Petrobras (PETR4) recovers 456 million reais in leniency deal, Oi (OIBR3) suspends guidance, 4 construction companies disclose previews & more

The corporate radar this Tuesday (17) bears Petrobras (PETR3;PETR4) which has received the return of approximately R$ 456 million, recovered through a leniency agreement from the company UOP LLC – a subsidiary of Honeywell International

Oi (OIBR3), in turn, has decided to interrupt the guidance issued in July 2021, in light of the significant changes in the Brazilian macroeconomic scenario.

Saraiva (SLED4), in judicial recovery, has rescheduled the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of the company to January 31, 2023.

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Americanas (AMER3) communicated that the credit agency Moody’s and S&P have downgraded the rating of the company.

Melnick (MELK3), Plano & Plano (PLPL3), Even (EVEN3) and Moura Dubeux (MDNE3) released their operating data last night.

Finally, B3 (B3SA3) recorded a 1.9% year-on-year decline in equity trading volume in December.


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CSN Mineralization (CMIN3)

CSN Mineração (CMIN3) reported that, yesterday (16th), it concluded negotiations for a long-term supply of iron ore to Swiss trader Glencore. The transaction involves the collection of an advance from Glencore to the company for an amount of up to US$ 500 million, referring to the supply of approximately 13 million tons of iron ore over 4 years, with supply starting in 2024. it will happen when certain conditions are met
precedents, usual for this type of operation.

Petrobras informs that it has received the restitution of approximately R$ 456 million, recovered through a leniency agreement with the company UOP LLC – a subsidiary of Honeywell International Inc. – concluded with the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) and the
Attorney General of the Union (AGU), an instrument that is part of a global resolution that called for coordinated action with the Federal Attorney General (MPF) and US authorities. Petrobras did not have access to the deal.

Oi (OIBR3) has decided to discontinue the disclosure of future performance projections (guidance), including operational and financial projections and estimates disclosed in the material fact dated July 19, 2021, in consideration of the material changes in the Brazilian macroeconomic scenario and the consequent counterpart in the competitive environment and financing needs of the enterprise.

The company also underlines that the projections contained in the Significant Fact of 31 December 2022, regarding the outbreak of discussions with creditors, should not be considered indicative. This is because such projections presuppose assumptions of the
the negotiation with the creditors according to the terms of the proposal presented in the material and the economic and management indicators communicated could be subject to revision according to the outcome of this discussion.

American (AMER3)

BTG Pactual (BPAC11) filed a new request against the suspension of payment of Americanas (AMER3) debts with the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro (TJRJ), but the TJRJ again rejected the bank’s appeal.


The court decision underlines that there is no loss for BTG, given the equity of BRL 42 billion.

The retailer has announced that risk agency Moody’s has changed the Company’s rating from CFR (Corporate Family Rating) to ‘Caa3’.

S&P Global Ratings upgraded the company’s rating on its global credit rating to “D” and on the Brazilian national scale to “D”.

According to Moody’s and S&P, the downgrade is due to the uncertainties generated by the identification of accounting inconsistencies for R$ 20 billion, disclosed on January 11th.

Saraiva (SLED4), in judicial recovery, has rescheduled the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of the company to January 31, 2023.

The Shareholders’ Meeting, previously scheduled for January 10, had been postponed by the CVM on the eve of the event, at the request of shareholder Alyssa Nunes Costa, owner of 15.03% of the company’s ON shares.

According to a press release, the shareholders will approve a new increase in the company’s share capital, through the capitalization of receivables, up to R$ 25.7 million, with the issue of preferred shares at a unit issue price of R$ 4.12.

Furthermore, the shareholders’ meeting will resolve the increase from 42.85 thousand to 1 million of the number of shares that can be assigned to the assignment of call options.

