Five websites to visit before shopping online

Before making purchases on the Internet, consumers should take some precautions. For example, it is advisable to check the reputation of the store, in order not to fall into virtual scams or have post-purchase headaches. Other advisable practices are to check if there are cheaper prices in competing e-commerce and look for discount coupons, which help you save money. There are some virtual platforms that can be helpful in this mission. Among these are price comparison sites — such as Buscapé —, consumer review sites — such as Reclame Aqui — and coupon and cashback platforms — such as Cuponomia. Below are five types of websites you should visit before shopping online.

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The list brings together five types of websites you should visit before buying products online — Photo: Pixabay/Preis_King

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1. Discount coupon and cashback sites

Getting discount coupons and cashback offers is a tactic that helps save money when shopping. For this, consumers can resort to sites such as Cuponomia and Méliuz, which provide promotional codes and also allow you to receive part of the money invested back. In addition to these resources, the platforms also offer extensions that rate the virtual store where the user is and inform about the best coupon offers, as well as the availability of cashback.

Couponomia offers coupons and cashback in more than two thousand stores — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

2. Consumer review sites

Consumer review platforms are useful for verifying a company’s reputation. Through sites like Reclame Aqui and, users complain about the service, buying, selling, products and services of the e-commerce they bought from. When searching for your business name, you can see the most common issues reported, as well as the store’s responses and whether or not your request has been resolved.

Complaint Here shows the reputation of virtual shops — Photo: Reproduction/Guilherme Ramos

In Reclame Aqui, for example, the company’s reputation is also informed – on a score ranging from zero to 10 –, the solution rate and the percentage of consumers who would do business with the establishment again, among other relevant data. Therefore, it is interesting to visit these platforms to find out if the online store you want to buy from is actually trustworthy.

3. Price Comparators

Price comparators are excellent allies for consumers who do not give up on a good offer. Platforms such as Zoom and Buscapé allow the user to search for the desired product and see, among different e-commerces, the one that offers the most convenient value. The sites even allow you to view the item’s price history, so as to verify that the offer is really advantageous, and to create price alerts, to be notified when the value of the goods drops.

In addition to price comparisons, Buscapé invests in content written by specialists — Photo: Playback/Caroline Silvestre

In addition to the traditional comparators mentioned above, there are also platforms for specific niches or with collaborative operation. This is the case of Compare TechTudo, focused on the technology market, and Promobit, which works as a community in which the users themselves send the offers they find on the web.

4. Sites to know the reliability of the domain

Analyzing the reliability of a domain is essential to avoid scams in fake online stores. The query can be made on different sites using the protocol known as Whois, which scans databases for information about a particular domain and its owner.

The website ( is one of the main tools with this function. Through a quick search, the platform lists information such as name, CNPJ number and contact person responsible for the site, as well as showing the date the domain was created and updated. If the site was recently created, be wary: it’s probably a scam.

SiteReliable analyzes the likelihood of a site being phished — Photo: Playback/Gabriel Pereira

Another allied tool in detecting fake websites is Trusted Site ( After a digital scan of the company’s data, the platform informs the consumer whether he is facing a real or suspicious page. Site Reliable is an interesting complement to tools like Reclame Aqui and, as reputable sites take some time to build a rating index.

“Most sites that run scams are disposable. Criminals create the fake website or even a cloned website, advertise and reach consumers with ridiculously low prices. Unfortunately, reputable sites take some time to create a rating index. Meanwhile people don’t find information on the site and end up buying,” the company explained to TechAll.

5. Asian markets

Asian markets have become very popular in Brazil and around the world due to the wide variety of products on offer. Whether buying for personal consumption, gifting someone or even reselling, platforms such as Shopee and AliExpress present themselves as an interesting option for those looking for advantages such as low prices and free shipping.

Asian markets have become extremely popular in Brazil due to their convenience and low prices — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

Despite their popularity, it is important to exercise caution when buying from these platforms. This is because they allow multiple sellers to register, but not all of them are reliable. Therefore, before buying, check the reputation of the advertiser and also look at the reviews of other consumers about the product. Practices like these reduce the chances of falling for online scams and buying a poor quality product.

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