The horror genre is very present in Japanese culture, but there have been few anime and manga that have marked the world in this style. Sure, be Junji Ito an exception. Since the mangaka has been revered for nearly 30 years as a genius, many of his tales – ranging from body horror to psychological and beyond – are all-time hits. In this sense, the anime series Macabre stories from Japan comes to Netflix adapting 20 of his works.

At first, the short story writer already showed an interest in drawing and creating stories from a young age, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that he started creating his own manga as a hobby. Soon, in 1987, the dental technician sent a story – which would become known and acclaimed as Tomie – for the magazine gekkan halloween, which was much appreciated. From there, the successes came uzumaki (1998), Below (2001) and up to his Frankenstein (1994).

How Stephen King Considered a master of literary horror (books), the 59-year-old mangaka is a point of reference in the world of manga and comics. However, as the American author, junji Ito it’s also had its share of adaptations – mostly from live-action films – that didn’t do the original works justice. Since it’s hard to replicate his style and wit with horror on the pages, he tends to focus on the more everyday aspects.

That said, what can fans expect from this new anthology anime series? Macabre stories from Japanfrom Netflix? To find out, come with us, to Brazil streamingto find out everything!

What is that Netflix’s Macabre Stories of Japan?

Indeed, the most successful manga are quickly adapted into anime. However, the newest series Junji Ito: Macabre Stories from Japan from Netflix It is the author’s second. And just like inside Junji Ito Collection Of Crunchyroll (2018), also taken from Study DEN, the anthology features 12 episodes. This time, based on 20 short stories from the collections Masterpiece collection, A study from the abyss of horror comes from Fragments of horror.

In short, with an average duration of 20 minutes each, some of the 12 episodes have two stories of about 10 minutes. Therefore, check below the order of the 20 stories chosen at the moment:

  1. The Strange Hikizuri Brothers (24m);
  2. The story of the tunnel mysterious and also ice cream truck (25m);
  3. balloons in the air (25m);
  4. Four x four walls And Hideout (24m);
  5. intruder And Long hair in the attic (24m);
  6. Mold And Library viewing (24m);
  7. city ​​of graves (24m);
  8. layers of terror And the one that brought the sea (25m);
  9. Tomi’s photo (24m);
  10. unbearable labyrinth And spiteful (25m);
  11. Alley And headless statue (24m);
  12. woman whispering and also pet (24m).

Yet, Junji Ito: Macabre Stories from Japan has the Brazilian Portuguese dub from the studio MGE extension. In particular, having the direction of Philip Drummondtranslation of Renan Scorza and modification of Gabriella Bizerril. But, of course, there are original and English (with subtitles) audio options – for every taste!

future series in souls from ozumaki

Also, curiously to those fans who have not yet hung up their “hats” after the premiere of Junji Ito: Macabre Stories from Japan in Netflix, we have great news. for the Swimming for adults and the GI production (Ghost in the shell And psycho path) are producing an anime – and black and white (!) – adaptation of the already classic uzumaki.

At present, the miniseries is expected to premiere in 2023, but the 4-episode project has already been delayed four times since 2019. While some fans believe that the delays ensure the quality of the product. But there are others who remain hopeless. Whatever the outcome, it’s safe to say this one has shown promise.

“Their narratives have been adapted many times over the years and, so far, none of them have been accurate. […] And sadly, not even the new Netflix series lives up to the original tales. That said, the anime isn’t bad, but it’s definitely missing some key elements that make Ito’s work his own.”valued Lex BriscusoOf Macabre stories from Japan.

– through slashfilm

You manga And collections in Junji Ito officers inside Brazil

Finally, despite having achieved international success since the 90s, he works for Ito they only started arriving in Brazil many years later, since 2016.

therefore, the Dark sidea Popcorn and Nanjing and the Become they have brought ever more unique volumes and beautiful collections for collectors. Thus, there have already been 10 publications between the three publishers (with P&N having already announced another 10 for 2023). So, see below the current catalog of Junji Ito in Brazil:

  • The classroom that broke up – P&N;
  • Souichi’s self-absorbed curses – P&N;
  • Chills – P&N;
  • Mimi’s Horror Tales – Dark side;
  • Yon & Mu cats diary – JBC;
  • Fragments of horror – Dark side;
  • Frankenstein – P&N;
  • Gyō – Becoming;
  • sensor – P&N;
  • Tomie vol. 1 And vol. Two – P&N;
  • uzumaki – Becoming;
  • Invisible Venus – Becoming.

“Junji Ito takes comic book horror to a new level through his offbeat and always surprising tales. And there’s a refreshing originality to their stories.“, She said Paolo Roberto da Silva Jr.editorial director of Devir Publisher.

– through Omelette

“Simply, none of Ito’s work has poor art and script. […] And the most interesting thing is that the author is interested in the situations themselves, without bothering to explain things. In other words, these are stories that captivate a large part of the public, in general, for the horror of very simple premises, focused on the everyday, which rise to absurd levels of tension.“, He says Bruno Zagofrom Popcorn and Nanjing.

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