CARNIVAL 2023: Traditional blocks will no longer parade after the pandemic

THE Carnival of 2023 will be a fresh start for the revelers, who can’t wait to hit the streets after two years without the momo revelry due to the covid19 pandemic. However, the joy of pulling a crowd won’t be possible for everyone. In the Olindamany of the traditional blocks and sections will remain suspended.

THE Galicia in Folia he is one of them. The block was born out of a friends’ soccer team who decided to travel 34 years ago Uptown on Sunday of Carnival. The joke has grown and reached 500 participants in 2020, when it was last released.

However, the president, Marcones Alves, 52, suffered a cerebral vascular accident (CVA) after contracting the new coronavirus and is still recovering from the injury today. The family therefore decided to devote every effort to the health of the carnival.

“Put the to block on the street it requires time, dedication and attention; and the priority today is his recovery. We tried to put it, but no one would have the strength to handle the bureaucratic part,” said his wife and treasurer of Galícia, Flávia Marcones, 42.

already the No direction and no direction, founded 26 years ago, has been hampered by lack of resources and the Kraken variant of covid-19. The average cost for the block would be BRL 40,000, as it provides food and drink to around 700 revelers on Zé Pereira’s Saturday.

“We did a financial survey and things escalated a lot. We were afraid of not being able to sell enough to pay the expenses,” said the president and founder, Antônio Pereira, 65.

“It’s the first time we’ve stopped showing. If you talk about it, I cry, ”said she, who intends to rearrange the party in 2023.

To the Aratu Red, financial hardships came even before the pandemic. After 19 years, the show did not take place in 2020 due to funding difficulties and will remain so.

“It will continue like this because this year we would not be able to do it, nor would we have the security to leave, because in practice the covid issue is not resolved,” commented the president, Múcio Magalhães, 60.

The blockade cost around R $ 10,000, which involved buying T-shirts, hiring orchestras and organizing the venue, and relied on contributions, which stopped coming.

“With the crisis and the pandemic they no longer wanted to contribute. It was difficult to get a donation of R$200 or R$300 reais […] It was boring and exhausting and I decided I couldn’t take it anymore,” she said.

THE Concrete block, 40 years old, considered not to participate in the 2023 Carnival due to lack of sponsors; however, President Ricardo Cutia, 58, has changed his mind and will pay with the help of revelers.

“My kids, my friends, everyone was asking about the blockade and saying I couldn’t not leave. So only the confirmation of the location is missing, but it should take place on the same day, Carnival Sunday, and with the same structure,” said Cutia.

In 2020 more than 500 people were part of the Cement Block, born from a group of workers in a cement factory.

Carnival blocks 2023

Association registration continues in Olinda until at least January 20. As of January 5, 126 associations had already applied. THE JC extension asked for an update to this issue and will replace it in the story when it’s answered.

Carnival program in Pernambuco

Saturday 21/01

Open trials Glory lovers

  • Gold Garimpo Kitchen | Encruzilhada Market Box 173 – Encruzilhada, Recife – PE
  • 12:00 pm
  • Attraction: Orchestra of Maestro Lessa

The woman on the stick

  • 5pm
  • frieze | Rio Branco, 155 – Recife, PE

Block of nothing

  • 5pm
  • Eduardo’s Bodega | A villain. Deodoro, 252 – Encruzilhada, Recife – PE
  • Attractions: Sound na Rural | Mestizo Caboclo | Cassius Seven | Botelho Frevo and Folia Orchestra | The Caetanos | DJ Tchêras (Portugal).
  • More information at

The ball of Macuca

  • Portuguese Club | Av. Conselheiro Rosa e Silva, 172, Graças, Recife – PE
  • 8:00 pm
  • Attractions: Alceu Valenca | Zombie Nation | Maestro Oséas invites Flaira Ferro and Gabi do Carmo | DJ Patrick Tor4
  • Tickets:

Bal Masque

TCM If it flops kiss me

Sunday 22/01

John Travolta preview

IX Sunny morning of the Saudade block

  • AABB Recife | Av. medico Malaquias, 204 – Thank you, Recife
  • 12:00 pm


  • Pitombeira dos Quatro Cantos | Rua 27 de Janeiro, 128 – Carmo, Olinda
  • 2pm

Conquering Lion sound system + RAS sounds

  • 7:00 pm
  • Recanto do Inga | PE-001, 732 – Carmo, Olinda
  • spontaneous collaboration

Friday 27/01

Ball of Azougue

Sobrecu preview

  • 21h
  • Recanto do Inga | PE-001, 732 – Carmo, Olinda – PE

XI Night of Flabelos – Saudade block

  • AABB – Recife | Av. medico Malaquias, 204 – Thank you, Recife
  • 10pm

Saturday 28/01

Eu Acho é Little Red and Yellow ball

  • Casa da Rabeca in Cidade Tabajara | Olinda PE
  • More info coming to @euachhoepouco

CARNAVALE Eu Acho has been small parades through the streets of the upper city since 1977 – Alexandre Gondim/JC Imagem

Anitta’s essays

Friday 02/03

Preview What Now Jose?

Arrangement of the March of Saudade

AABB Recife | Av. medico Malaquias, 204 – Thank you, Recife – PE,

Saturday 02/04

elephant trot

  • Free
  • More info on @elephantdeolinda

Sunday 05/02

Open trials I think it’s not enough

  • Praça Laura Nigro, R. de São Bento, S/N – Carmo, Olinda – PE
  • 10am

Open test Pitombeira

  • Pitombeira dos Quatro Cantos | Rua 27 de Janeiro, 128 – Carmo, Olinda
  • 2pm

Friday 02/10

Meanwhile in the Hall of Justice

XXXVIII Dance of Saudade

  • AABB – Recife | Av. medico Malaquias, 204 – Thank you, Recife
  • 8:00 pm

Saturday 11/02


  • Carnival Troça Pitombeirinha dos Quatro Cantos
  • More info coming to @turmadapitombeira

I take revenge on you at Carnival

  • 10am
  • More info coming to @eumevingodetunocarnaval

The Beards

  • Poço da Panela, Recife – PE, Brazil
  • 10am

Sunday, 02/12

Olinda beer

  • Pernambuco Congress Center | prof. Andrade Bezerra, s/n – Salgadinho, Olinda – PE
  • 9 in the morning
  • Attractions: Priscila Sena (muse) | Wesley Safadao | Tiaguinho | Ivete Sangalo | Leo Santana | Bell Marques | João Gomes | alok | Raffaella Santos
  • Tickets:

You are crazy

  • Square Cell. João Lapa | Varadouro, Olinda – PE
  • 10am

Carnival 2023 party calendar in Pernambuco

Friday 17/02

76th Anniversary of Pitombeira dos Quatro Cantos

  • Pitombeira dos Quatro Cantos | Rua 27 de Janeiro, 128 – Carmo, Olinda
  • More info coming to @turmadapitombeira

Mixed Carnival Troça Pitombeira dos Quatro Cantos – BOBBY FABISAK/ACERVO JC IMAGEM

Saturday 18/02

Galo block from Madrugada


EXPECTATION The last Galo da Madrugada, in Recife, took place in 2020 – ALEXANDRE GONDIM/JC IMAGEM

Carvalheira na Ladeira 2023

Sunday 19/02

The Midnight Man

Carvalheira na Ladeira 2023

Monday 20/02

Carvalheira na Ladeira 2023

Tuesday 21/02

Carvalheira na Ladeira 2023

Ash Wednesday program in Pernambuco

Wednesday 22/02

Potato cod block

  • Alto da Sè | Olinda PE
  • More information soon

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