Netflix announces more than 30 Korean movies and series for 2023

THE Netflix announced this Monday (16) 34 Korean film and series titles planned for 2023. Among the productions, there are unreleased adaptations and sequels of popular series. Check out the full list below:


  • Gyeongseong’s creature

Thriller set in the spring of 1945, one of the darkest times in Korean history, tells the story of two young men who struggle to survive a monster created by human greed.

Black Knight is a Netflix series set in 2071, on a planet so polluted that humanity relies on masks to breathe. It tells the story of extraordinary “5-8” courier and fighter and refugee Sa-wol, who dreams of following in his idol’s footsteps to help the unfortunate of the world.

Doona! is a love story between Won-joon, an ordinary college student, and Doona, a former K-pop star who has retired and left the glamorous life behind. Their paths cross when they share the same student house.

  • Time takes you to me

In the novel Time Brings You to Me, Jun-hee misses her boyfriend who disappeared a year ago and travels back in time to 1998. There she meets Si-heon, who is identical to her boyfriend.

A Lição is a Netflix series that tells the story of a woman whose soul is torn apart by violence at school, who dedicates her life to creating an elaborate network to take revenge on those who wronged her.

An action-adventure story set in the troubled time when Japan colonized Korea. In it, a group of people will end up in a lawless city for various reasons and have to unite to protect the Korean people.

DP Dog Day is a Netflix series in which Jun-ho and Ho-yeol are part of the Korean military unit responsible for searching for deserters and discover the stories of the people they chase, a reality unknown to them.

Mask Girl is the story of Kim Mo-mi, who works in an office during the day and is insecure about her looks. At night, she broadcasts on the Internet wearing a mask to hide her face until she is involved in a life-changing accident.

Bloodhounds is the story of two young men who enter the world of loan sharking in search of money and become involved in a network of shadowy forces.

Celebrity is a Netflix series in which the character Seo A-ri shows the reality behind the glamorous and competitive lives of celebrities, diving headlong into this world of fame and fortune.

Song Kang, Lee Jin-uk, Lee Si-young, Ko Min-si and Park Gyu-young are the residents of Casa Verde who experienced tense moments in the previous season, risking their lives in bloody battles against their neighbors who have turned into monsters.

Love to Hate You is a romantic comedy about a woman who hates losing to men and a man who doesn’t trust women. The two live a troubled love story trying to find peace throughout the process.

A Daily Dose of Sun explores the world of psychiatry and tells the story of Da-eun, a young nurse who starts working in the mental health department of a hospital, and the people in her life.

Goodbye Earth is a Netflix series that tells the story of the last 200 days of the inhabitants of the planet before a fatal collision with an asteroid.

The Netflix series Queenmaker tells the story of Hwang Do-hee, a brilliant public relations professional who works for a corporate conglomerate, but decides to enter politics to try to elect activist Oh Kyung-sook (nicknamed “Mad Rhino” to because of the battles faced ) as the new mayor of Seoul.

Ye-boon’s dream was to become a veterinarian in the small town of Mujin, but between giving birth to calves and vaccinating fish, she does a lot of dirty work to pay the bills. But everything turns upside down when, during a visit to a ranch, she discovers the gift of psychometry. On the same day, she meets Detective Jang-yeol, who mistakes the young woman for a criminal and tries to bring her down.

A romantic comedy that tells the story of Chi-yeol, a teacher famous throughout Korea, and Haeng-sun, a former national handball player and owner of a nearby shop. Haeng-sun takes on the world of private education to try to secure a place at university for his nephew and ends up getting involved with Chi-yeol, whose fame interferes with his romance.

In this touching and heartwarming comedy-drama, Young-soon plays a young widow who tends a pig farm alone and her son Kang-ho. To give the boy good conditions, she takes on a “bad mother” persona. Thanks to his mother’s discipline, Kang-ho becomes a famous prosecutor. But when he has an accident, he loses his memory and regresses at the age of seven.

Gu-won is the heir to the King Group of hotels. He has grace, charisma, intelligence, and elegance, but not what he craves most: his mother’s memories of him. To try to recover his memory, she returns to the King Hotel, where the queen of hospitality and smiles Cheon Sa-rang manages the reception and the “King the Land” lounge, a dream of hoteliers and a coveted destination for the heir to the chain.

Due to a curse that has afflicted his family for 350 years, the famous lawyer Shin-yu must protect a temple at the foot of a mountain. But when a Youtuber breaks into the temple and accidentally dies, determined state official Hong-jo demands that the site be taken down.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, See You In My 19th Life tells the spiritual love story between Ban Ji-eum, who possesses the extraordinary ability to remember her past lives, and Moon Seo-ha, her love written in the stars.


This action film tells the story of legendary assassin-for-hire Gil Boksoon, who is caught in a situation where he must kill or be killed just before renewing his contract.

JUNG_E is set in the 22nd century, when the Earth has not ceased to be habitable due to climate change. Amidst the chaos, an internal war begins in the shelter created for the survival of humans. To achieve victory and end the war, a way must be found to clone the legendary mercenary JUNG_E and produce robots on a large scale.

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