The Last of Us: the difference between the characters in the game and the cast of the series

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This month, fans of The Last of Us have the opportunity to relive the history of game as if it were the first time thanks to the series HBO extension. With production of Craig Mazin (in Chernobyl) And Neil Druckman (one of the creators of the game franchise), the production has already shown its full potential with an exquisite pilot and several spectacular adaptations for the small screen.

To compose this post-apocalyptic world in which humanity has found itself hostage to an evolved mushroom, an important cast was hand-picked, with the names of Peter Pascal And Bella Ramsey highlighted. And here, you will see the comparison between the actors of the series and their respective characters in the game!

Pedro Pascal as Joel

The main protagonist of the first game is Joel Miller, a man who found himself in the midst of the apocalypse and lost everything that was important to him. Everything changes when he meets Ellie, a grumpy girl who has to escort across the United States. Rude and silent macho, she begins to see herself as a father figure, and begins to show her more vulnerable side of her.

Joel is played by Peter Pascalwhich many may know from his role in The Mandalorianwhere he interprets Din Djarin. Pascal has already played the role of Oberyn Martell in game of Thrones and also has other interesting credits in his career, such as narcos And Wonder Woman 1984. The actor was born in Santiago, Chile and is 47 years old.

Bella Ramsey as Ellie

Ellie she is a very skittish and ironic little girl who, for a very particular reason, seems to be immune to the fungal infection. cordyceps. In the original game, he has to keep up Joel Miller during a trip across the United States, and it is there that we learn more about her past and witness the formation of an unbreakable bond between the girl and her protector.

Like Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramseywhich gives birth to Ellie, was also part of the family of game of Throneshaving lived Lyanna Mormont. Other projects include the series His dark mattersthe cartoon hilda and the movie Judy: Way over the rainbow. Her character in the series is only 14, but the actress, who is British, is already 19.

Nico Parker as Sarah

In the first episode of the series, we know a little about the past of Joel through your daughter’s eyes, Sarah Miller. It is from his perspective that we see how the world fell into complete chaos after the mushroom mutated. cordycepsand already on the first day of the pandemic she ends up being shot by a soldier and dies in her father’s arms.

There has been a lot of talk about the actress who plays Sarah in the first episode. Her name is Nico Parker and is currently 18 years old. Born in England, she is the daughter of thanks newtonin Western world, and your career is just beginning. She acted live remake in Dumbo and not science fiction Paths of memoryin addition to the miniseries The third day.

Gabriel Luna as Tommy

tommy miller is Joel’s younger brother. He is an army veteran and always has hopes for a better world in the future, which leads to a series of disagreements with his brother. The two break up and don’t speak to each other for a long time, but Joel’s search for Tommy is a great narrative of both the game and the first season of the series.

Tommy lived by Gabriel LunaMexican-born American actor. The star started his career with small roles, until he participated in series such as Matador, true detective And Agents of SHIELD (where he gave birth to Robbie Reyesa Phantom Knight). In theaters, he was the main antagonist of Terminator: Dark Fate.

Anna Torv as Tess

Thess he is a survivor, doing small clandestine acts alongside Joel. In the game, the two supposedly have a romantic involvement, but this is always implied and never made explicit, unlike in the series. Initially, he agrees to go with Joel to the Fireflies base, where he has to leave Ellie, but terrible things happen…

The character has lived on the series since Anna Torv, Australian actress who is now 43 years old. Torv is well known for playing the agent Olivia Dunham on the Series Fringebut another well-recognized role is that of professor of psychology Wendy Carr in mindhunter. She has been in movies The daughter And Stephanie.

Merle Dandridge as Marlene

Marlene is the tough and sour leader of the Firefliesa terrorist organization trying to stop the military occupation in the world of The Last of Us. In both the series and the game, she is the one who assigns Joel and Tess the mission of taking Ellie to another Fireflies base. However, it’s worth mentioning that, at least in the game, Marlene also knew Ellie’s mother…

The character is played by Merle Dandridge, a Japanese-born American actress, who has had a distinguished career in both television and stage. She is one of the protagonists of the series Green leafin addition to having participated in The flight attendant And Station 19. Interestingly, the actress also motion captured Marlene in the original game!

Nick Offerman as Bill

You may have already heard, in the first episode, Joel mention the name of I count. This is a relatively important character in the first game, as he is part of Joel and Ellie’s journey to the firefly base. He is a very serious man and “survivor”, who has isolated himself in a small town located in Massachusetts.

The character is played by Nick Offermanperhaps best known for his role in the comedy series Parks and recreationwhere it gives life to Ron Swanson. She was also in the miniseries developers And Pam & Tommyand in the cinema he has participated in feature films such as Angels of the law, beating heart And miss sympathy 2.

Storm Reid as Riley

Although he hasn’t appeared in the series yet, riley is a very important character in the gaming canon, having made his first appearance in DLCs Left behindwhere we know a little more about the history of Ellie and how she was bitten by an infected. Riley is part of Fireflies and was Ellie’s first great love.

In the series, the character will be played by Storm Reid, an American actress who is currently 19 years old. Her first role has arrived 12 years of slaveryand soon conquered some interesting works, such as fantasy A fold in time And The suicide squad. This year, Reid stars in two highly anticipated films: Missing And The nun 2.

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