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Luis and Giovanna share their experiences as a non-monogamous couple on social media

During a conversation in the Big Brother Brasil house, singer Aline Wirley spoke about her relationship with actor Igor Rickli.

“Sometimes people judge a lot, they don’t quite understand. And it’s super understandable that they don’t understand, because we’ve been formatted to be one-way. But it works so well, it works so well, I know how it works, how people are happy, how we love each other, as it really is,” said Aline.

The reality show participant’s statement was made while commenting on the open relationship she has with her husband. At the time, she was talking to another program participant, physician Fred Nicácio, who is also in a similar relationship.

Because of the reality show participants, monogamy and non-monogamy have become even more debated on social networks.

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