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“Emotional and behavioral change”: this is how Gkay announced his resumption of activities after facing a whirlwind of situations culminating in his “deletion” on the internet, between the end of last year and the first days of 2023. Instagram this Friday afternoon ( 1/20), the influencer qualifies this current moment as a “major turning point” in his life. “Through this recent episode, I realized how much I needed to take care of myself,” she said.

“Finally prepared, I come to talk about what I hope for this year: balance. I expect balance to understand myself, try to evolve, act, grow. During this period of isolation, where a whirlwind of situations and emotions has permeated my life, sadness was one of the feelings that led me most to reflection and I used this moment to reflect on everything and start this new year, where my focus is, in fact, experiencing an emotional and behavioral change,” the text began.

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Gkay highlighted the loss of his father last year and the delicate moment he was going through. “As if every New Year’s Eve also represents a mourning for me, but in addition to this it also represents a turning point, a pause to think about what I can improve, correct and continue. I strongly believe it was a ‘big turning point’ in my life”.

The comedian says he continues to believe that time helps bring “revelations, clarity and healing to so many aspects of our lives” and that he wants to “reframe a lot of things.”

cancellation on the internet

“Through this recent episode I was able to realize how much I needed to watch myself, so today I am not giving up on therapy, physical activity and friends […] This was the first year of my life that I chose not to set goals, I didn’t plan anything for the beginning of the year, because my goals were already set by Him [Deus] and they are the ones I want to follow”.

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