12 scariest evil dolls from horror movies

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It’s very common in horror movies to see a great contrast between innocence and perversity. This is portrayed in countless ways, but few are as cruel or terrifying as dolls and toys they turn on their owners, wreaking havoc and terror in their wake and leaving behind a pile of bodies.

We can’t wait to launch this year M3GANnew film produced by James Wan which will introduce a new killer doll to theaters. And while we didn’t get to see the new diva in action, we’ve rounded it up here. some of the scariest cruel and evil dolls in horror movies!

Puppets (prelude to killing)

One of the greatest masters of yellow Italian, Darius Silver created one of the scariest puppets in culture pop in Prelude to killingthe classic whodunit from 1975. At one point, the characters are attacked by a mechanical puppet, who runs at one of the victims.

The doll appears very little in the film, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most recognizable figures in film, as well as having an influence on the culture. pop in general, as it is one of the inspirations for some of the evil dolls created by James Wan in your films

“He who kills” (horror trilogy)

With direction of Dan Curtisthe classic horror trilogy was a direct-to-television film released in 1975, containing three self-contained supernatural stories. The third tale, called “Amelia“, portrays the story of a woman trapped with a killer doll.

In the plot, Amelia returns home with a puppet of a Zuni warrior, who is in turn possessed by a spirit called “the one who kills“. Once alone in the house with the doll, she starts being chased by the decorative object, which comes with a spear and very sharp teeth.

Grassi (a magical passage)

Launched in 1978, A magical passage (also called Black magic in Brazil) port Anthony Hopkins as a ventriloquist walking up and down accompanied by the dummy Fatswho doesn’t mince words and always makes rather heavy jokes.

However, when Hopkins’ character falls in love, a lethal jealousy is awakened in the doll, which begins to commit terrifying acts to get the attention of its owner. Little by little, we discover that the bond between the man and the doll is much deeper than we imagine…

Clown (Poltergeist)

Directed by Tobe Hopper and published in 1982, poltergeist is one of the greatest classics of horror cinema, which tells the story of a girl kidnapped by supernatural forces, who makes her family experience moments of tension and pure fear.

One of the most emblematic figures in the film is the jovial clown doll that belongs to the protagonist’s brother. In an extremely sinister scene, the doll comes to life thanks to supernatural entities in the house and attacks its owner – and that moment has traumatized generations of fans, for her cruelty.

Chucky and Tiffany Valentine (A Child’s Play)

To this day, it’s hard to think of a doll he has dethroned chuckthe infamous villain created by Don Mancini. The puppet first appeared Killer toyfrom 1988. In the storyline, we find out that she is a doll possessed by the soul of the serial killer Carl Lee Rayand now he goes in search of a new body to come back to life.

Chucky was so popular that he soon earned a family, with the debut of Chucky’s bridein 1998. We met there Tiffany Valentino, who was the girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray, who spends her soul in a doll while trying to find her great love. Their franchise has thrived for years and is now having a lot of success on television!

Llama (Dolls of Death)

Launched in 1989, Dolls of death was the first in a long saga of horror films, which is now known as Toy master. The original film features the fearsome Lamawho has a macabre appearance, with hooks and blades instead of hands, and deep and cruel eyes.

The character told his origin story throughout the sequels, and it just got crazier and crazier. Blade was a Nazi soldier who rebelled and betrayed his superiors, but ended up imprisoned in the body of a doll. He is just one of the many terrible creations in the franchise.

Dolly Carissima (Killer Doll)

Launched in 1991, Killer doll was one of the films released on the heels of the success of Killer toy – and is one of the most remembered by fans. In the story, a woman moves to Mexico with her daughter after her husband buys an old doll factory.

Meanwhile, excavations near the factory release the evil spirit of Sanzio, who has a doll given to the protagonist’s daughter. With a relentless lust for blood, the terrible being soon goes on a killing spree on her as he seeks to possess the girl and turn her into a monster.

Pimp, Sideshow and Ms. Fortuna (blood dolls)

Although unknown to the general public, Blood Dollsfrom 1999, is a very funny horror comedy directed by carlo bandand carries the story of Virgil Travisa wealthy psychopath with a tiny head, who creates terrifying dolls to kill his victims.

The three dolls in the film are pimpa ghoulish pimp; sideshow, a violent beast carrying a club; And SM. fortune, a degenerate assassin who uses blades to cut her unsuspecting victims to pieces. The movie isn’t great, but the dolls are very scary!

Billy (Sega)

James Wan it has a large pyre for puppets and ventriloquists, as you will see in the next items on the list. One of his most famous creations is Billythe doll that always appears in the franchise Deadly gamesand is almost a mouthpiece for the killer’s actions Puzzle.

The scariest thing about Billy, aside from his ghoulish looks, is how he almost functions as a bad omen for the main characters. Every time he appears, we know someone will be killed or tortured by the serial killerwhich makes him a hideous being, even if he has no supernatural connections.

Billy (Death Scream)

Not satisfied with a scary doll named Billy, James Wan went there and created another one Deadly screams2007. In the story, a widower returns to his hometown after the tragic death of his wife, and there he discovers the legend of Mary Shawa ventriloquist who haunted the city for years, even after her death.

Billy she is one of the dolls in the Mary Shaw collection and although simple, her appearance is extremely scary and uncomfortable, with emphasis on her very expressive and intimidating eyes. Also, she’s not the only one of Mary’s creations, as we have multiple ventriloquists and evil puppets in the film.

Annabelle (Summoning)

Continuing the pyre James Wan for dolls, we can’t forget the iconic Annabellawhich was so successful evocation which soon won a film trilogy spin out. The doll is actually a vessel for various evil forces and demons.

The story behind this innocent toy is terrifying, as it is based on a doll that is part of the collection of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the pair of demonologists who have already dealt with several cases. However, the original doll is made of cloth, very different from the terrifying version in theaters.

M3gan (M3GAN)

Finally, we can’t forget the latest doll to join the killer toys list. M3GAN is her name, and she’s starring in a movie of the same name that hits theaters later this week… however, she’s quite different from the others on this list, as she’s all tech!

M3GAN has an evolved operating system, as it was created not only to do housework but also to be a faithful companion for children – however, a flaw in its artificial intelligence will soon reveal its darker and more lethal side. All this during the service it seems spotless.

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