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RBD have officially announced their return for a reunion tour, 15 years after the band’s demise. The latest shows are expected to take place in Mexico, the United States and Brazil. In these parts the quintet – Alfonso Herrera, who was also part of the group, does not arrive – they disembark in November.

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With performances at Nilson Santos Stadium (Engenhão), Rio de Janeiro, and Allianz Park, São Paulo, the band will present the main hits of their meteoric career in the second half of the 2000s.

From the beginning of “Rebelde”, the telenovela that gave birth to the group, the production made it clear: the looks would be the main feature of the project. So much so that the famous “red tie” has become the official symbol of the band and is what fans turn to whenever they want to talk about their idols.

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On the other hand, RBD’s concerts have never looked very good in terms of stage design. With the exception of the opening, which was a show, the production never paid much attention to what the audience would see in terms of lighting effects or even organic montages. The performers on stage were worth it.

The first time a stage was actually produced was in 2008, during the Empezar Desde Cero World Tour, when the light towers were split across the stage. However, it was already RBD’s senior year as fans knew it.

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As we said before, the group has a lot to show for style. In 2006, when they did their first tour in Brazil, they dared to go on stage dressed as beggars. The idea was to denounce poverty and hunger in the world. Around here they recorded the video of “Ser o Importar” with the same style.

On other tours, lots of glitter, corsets, miniskirts and heels rocked the girls’ looks. The boys opted for simpler clothes: shirts and trousers combined with waistcoats. This year, the production is expected to invest equally in the artists’ dressing room.

Celestial was RBD’s third studio album. Photo: Reproduction/Insert

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What will really take work is the lineup of the show. There are two hours of presentation to account for 6 studio albums (plus three with Portuguese versions). Also, fans are looking forward to possible versions of what the artists have been up to in their solo careers. Maybe a medley appears in the middle of the slideshow, right?

To the right is the hit “Rebelde”, the theme song of the soap opera. Other singles like “Ser o Importar”, “Nuestro Amor”, “Empezar Desde Cero” and “Tu Amor” should not be left out.

We have separated some of the songs and put together a possible set list. The group recorded clips and officially released a number of songs. Most of them are on this list and should appear on the show. Among the hits, some bold bets and exclusive releases for this reunion tour.

  • be the opinion
  • There’s something
  • A little of your love
  • teach me
  • Hoy que te vas

  • unreachable
  • this heart
  • Y al Puedo Olvidarte
  • No couple
  • Just Quedate in Silence
  • you love
  • Save me
  • Bésame sin Miedo
  • Heavenly
  • Our love
  • behind me
  • Always been here
  • Rebel

It’s still possible to dream, and if so, the singers could very well present versions of their songs in a solo career after RBD. RBD released hits that dominated the charts throughout Latin America, reached the southern United States and even won some radio stations in Brazil, such as “Mi Delirio”, by Anahi. So why not think about some ‘attachment’ to the show? Here are some tips:

  • Mi Delirio – Anahi
  • Freedom – Christian Chavez feat. anah
  • Tu y Yo – Maite Perroni
  • More Tuya than Mia – Dulce Maria
  • Far – Christopher von Uckermann


RBD returns to the stage in August this year for a series of concerts in the United States, Brazil and Mexico. Around here, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will receive the artists on November 17 and 19, respectively. Interestingly, the band has released two DVDs in the same cities: Live in Rio, recorded in 2006 at the Maracanã, and Tournée do Adeus, recorded in 2008 at the Anhembi Arena.

Sales here start on January 24th. BRBCard customers will have exclusive pre-sales on January 24 and 25, starting January 24 at 10am online and 12pm at the official box office. For the general public, the sale begins on January 27, in the same channels and times. Tickets, which can be purchased in up to 5 interest-free installments for BRBCard customers and 3 interest-free installments for other cards, will be available through Eventim and at the official ticket office (without a service fee).


At your place: November 17, 2023 (Friday)
Opening of the gates: 4 pm
Show times: 21h
Place: AllianzParque
Address: Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 1705 – Água Branca, São Paulo – SP
Age classification: 14 years. Minors from 06 to 13 years, accompanied only by parents or legal guardians.*
*Subject to change by court order.

TOP CHAIR – BRL 210.00 half price and BRL 420.00 full price
TRACE – BRL 240.00 half price and BRL 480.00 full price
BOTTOM CHAIR – BRL 280.00 and BRL 560.00 full price
PREMIUM TRACK – BRL 425.00 half price and BRL 850.00 full price


Date: November 19 (Sunday)
Opening of the gates: 4 pm
Show times: 21h
Place: Nilton Santos Stadium
Address: R. José dos Reis, 425 – Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Age classification: 14 years. Minors from 06 to 13 years, accompanied only by parents or legal guardians.*
*Subject to change by court decision.


WEST UPPER CHAIR – BRL 195.00 half ticket and BRL 390.00 full ticket
EAST UPPER CHAIR – BRL 195.00 half ticket and BRL 390.00 full ticket
LOWER WEST CHAIR – BRL 270.00 half ticket and BRL 540.00 full ticket
LOWER CHAIR EXT – BRL 270.00 half ticket and BRL 540.00 full ticket
TRACK | SOUTH CHAIR – BRL 230.00 half ticket and BRL 460.00 whole
PREMIUM TRACK – BRL 425.00 half and BRL 850.00 whole

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