Find out how to tame hair frizz to enjoy the beach and the pool without a crisis

Summer is the period in which we are most exposed to the sun, the beach and the swimming pool. But this “combination” of high temperature, high humidity, chlorine and salts isn’t exactly healthy for strands and promotes frizz (those brittle, lifeless strands that seem to ruin any look).

According to specialist Peter Menezes, or ‘hair expert and supporter’ of Authentic Beauty Concept as he prefers to be called, strands become bristly and tangled due to static caused by lack of hydration. At the beach, this can be even more powerful due to high temperatures, increased sun exposure and walks in the natural environment, all of which end up leaving strands dry and prone to the dreaded goosebumps.

“Frizz also increases due to the salt in the seawater, which contributes to dehydration,” says the pro.

The cure to avoid the unwanted effect begins in the bathroom. First, the hair expert recommends using a sulfate-free shampoo that is clear, fragrance-free, and gently cleanses all hair and scalp types. “The product should clean lightly without stripping away the natural moisture.”

The second step also involves the keyword hydration. The more the hair is hydrated and nourished, the less it will be matted in contact with the sea air. “Conditioners and masks also help reduce frizz, and using repair tips can help replenish hydration,” comments Peter.

An interesting question is that many people think that oily hair doesn’t need hydration. But it’s just the opposite. “In this case, frizz can be more evident along the length and ends if it is not hydrated,” says the hair stylist.

A recipe for every hair


Curly hair also needs special care. Because they are thinner, they can be even frizzier. In this case, the advice is to apply the curl activator on wet strands and remove the moisture with a cotton fabric (it can even be a T-shirt), this will make the curls beautiful. “You can also count on the diffuser to help with drying,” she advises.


A good frizz-reducing trick for straight hair is to dry it completely.


For wavy or unruly hair, the ideal is to have a leave-in, a leave-in product that creates a moisturizing layer. “Bet on removing excess moisture from your hair, apply the product and let it dry naturally,” recommends the professional.

After washing, many reach for hats, caps, and scarves to “hold” their hair and fix frizz. However, Peter says this doesn’t diminish the effect, despite protecting the coloring from the sun. “What can happen is the arrangement of the hair with the use of the accessory, because the strands are more compressed near the scalp in greater contact with the hydrolipidic mantle, which is the combination of sweat and lipids”.

Check out our selection of products below to help you take care of your hair this summer:

Bare Cleanser Shampoo – Authentic beauty concept

Shampoo Bare Cleanser, Authentic Concept of Beauty

Image: Disclosure

Suggested price: BRL 195

Shampoo formulated with spirulina and fragrance-free, which helps purify and gently cleanse the scalp and hair, while protecting the skin.

Free of sulphates, silicones and PEGs, it has a vegan and cruelty free formula.

Après-Soleil Mask – Kérastase

Kérastase Après-Soleil Mask - Press Release - Press Release

Kerastase Après Soleil mask

Image: Disclosure

Suggested price: BRL 299

Perfect nourishing hair mask to include in your summer hair care routine. Ideal to apply after sun exposure, it replenishes lost water and nutrients to ensure hair shine, soft touch, malleable texture and protected health.

Ela é Carioca hair cream – Lola Cosmetics

Ela é Carioca Hair Cream , by Lola Cosmetics - Press Releases - Press Releases

Ela é Carioca hair cream, by Lola Cosmetics

Image: Disclosure

Suggested price: BRL 39.20

Detangling and conditioning modeling cream for 3ABC curves. It intensifies and shapes curls, fights frizz, detangles and gives hair shine and softness. The light, non-greasy texture spreads easily through hair to detangle, style and add volume to curly hair.

Nutri Glow Miracle Booster Treatment Fluid – Cadiveu Professional

Nutri Glow Miracle Booster Treatment Fluid, by Cadiveu Professional - Press Release - Press Release

Nutri Glow Miracle Booster Treatment Fluid, by Cadiveu Professional

Image: Disclosure

Suggested price: BRL 74.50

The treatment fluid provides instant nourishment, seals ends, controls frizz and leaves hair up to 8x shinier. Its use is recommended whenever the hair is particularly dry and dull. It can be used by all varieties of dry, parched and lifeless hair.

Invigo Sun UV Hair Protection Spray – Wella

Invigo Sun Spray Sun Protection for UV Hair, by Wella - Press Release - Press Release

Wella Invigo Sun Spray for UV hair protection from Wella

Image: Disclosure

Suggested price: BRL 90

The UV protection spray is a leave-in that provides high performance color protection. This is thanks to the Sun Blend ingredient complex with Vitamin E, which protects hair from damage caused by sun exposure and provitamin B5, which intensely moisturizes strands after exposure to UV rays. Use before, during and after sun exposure.

Revival instant repair without rinsing 200 ml – Braé

Leave-in Instant Repair Revival 200ml, by Braé - Press Release - Press Release

Revival instant repair without rinsing 200 ml, by Braé

Image: Disclosure

Suggested price: BRL 69.90

Revival leave-in is indicated to facilitate combing and recover very damaged and brittle hair. With instant action, it nourishes the threads according to your needs. The product improves elasticity and flexibility, revitalizing hair from root to tip. Repairs damage caused by dyes, perms and other chemicals, without weighing down the hair.

Frizz Zero Miracle Summer Kit with shampoo, conditioner and liquid mask – Truss

Frizz Zero Miracle Summer Kit with shampoo, conditioner and liquid mask, by Truss - Press Release - Press Release

Frizz Zero Miracle Summer Kit with shampoo, conditioner and liquid mask, by Truss

Image: Disclosure

Suggested price: BRL 199

The Truss Miracle Summer & Frizz Zero Kit provides a refreshing sensation, promotes anti-frizz action, intensely repairs strands restoring hydration and shine. Its formula is rich in active ingredients and has no added salt or dyes. Keeps colored hair protected as it minimizes color fading. Promotes conditioning from the first application and a velvety touch without weighing down the threads.

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