Can ChatGPT kill Google Assistant and Alexa?

THE Chat GPT it is so powerful that, according to experts, it could in the future surpass Google and become the most used search engine in the world. No wonder that, in recent weeks, the natural language processing tool with artificial intelligence (AI) it gained prominence in the media and became popular among users worldwide, worrying the search giant.

“Google may only be a year or two away from total outage. Even if they get AI, they can’t fully implement it without destroying the most valuable part of their business!” Gmail creator and lead developer Paul Buchheit said in a message posted on his Twitter profile.

In addition to having the information wealth of a supercomputer, ChatGPT is also more humane than today’s search options. Including, it could also be one of the candidates to replace AI-powered voice assistants, such as Google Assistant Or the Alexa (Amazon).

Tech companies have already opened their eyes to ChatGPT and will soon improve their AI.Source: Shutterstock

Since ChatGPT is all of these things, it does Can it eliminate or replace the Google Assistant and Alexa? To help understand this question, the Tech world listed some of the differences between artificial intelligences.

ChatGPT, Alexa and Google Assistant: what are the differences?

One of the great advantages of ChatGPT is its ability to answer questions with longer and more elaborate answers, which voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa cannot do. Even in such a short time, the OpenAI tool has managed to stand out among AI-powered assistants.

Another point in ChatGPT’s favor is the human format of its text language, which maintains elaborate responses with context and tone similar to the content produced by real people. Not to mention that AI also answers more elaborate questions, which voice assistants still can’t do.

The tool is much more conversational than Alexa and Google Assistant, as it has been trained to better understand the context of questions in order to answer them in the best possible way. Thus, it also allows for longer and more complete conversations with users.

More often than not, ChatGPT will respond with correct information, especially if the user asks questions that involve more structural content and occurred before 2021, the current cut-off year of the AI ​​knowledge base. It’s important to remember that the OpenAI platform is still under development, while Google and Amazon are constantly injecting resources to train their voice assistants.

ChatGPT's conversational prowess has impressed thousands of people around the world, however, the tool is still being tested to learn more while interacting with humans.ChatGPT’s conversational prowess has impressed thousands of people around the world, however, the tool is still being tested to learn more while interacting with humans.Source: Shutterstock

There are still many features that make voice assistants more useful, as they are optimized for voice and interact with various applications, providing more uses for our daily lives. Meanwhile, at least for now, ChatGPT is more focused on just answering questions asked by users.

“You may soon have helpful assistants who talk to you, answer questions, and give advice. After that, you can have something trigger and run tasks for you. Eventually, you may have something that triggers you and discovers new knowledge for you,” Open AI CEO Sam Altman said in a Twitter post.

In any case, it is important to remember that, for now, ChatGPT is designed for a completely different role than Alexa or Google Assistant. For example, the tool can be used as a reference for developing more humane chatbots, content creation tools, translation platforms, and much more.

Through ChatGPT it is still possible to write essays, programming codes and various other content in text. These possibilities are not yet available in conversational AIs like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Despite this, ChatGPT still falls short in many areas, as it won’t be able to play music, turn on room lights, or make voice calls, at least for now. However, the tool can help in several occasions, especially in text-related tasks, much better than Google Assistant or Alexa delivery.

MDA 2: ChatGPT by Google

While ChatGPT is already scaring Google, the company has a solution to fight the technology, LaMDA 2, which was presented during Google I/O 2021. Like ChatGPT, LaMDA 2 interprets user conversations and learns through machine learning, so it will balance the content of the answer with the best way to explain the information to a human.

With ChatGPT's fame, it's clear that Google doesn't want to be left behind.With ChatGPT’s fame, it’s clear that Google doesn’t want to be left behind.Source: Playback/YouTube

Google also has two other great artificial intelligences: the first is called MUM (Multitask Unified Model), an AI tool that suggests answers to comparative questions; the PaLM (Pathways Language Model) is a more direct and explanatory version of LaMDA 2, as it was not created for long conversations, just to offer answers in a more adequate and ‘no-nonsense’ way.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, there is still a lot of work to be done on this AI model as they can have various problems. He even claims it this type of AI can invent false information — it’s worth mentioning that LaMDA 2 is the same AI that made a Google engineer think it was conscious.

Problems with ChatGPT

One of the worst problems with ChatGPT is precisely the convincing way it expresses itself in texts, both in English and Portuguese. For example, when you ask the AI ​​about a specific topic, it can answer beautifully appears completely correct, but often contains hidden errors.

According to the Stack Overflow website, ChatGPT has already given thousands of incorrect answers and that, for now, this is still quite common. For example, the AI ​​can insert additional information into text that doesn’t exist, however, it can appear believable due to the tool’s great linguistic style.

When asked what TecMundo is, ChatGPT gave a very precise answer.When asked what TecMundo is, ChatGPT gave a very precise answer.Source: Open AI

In an earlier test by TecMundo, ChatGPT described streamer Casimiro as follows: “Casimiro is a Brazilian game streamer, specifically Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He rose to prominence as one of the longest serving members of the Brazilian streaming team, ESEA Brasil.” In the text, the tool is correct that Casimiro is a streamer, however it is wrong to state that he mainly streams Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and that he is one of the former members of ESEA Brasil.

Because the AI ​​knowledge base lasts until 2021, the platform ends up making up information instead of pointing out its mistakes or indicating it can’t answer the question. If this is resolved over time, however, the platform will certainly give jobs to giants like Google.

“I think with the quality of language models that we will see in the coming years, there will be a serious challenge for Google for a first-time search product,” said the CEO of Open AI.

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