Dommo Energy (DMMO3)

Dommo Energia (DMMO3) approved the election of Bruno Lowndes Dale Cabral de Menezes, Milton Salgado Rangel Neto and Felipe Bueno da Silva to the position of member of the Board of Directors; and the removal of the Tax Council.

The company also informs that it has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), this Monday, a request for the voluntary cancellation of its registration as a public company in category “A”.

Plan and Schedule (PLPL3)

Net sales (100% Plano&Plano) down in the fourth quarter of 2022 reached 518.5 million reais, 70.3% more than those recorded in 4Q21 (304.5 million reais).


In the fourth quarter, the company carried out 08 launches, which provided a general sales volume (PSV) of R$ 719.7 million, including physical exchange. This amount is 69.8% higher than the R$423.8 million launched in 3Q22.

Moura Dubeux (MDNE3)

Moura Dubeux (MDNE3) launched BRL 560.7 million in Q4 2022, an increase of 208% over the same period in 2021, according to an operational preview.

The volume of net sales and purchases (%MD) in 4Q22 was R$ 274 million, a decrease of 19.4% compared to 4Q21 and
23.9% compared to 3Q22.

Even (EVEN3) has launched four developments, one in São Paulo, with PSV of R$ 43 million and three in Rio Grande do Sul, with 100% PSV of R$ 119 million (R$ 35 million % Even). Adding both companies together, the 100% launch PSV was R$ 162 million (R$ 78 million par %).

Total net sales were R$334 million, R$232 million (of Even), representing a consolidated velocity of sale (VSO) of 8%. Inventory sales totaled R$ 189 million (Even’s %) with a VSO of 7%. Of the projects launched in the quarter, R$ 43 million (Even’s %) were sold, with a VSO of 55%.

Melnick (MELK3) announced the launch of three developments for a total of R$ 195.4 million in general gross sales (PSV) value (R$ 76.4 million in % Melnick), for a total of R$ 1, 3 billion in the year Gross PSV (R$ 611.4 million in % Melnick) which represents a growth of 15% in the year.

Current gross and net sales amount to R$ 166 million and R$ 123 million respectively (% Melnick).

QualiCorp (QUAL3)

Qualicorp, which received, this Monday (16), correspondence from its shareholder Rede D’Or São Luiz SA (RDOR3) informing that, on January 13, 2023, the transfer of custody of 56,376,844 ordinary shares of the owned company of Rede D’Or, corresponding to a 19.85% stake in Quali’s share capital, to PrismaQuali, a company 100% owned by Rede D’Or and whose discretionary management of investments has been assumed by Prisma Capital.

Rede D’Or also informs that the remaining long-term shareholding in Quali, represented by n. 17,048,539 ordinary shares equal to approximately 6% of the Company’s share capital, remains held directly by Rede D’or.

GPS informed that, this Monday, the acquisition, by In-Haus Industrial and Serviços de Logística, a subsidiary of the company, of all the shares issued by the companies ENGIE Brasil Serviços de Energia Ltda. and ENGIE Facilities, Cleaning and Conservation , after completing all the applicable acts, including compliance with the conditions precedent to which the Acquisition was subject.

Be Educational (SEER3)

Ser Educacional (SEER3), one of the largest private education groups in Brazil, concluded the share buyback program approved by its Board of Directors on January 13, 2022.


From the creation of the program until January 13, 2023, Ser has repurchased 386,800 treasury ordinary shares, equal to 0.73% of the total shares outstanding.

We rent (VAMO3)

Vamos Locação (VAMO3) has announced that it will carry out the sixth bond issue, for an amount of R$ 937.5 million, in up to three series.

Petz’s Board of Directors (PETZ3) has approved the third bond issue, for an amount of R $ 400 million, in a single series.

The funds will be fully used to consolidate the liquidity and working capital of the Company, as well as for capital equipment investments (CAPEX).

PRIO (PRIO3) reported that Black now holds 44,121,258 shares issued by the company, equal to 4.972 of the oil company’s share capital.

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