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Hyundai has already unveiled the next generation of its compact SUV, the Hyundai KAUAI, in South Korea. The model comes in a larger size and is available in different powertrains, including all-electric, hybrid and internal combustion, each of which is available in the sporty N Line version.

The new SUV is also distinguished by a more spacious interior for greater passenger comfort, as well as the possibility of carrying more luggage, and by its even more innovative integrated technologies.

The development of the new and futuristic Hyundai KAUAI started from the EV model, which proves to be an unconventional approach when it comes to car design, but which well reflects Hyundai's electrification strategy. In all its versions, the model is equipped with innovative technologies, as well as comfort and practicality features, to improve the driving experience.

"Suitable for any person and lifestyle"

According to the Hyundai vice president, "Hyundai KAUAI adapts to any person and lifestyle", thanks to the engines it offers and the "set of technologies and design features that will add value to customers' daily lives". .

From the strong and flat front end to the distinctive rear end, the infinity headlights give the Hyundai KAUAI a harmonious and unique appearance in every version. The EV version is also distinguished by its pixelated infinity headlights and is the first model of the South Korean brand to apply this iconic design feature.

The sporty appearance of the SUV is accentuated by the robust wheel arch lining with integrated front and rear lights, as well as its sharp flanks and distinctive chrome strips connecting the body to its aggressive spoiler. The model is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels, which are also a first for Hyundai KAUAI.

The hybrid and combustion versions adopt many of the design features of the EV version, with one change that sets it apart: the front bumper stands out for its three-dimensional protection and skid plate, in place of the radiator grille. The ICE and HEV versions also have a black wheel arch trim for added visual contrast.

Hyundai KAUAI EV and ICE

The hybrid version uses actively regulated upper and lower air intakes, while the combustion version features only one active upper air intake, which ensures an improvement in the drag coefficient of the new Hyundai KAUAI. This new technology imparts an EV-like appearance to the other engines, improving aerodynamic performance across all versions.

The N Line version adds a silver line that wraps around the lower part of the vehicle, has two exhaust outlets and, with a more aggressive sill design that makes the body appear lower, has its sportier image more accentuated.

Other options for this version include a black roof, a rear spoiler and a distinctive 18-inch alloy wheel design. Inside it is equipped with a metal pedal set and gear lever from the N range.

The new Hyundai KAUAI features a bigger and smarter cabin

The new Hyundai KAUAI offers a more spacious and versatile cabin for increased passenger comfort, and luggage space is also increased. The model leads the segment in size, with a wheelbase that is 60mm longer than the previous generation.

As for the rear seats, it has more legroom, 77mm wider, and there's 11mm more headroom and the overall width behind is 1,402mm. This feature is completed by the differentiated and robust seats, only 85 mm thick.

In addition, the gear lever, integrated into the steering column, leaves more room for a clear and uncluttered center console, which can be used for cup holders or personal effects, giving it a cleaner interior appearance. The fully flat-folding second row seats and boot offer space for up to 723 litres.

The integrated dual 12.3-inch screen allows for more ergonomic and comfortable use, while the front seat 'relax' option is optimized for even body pressure distribution to help relieve fatigue after long periods of driving.

The maintenance and system updates of the new Hyundai KAUAI are more intuitive than ever thanks to the electronic control technology, via over-the-air (OTA) software updates, as indicated by the brand. This way the owners save costs and have their cars always up to date with the latest software.

The customizable self-opening trunk is yet another feature that offers customers added convenience. The driver can thus select the opening height and boot opening speed on the infotainment system screen or by pressing the close button for three seconds at the desired height to close the boot.

Hyundai KAUAI offers more safety features

The new Hyundai KAUAI is packed with advanced driver assistance systems such as:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (FCA),
  • Lane Keeping System (LKA),
  • Blind Spot Radar (BCA),
  • Safe Vehicle Exit (SEW),
  • Maximum Speed ​​Information System (ISLA),
  • Driver Fatigue Warning (DAW),
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (BVM) e
  • Automatic High Beam Assist (HBA)

It is also equipped with various functions to make driving easier, such as:

  • Intelligent Speed ​​Control (SCC),
  • Intelligent Navigation-Based Cruise Control (NSCC)
  • Lane Keeping Assist (LFA) e
  • Highway Driver Assistance (HDA)

For safe parking, the new Hyundai KAUAI is equipped with a number of cutting-edge technologies such as a 360° camera (SVM), Rear Traffic Alert (RCCA), Front/Side/Rear Parking Distance Warning (PDW), Rear Park Collision Avoidance Assist (PCA) and Remote Automated Parking System (RSPA).

In South Korea, those opting for the combustion engine version will be able to choose between a 1.6T-GDi or 2.0L Atkinson engine. The 1.6T-GDi generates an estimated torque of 198PS and up to 265Nm. The continuously variable valve opening duration regulates its opening according to the driver's needs. The 2.0L engine produces an estimated 149PS and up to 179.5Nm of torque, combined with an Intelligent Variable Transmission (TVI) for maximum efficiency.

The HEV version available in South Korea has a 1.6-L GDi direct injection engine, combined with an electric motor that delivers impressive, high-efficiency acceleration with a combined output of 141PS and up to 265Nm of torque.

More details on the new Hyundai KAUAI for the European market, including the EV version, will be released in March.

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