Nubank customers who do THIS can get up to 1.5 THOUSAND BRL; understand!

Going up to R$ 1,500 on Nubank: is this possibility available to all customers? Reported by several extra-income sites, the novelty has attracted the attention of many people! After all, who wouldn’t want to secure more than a thousand reais without putting in any kind of effort? With Nubank, this possibility is real. However, to really profit, customers need to keep an eye on stock regulation.

Nubank is currently one of the most accessible banking applications in Brazil. The application stands out for its convenience, investment advice, income from the values ​​stored in the account and much more. Since 2016, the financial institution has amassed over 65 million customers. We explain below everything you need to know to get up to R$ 1.5 thousand using the Nubank app; to watch!

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How to apply for a credit card at Nubank?

Nubank’s promotion, which offers customers up to R$ 1,500, is valid only for account holders who use the bank’s credit card.

In other words: if you don’t have a Nubank credit card yet and want to participate in the promotion, it is essential to request it.

Fortunately, the ordering a Nubank credit card is quite simplewhich can be done in the application of the banking institution.

We show below the Complete step by step you need to follow to apply for Nubank credit card:

  • Download the Nubank application
  • Install the app on your Android or iOS phone;
  • With the platform installed, click on “Start”;
  • Fill in all personal data (name, CPF, email);
  • Click “Continue”;
  • Tap “Accept and continue” to accept the company’s privacy policy.
  • Ready! If your order is accepted, your credit card will be made available in a timely manner.

You can also apply for a credit card on the Nubank website. Find out how to do it below:

  • Log in to the website;
  • Enter your CPF and click “Continue”;
  • Enter your full name and email;
  • Select if you only want the credit card or if you also want to open a NuConta;
  • Tick ​​the box by accepting the company’s privacy policy;
  • Finish by clicking “Submit”
  • Ready! If your order is accepted, your credit card will be made available in a timely manner.

Nubank customers can get up to R$ 1,500 in a new promotion

In early 2023, Nubank confirmed a partnership with the Shopee platform, where customers can guarantee up to 1.5 thousand BRL in cashback by making purchases on the e-commerce platform.

The promotion, which is already proving popular among fintech customers, brings several benefits to the participants. Cashback is available to anyone who makes purchases on Shopee with a Nubank credit card.

The income generation process is very simple: customers use their credit card to make purchases on Shopee and, in the end, get some of the money back.

With this, all sides win: customers guarantee cashback, Nubank encourages users to use their credit card, and Shopee makes money from purchases.

Keep an eye on the rules of the promotion!

if you wish participate in the Nubank cashback promotion and receive up to R$ 1.5 thousand in purchases on Shopeeit is very important to pay attention to the rules of the program.

To participate in the campaign it is necessary, first, activate the cashback in the Nubank “shopping” area. From then on, the amount to be refunded for each customer will depend on the total amount of the purchase (which does not include shipping and import costs for products from other countries).

If you make a purchase of 100 BRL, for example, you will receive a cashback corresponding to 5% of the total amount. That is: you will earn R$ 5.

straight! It is very important to remember that the cashback does not instantly return to the Nubank customer’s account! In fact, the term for returning the money spent is up to 90 days. From the deposit, customers can use the cashback as they wish.

Also, there is a Nubank cashback limit. Regardless of the purchase amount, the maximum cashback is 50 BRL.

This is: if you guarantee the maximum cashback in 30 purchases, you can get up to R$ 1.5 thousand at Nubank (this value also represents the monthly earning limit).

Finally, the official rules of the promotion also state that participants must wait a 1 hour break between one purchase and another to receive cashback amounts.

Can all Nubank customers request cashback?

Not. On the official website of the cashback promotion, Nubank clarifies that the offer is not available to all users.

The page, however, does not reveal the criteria used for targeting promotions.

“To ensure the best experience for our users, we are gradually releasing access to Shopee’s cashback offers. If it’s still not showing up in your app, rest assured we’ll let you know when it’s available. Don’t forget to keep your app up to date.” the platform says.

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How to get up to R $ 1.5 thousand in Nubank? complete step by step

Finally, it’s time to show the complete step by step that you, the Nubank customer, must follow to unlock the cashback and get up to R $ 1.5 thousand with the app.

  • Access the Nubank application on your mobile phone;
  • Access the platform;
  • On the home screen, click on the “Shopping” area;
  • At that moment you will be able to check all the offers of the app;
  • Select the Shopee product you wish to purchase;
  • Read very carefully all the information that appears on the screen;
  • If everything is ok, click on “activate cashback and go to the store”;
  • Then the cashback is activated automatically;
  • Ready! From then on, just make your purchase on Shopee and wait up to 90 days for the credits to release in the Nubank app

It is important to remember that the purchase must be completed in the same session to guarantee a refund. In other words, as soon as you log into the Shopee app with cashback available, you need to add the products to your cart and complete your purchase quickly.

Still have questions about the Shopee and Nubank cashback promotion? Discover the complete rules of the campaign on

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