main squad in the first match he was related to, the opening round of the Brasileirão 2022, 3-1 win over Botafogo.

He received fewer opportunities from Vitor Pereira in the 2nd round, also due to Corinthians’ improved squad, but started the pre-season in the professional squad. He has already scored 16 games, three as a starter, and given good answers. He is listed as a winger here because he has done so for most of the last few months, but he can easily be used in the center of the attack, partnering up with a more permanent team-mate in the box.

02 - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

Young forward of Corinthians

Image: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

Thinking of a probable starting line-up after the many defeats that the squad has suffered, it is not surprising if you go from ”unlisted initially” to one of the owners. He shoots very well from mid-range with his sharp left foot and offers more physical presence than the other wingers in the pack. He is tall and strong. He reacts well to physical play from more powerful defenders. He protects the ball, trunk and imposes himself.

He has a repertoire of short-court dribbling and ball control. Average speed. He has gained muscle mass in recent months and this has somewhat compromised his agility to change direction quickly. Good decisions when he goes in attack with the goalkeeper. He has the coolness to put the ball into the net. He works best near the shot setup area and least in the joint. If he’s going to play as a winger, he has to evolve in defensive aspects.

04/05/2003 – 19 years old – 1.80m – 71kg

One more athlete to receive the opportunity to defend the selection in the South American championship after the layoffs. Born in Poços de Caldas (MG), Stênio arrived at Cruzeiro’s base still in the under-15 category. At the age of 16 he was already a frequent participant in under-20 matches. He turned professional in 2020. As soon as football returned to the of the pandemic, he was already active in Raposa’s main squad at the age of 17. He started six games that season.

04 - Beno Nunes/AGIF - Beno Nunes/AGIF

Stênio of Cruzeiro disputes the ball with Balotelli of Brusque in a Série B match

Image: Beno Nunes/AGIF

He played ten more matches in 2021, also featured in under-20 duels and ended up on loan in August for Torino (ITA). In the European club, Italy under 19 played as a starter. He scored six goals in 29 duels, but did not acquire the rights to him. Despite that, he grew up there in many ways. He physically he gained the imposition and began to act in other functions in the attack. Before he was very limited to the left side. Now you can play center and right.

Upon his return to Cruzeiro in July 2022, he featured in five matches in their Série B title campaign. He recently renewed his contract with the Belo Horizonte club until December 2026. Being a very dynamic striker, he can fight for a place in the starting lineup.

He is right-handed and very aggressive, fast. It is noteworthy that he is always active and looking for vertical plays on the pitch. He fight for all the balls. Long strides, good ball control at speed. Effective shot from medium range. Acting on the left, he is an excellent weapon for finishing on goal, for the angle with which he receives the ball and for looking for diagonals towards the box. Right, it offers depth, background plays. Through the center, he attacks spaces.

It can gain a little more technical sophistication in the last pass, ability to table and triangulate in short spaces. Sometimes situations of this nature lack more calm and good decisions. Defense off the ball helps a lot, especially in post-defeat pressures in the offensive field. Player excluded from counterattacks. Difficulty playing with his back to the opponent and little presence in the area.

Pedro Henrique (Pedrinho) – Corinthians
02/05/2006 – 16 years old – 1.71m – 66kg

It comes from the ”batch” of talents born in 2006 in Brazil. He is only four days older than Luis Guilherme, the youngest player of the 23-man squad. He is the main promise of the Corinthians base today. He has done very well recently for the Under-17 team and should be given the opportunity after cuts to the South American Under-20s. At the age of 15 he was already playing in this category. Another early!

Pedro Henrique has a contract with Timão until March 2025. He has been with Alvinegro since he was ten years old. Like Guilherme Biro, he was part of the Copinha squad when he was called up by Ramon Menezes. His first São Paulo Cup, by the way, took place last year. He was São Paulo’s under-17 champions for Corinthians in 2021. He hasn’t been linked to any professional games yet.

04 - Play/Instagram - Play/Instagram

Corinthians striker Pedro is involved in the club’s negotiation with Zenit for Yuri Alberto. The Russian team has preference in your purchase

Image: Playback/Instagram

He is a right forward, but feels comfortable on the left side of the attack. Pedrinho is fast, a setter and constantly puts himself in the finishing zone for plays. He draws diagonals towards the area with and without the ball. He knows how to complement the centre-forward in front of more closed teams. He doesn’t just act open, waiting for the ball in front of the marker.

He has a dribbling repertoire in short spaces and the ability to get involved in tables and triangulations. Although he’s short, he’s good at taking shocks when receiving the ball from behind and is aggressive in post-defeat pressure on the attacking field. He also works effectively on uphill marking movements. He can add lateral free kicks towards the area, he ” takes ” the ball well.

He needs to improve in reading some counter-attack moves. He is very quick, which makes him tend to individualize moves where a better positioned teammate could be needed. He can also evolve into a defensive position, sometimes letting the passing lines close and positioning himself correctly when his team withdraws the marking block.

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