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Another edition of the BBB has begun and with it also the curiosity of internet users for the backstage of the biggest reality show in the country. There’s a lot of speculation about the value Camarote celebs receive from Globo, but the LeoDias column found out what the exact amount celebs earn for staying confined for three months.

For someone who can make millions from concerts and big bucks from advertising, Camarote’s fee may seem small, but it’s a good amount. Without distinction, the entire BBB celebrity wing receives R$30,000. This amount is paid in four installments, no one gets cash. The first installment, which will only be paid in February, has a value of R$ 15,000 and the other three of R$ 5,000, which will end up in their accounts in March, April and May.

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The contract signed with Globo provides for the use of the image, voice and confidentiality for life. That is, whoever signs a contract to participate in Big Brother Brazil allows the broadcaster to use all the content captured by them forever. The confidentiality clause, on the other hand, concerns the obligation that none of the participants can speak behind the scenes of the program, under any circumstances, whether it is to friends, family and much less the press.

Apart from the thirty thousand reais of the fee, no player in confinement receives for merchandising, which usually earns millions for Globo’s coffers. Even though the Rio de Janeiro broadcaster has a higher audience, the remuneration of the Camarote wing of the BBB is lower than that of A Fazenda. Record TV pays BRL 80,000 to pedestrians and each also earns BRL 2,000 for each advertising action within the program.

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