Very hot? 7 essential tips to keep your video game from overheating

Overheating is a constant concern for console owners during the summer as video games such as PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch can experience problems due to of excessive heat. . Designed with a focus on warmer climates, consoles can overheat in tropical weather conditions or during unusual heat waves, especially if there are aggravating factors such as dust in the ventilation or internal malfunctions.

There are some recommendations given by the manufacturers themselves, as Nintendo did in Japan during the summer of 2021, asking users not to play in high temperatures. Come to think of it, the TechAll separate some general tips and some more specific ones to avoid overheating problems in your video games. To watch!

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Consoles like the Xbox Series S need space for ventilation and to avoid overheating — Photo: TechTudo/Luiza M. Martins

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Before moving on to the recommendations, it’s worth noting that each video game reacts to overheating differently, but all have defense mechanisms in place to prevent damage from excessive heat. On PlayStation consoles, the user will receive a message stating that the console is too hot and should turn it off. Xbox devices will automatically shut down and display the overheating message the next time you turn them on.

The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, goes into a forced sleep mode when it gets too hot. In some cases, overheating can cause game malfunctions, such as white, black, green or pink graphics bugs. There may also be performance issues, such as slowness and uploads takes time.

1. Keep the ventilation free and in an airy place

All video games have one or more vents to expel the hot air generated inside. They usually feature a grid with holes that can be placed on the back of the console or elsewhere. In the case of Xbox Series X, it is at the top, while on PlayStation 5 (PS5) the output is protected by the console plate. It is important that these vents are unobstructed, with no objects blocking the airflow through them. If the user places something covering them, it can cause overheating.

All manufacturers warn that consoles need space around them and not to place objects that can block ventilation – Photo: Playback / Microsoft

When placing video games on shelves or niches, it is important that the place is airy and offers space for the console to disperse the heat. Sony recommends that the PlayStation 5 has 10cm of free space around it. As for Xbox, Microsoft suggests a distance between 10 and 15 cm, approximately.

Nintendo points out that the ambient temperature must be at most 35°C to use the Nintendo Switch, which may not be so easy in some regions of Brazil. Having natural or artificial cooling in the area, such as fans and air conditioning, can also help keep video games from getting too hot.

2. Clean the vents

In addition to being unobstructed, the vents also need to be cleaned, as excess dust can impair the console’s cooling ability. The user can use a brush to gently remove the dust from the video game or even a vacuum cleaner with good power to remove it. We do not recommend the use of cans of compressed air or blowers which can send dust inwards, as they can cause other types of damage in the future.

The back of the PlayStation 4 has ventilation holes where dust can accumulate and affect cooling — Photo: Disclosure / Sony

3. Beware of loud video game sounds

Normally, before overheating, the video game will try to increase its power coolers to increase ventilation, which is a noisy process. If you hear a power surge in video game fans, keep in mind if that will only happen during peak hours or if it will stay that way for a long time. If the console keeps the file coolers at full power for too long, this could be an indication of overheating waiting to happen.

Inside every video game is a cooler dedicated to cooling down the console, and loud sounds coming from it can indicate the possibility of overheating — Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft

Some third-party manufacturers, such as Nyko, produce coolers gaming-specific extras that can provide an extra layer of cooling for consoles. These accessories are especially useful for video games that have been purchased for many years and may have run out of fan power. However, it is recommended to clean the ventilation slots before placing the accessories.

External coolers from third-party companies like Nyko can offer extra cooling for slightly more tired consoles.

5. Avoid strenuous games on very hot days

Some games tend to be “heavier” than others, especially titles with very detailed graphics, such as God of War: Ragnarok on the PlayStation, or with high frame rates, such as Doom Eternal. In this case, the user can choose not to play this type of title on the hottest days and replace it with games with simpler graphics, which will require less than the video game. There are some glitches though, such as games with simple graphics that can cause consoles to heat up due to optimization issues.

Heavier games like Doom Eternal can heat up your console more on hot days than simpler games — Photo: Play/Steam

6. Check if your extra SSD has a heat sink

A particular PS5 problem can occur if users decide to add an extra SSD to the console. This is because some of the accessories compatible with the console may not have a “heatsink”, a metal part designed to help disperse heat and the absence of which can cause overheating. In this case, users are advised to give preference to SSDs that come with a heat sink, since the process of applying the part separately is more advanced.

When adding an extra SSD to your PlayStation 5, make sure it has a heat sink to help disperse the heat — Photo: Rubens Achilles/TechTudo

7. If the problem persists, request technical assistance

If the game continues to overheat after all the procedures listed, there may be an internal problem with the console, which requires technical assistance. Fans can lose power over time due to dust buildup, lack of lubrication, or normal wear and tear. When problems persist, the user is advised to contact the official technical assistance of the manufacturers or a trusted technician.

If all else fails, seek technical assistance to identify the cause of your console overheating — Photo: Playback/PlayStation Blog

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