President says CBF wants a “respectful and offensive” coach after Tite

CBF president Ednaldo Rodrigues spoke about looking for a coach to replace Tite, who terminated his contract today. He stated that “there is no prejudice with any nationality”.

  • The president said he was looking for a “respectful and offensive” coach.
  • Ednaldo hasn’t ruled out a Brazilian coach, even though he prefers foreigners.
  • He also said he’d be hunting for a technician who was “always talked about” by the press. The most quoted were Josep Guardiola (Manchester City) and Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid).
  • The rep also scoffed at speculation about who will replace Tite.

“I heard so many names, there were 26 names by the end of the year. One of those names you always put I will work on it. We have no decree on being a foreigner, not even that it can be Brazilian. We are not prejudiced against no nationality. We want a respectable coach, who gives a standard of play consistent with the athletes, offensive, as the president thinks. Who can work with all the support given, just like he did for Tite. We will give everything necessary for a excellent job. We want a coach who is dedicated, committed and who can, primarily, not only have his eye on the main squad, but primarily with the youth teams. Olympic, under 17, under 20. We have many stars with potential for the future.”
Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of the CBF.

The CBF president has confirmed the “total disbandment” of Tite’s coaching staff following their elimination in the quarter-finals of the Qatar Cup. The assistants Cléber Xavier, César Sampaio and Matheus Bacchi (Tite’s son) are leaving, as well as the physical trainer, Fabio Mahseredjian; the physiologist Guilherme Passos; and performance analysts Thomaz Koerich and Bruno Baquete. Football development director Juninho Paulista will also be fired.

“It won’t go on. Juninho is not here these days because he had already made a previous travel program authorized by the presidency. We await his return to do like the others, clearly and with professional rights,” added Rodrigues.

The termination was a mere formality.

Tite talks informally with CBF reporters: he preferred not to give an interview and thanked for the love

Image: Bruno Braz / UOL

  • Tite had already informed before the World Cup in Qatar he would not remain in charge in 2023.
  • The team was eliminated from the World Cup in the quarterfinals against Croatia.
  • four years earlierin the Cup of Russia, Tite also suffered an elimination in the quarterfinals, only for Belgium.

“At first it’s a total dissolution of the commission and even so the new coach who comes can be free to work with names of his knowledge and with complete freedom. Suddenly he can choose someone from the commission to return. CBF will respect,” Ednaldo said.

Matheus Bacchi (assistant and son of Tite) and Fábio Mahseredjian (physical trainer) are also not in the selection - Bruno Braz / UOL - Bruno Braz / UOL

Matheus Bacchi (assistant and son of Tite) and Fábio Mahseredjian (physical trainer) are also not in the selection

Image: Bruno Braz / UOL

CBF has preference for foreigners

With distant dreams and no unanimity, the president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, finds it difficult to define the replacement.

  • CBF prefers a foreign coach with “unquestionable” status and, preferably, who speaks Portuguese or Spanish.
  • These features narrow down the options drastically. Spanish Pep Guardiola (Manchester City) and Italian Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid) are not available at the moment.
  • Guardiola showed no interest after a first contact by the CBF. “I already told you it’s impossible,” said the coach’s agent UOL Sports. Ancelotti wants to respect his contract with Real until 2024.
  • President Ednaldo has other European names on the agenda, but sees none with the same level of unanimity.
  • Portuguese Abel Ferreira was also not invited, despite having enthusiasts in the confederation for his titles won at Palmeiras.

“In football we must have the right time for decisions. That, thank God, I have experience as a coach who has accumulated this type of situation, with pressure that we know is there from all sides. I always say that I am more serene in the reason for the pressure I am calm. I know time passes quickly, but nothing will be rushed,” said the CBF president, completing:

“We don’t expect an interim coach. We expect a definitive one. The Fifa dates in March should be with a definite coach, but we will look for the qualification that we have set as a prerequisite.”

And the Brazilians?

The CBF’s preference is for foreigners, but the confederation does not exclude national coaches.

  • None of the Brazilians would have been as widely accepted as Tite himself was.
  • Among those listed, the UOL found that Fernando Diniz, Dorival Júnior, Cuca and Mano Menezes have not been contacted so far.
  • The idea is to define the technical command in February. The next FIFA date is at the end of March.

“We are not open to these offers [empresários oferecendo técnicos]. We respect the bond that has just broken. As much as they have been offered to us, we have not had any receptivity towards them,” Rodrigues highlighted.


There is an idea at the CBF to bring in a professional director to replace Juninho Paulista, but the issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

“We have a format of what we follow from football and we expect this interdependence of the main team with the base. A director of selection, not a coordinator. This director focuses and verifies all selections. A director with extensive knowledge and full authority to organize these other selections. And each with a coordinator subordinate to the director,” he specified.

The current president of the CBF, unlike his predecessors, loves football and watches matches a lot. This is your first manager pick, which builds up the pressure to strike. He was elected to the post last year.

“The coach can be chosen even before the director. If the director is defined, he will dialogue with the president to find the best name, but not only with the president. Things that are done with more people are evaluated better, but the president has full autonomy to take on. And if there is such a director, we will divide the task,” he stressed.

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