WhatsApp Sticker Pack – 4 ways to find stickers

Finding stickers to use on WhatsApp is something that can be done in a number of ways. Users usually save these stickers when forwarded by friends or family, but many times you may want to express yourself with photos or designs that are not yet in your collection. That’s why there are other ways to get them, such as apps available for Android and iPhone (iOS), which act as “sticker banks” and even let you create your own stickers, using personal photos or memes you’ve found. the network. In the list below, see ways to find stickers to use on WhatsApp.

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Exchanging stickers on WhatsApp can be a good way to express yourself in virtual chats; list presents several ways to get them — Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes/TechTudo

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1. Search keywords in apps like sticker.ly

There are apps that act as a “sticker bank” on the most diverse topics, where users can choose their favorites and easily add them to the messaging app. One example is Sticker.ly, which is available free for Android phones and iPhones (iOS). To find the stickers on it, just open the app, tap the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom of the screen, and type in a keyword, like “Meme.”

All existing packages will appear in the search results and you will need to choose one and tap “Add to WhatsApp” so that it is linked to your application. If you don’t want to add the whole pack, you can select just one sticker and then tap the same button.

When searching for keywords in the Sticker.ly app, you can find sticker packs on different topics — Photo: Playback/Mariana Tralback

2. Download packages in apps

There are apps that offer stickers for WhatsApp with different themes. This is the case of Sticker Maker, available free for Android and iPhone (iOS). When you log in, tap “Community” at the bottom of the screen and check out the sticker packs available for download. There are options with funny memes, cute images, illustrations, among other contents, and the application allows you to sort them according to the most recent or the most downloaded by users.

When you choose the one you prefer, select the “Add to WhatsApp” button so that it is linked to your messenger – before completing the action, you will need to log into the app or sign in with your Google or Facebook account. It is important to say that it is not possible to add stickers individually, i.e. the whole pack will be added to your messenger account.

The apps available on the Google Play Store and App Store have different sticker packs for you to download — Photo: Playback/Mariana Tralback

Another example of a platform with the same goal is Stickery, also available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. On the app’s home page, just tap the “Explore” tab to view the packs available for download, which include themes like “Avengers,” “Flork,” and “Memes.” When you open one, tap the “Export” button to add it to your messaging app.

It is important to say that, to carry out the process, you must have a registration in the application. The trial period lasts for seven days, after which the usage cost is BRL 15.99 per week for Android devices. On iPhone (iOS), the value can reach R$ 34 per in-app purchase.

3. Join groups Whatsapp to get stickers

Another way to get stickers for your messaging application is to join groups where users exchange different types of stickers to “enrich” their collection. To find them, search Google for terms like “sticker packs for WhatsApp” or “sticker packs”. There you will find several options, including the groupswhats.app website. In it, there are different categories and just tap “Join group” to join the chat together.

The button will automatically take you to the messenger, just tap “Join Group” to confirm entry. It is worth noting that it is important to pay attention to the rules, which will normally be specified in the description. In many groups, stickers will only be sent by admins; in others, all participants will be able to change them freely.

WhatsApp groups bring together users who exchange stickers: joint chats are a good option for finding new content — Photo: Playback/Mariana Tralback

4. Save memes to Twitter and turn it into a sticker on the web

If you are a frequent user of Twitter, you know that the social network is full of funny and offbeat images. Therefore, saving these media and turning them into WhatsApp stickers is possible through applications such as Sticker.ly, which allows you to create your own stickers, whether they are still images or animated.

To do this, first save or take a screenshot of your chosen image. Then open the sticker app and tap the “+” symbol at the bottom of the screen. Choose the “Normal” option and select the photo you prefer; crop to the desired aspect ratio and tap “Next” and then “Save”. Create a package or select an existing one and finally tap “Add to WhatsApp”.

Platforms like Sticker.ly let you create stickers using images found on the web — Photo: Playback/Mariana Tralback

It is also possible to create stickers directly through WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of the messenger. To do this, open a chat window and tap the attachment icon, symbolized by the paper clip. Select the “Sticker” option, choose the desired photo and send it to the contact as normal.

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