10 games that will win TV shows

After decades of unsuccessful attempts to adapt to the big screen, video game franchises are starting to look at TV as a viable option. And it makes perfect sense, as the game stories, several hours long, are hard to condense into a typical movie.

The recent success of HBO’s The Last of Us cemented this TV potential for adaptations, but it’s a movement that was already happening, such as with Netflix’s Castlevania and Paramount’s Halo. In today’s video, we introduce you to 10 games that are currently in development for TV series and are expected to debut sooner or later.

Assassin’s Creed – Netflix

Assassin’s Creed attempted a film adaptation in 2016. The first attempt to adapt the popular historical sci-fi franchise was met with harsh criticism, despite starring prominent actor Michael Fassbender.

Shortly before the release of the Assassin’s Creed film, Ubisoft had already entered into negotiations with Netflix to produce a series, initially planned to be an anime only. In 2020, Netflix announced that several Assassin’s Creed projects are in the works, including a live-action series, an anime, and an animated series. Recently, it was confirmed that the live-action series has lost its showrunner Jeb Stuart due to creative differences.

To fall – Amazon Prime videos

to fall is a post-apocalyptic franchise currently produced by Bethesda Softworks. The games in the series take place during the 22nd century, but with a retro-futuristic 1950s feel, thus causing technological divergences from our world. A major nuclear war ravaged the world in 2077, forcing people to live in underground shelters until the planet’s radiation subsided.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who rewrote the script for the latest Tomb Raider film and co-wrote the screenplay for Captain Marvel, will serve as showrunner alongside Graham Wagner. In addition, Walton Goggins and Ella Purnell will star in the series, developed for Amazon Prime Video. A teaser image was released in October 2022.

Mass effect – Amazon Prime videos

Similar to to fallthe series Mass effect it’s ready for the potential of TV. The vast lore-filled space RPG revolves around Commander Shepard during the dawn of human exploration. Commander Shepard is joined by characters from many different races as he seeks to bring the universe together against common enemies.

As of 2021, there have been talks between EA and Prime Video for the production rights to a Mass Effect series, as Amazon hopes to expand its fantasy repertoire. However, it must be said that there has been little information regarding this project since then, when Deadline confirmed Amazon’s negotiations to produce the series.

Alan Wake- AMC extension

the series of Alan Wakand has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. The Twin Peaks-inspired horror franchise got a stunning remaster in 2021, which coincided with the long-awaited announcement of the sequel. Finally, a TV series is also in the works.

Remedy Entertainment initially partnered with Contrarian Films to produce an Alan Wake series in 2018 based on old plans for Alan Wake 2. Years later, the rights to the Alan Wake series were sold to AMC in 2022, who are currently working to bring the many mysteries of Alan Wake on the small screen. Unfortunately, not much more is known at this time.

Knuckles – Fundamental+

Sonic, a character from the Sega games, has had more downs than ups in recent decades. However, the winds seem to be blowing in favor of Uriço Azul, with the arrival of a new game, the sound frontiersand the unexpected success of the character’s live-action films.

It is this success that Paramount Pictures will try to capitalize on with a series spin out currently in development for Paramount+. This spin-off centers around Knuckles, voiced by Idris Elba in Sonic 2 – The Movie. Elba is expected to reprise her role in the series, which is expected to launch in 2023.

Life is strange – hulu

Life is strangefrom Dontnod Entertainment, captivated gamers with its complex characters and their difficult choices and circumstances. Unlike other stories on this list, which will require heavy post-production work, Life is strange it should be a relatively straightforward TV adaptation of the game.

The rights of a number of Life is strange are owned by Hulu. In 2021, Streaming announced that musician Shawn Mendes would be producing the series, which is a good sign, as the Life is Strange series has a licensed soundtrack that is a game differential. Anonymous Content will also act as producer of the series. Whether this series will tell Max and Chloe’s original story or something original remains to be seen.

A plague tale

While most of the adapted video game series have a long history, A plague tale it’s still a relatively new franchise. Its first sequel arrived recently, in 2022. A Plague Tale tells the story of siblings Amicia and Hugo, as they try to survive a plague and rat infested France during the 14th century.

A series based on A plague tale was announced in early 2022 and will be directed by French director Mathieu Turi. A Plague Tale will be produced by Mediawan, Asobo and Focus Entertainment and shot in France. However, there is no word yet on where the series will be released. Although a French production, the series may have its distribution rights sold to streaming and TV platforms internationally.

twisted metal – peacock

Sony has become a major force in the development of video game adaptations. Last year, Uncharted became a movie, and now The Last of Us premiered as an HBO series. Vehicles are next on Sony’s list, as is film Gran Turismo will be released in August 2023 and a TV series based on the chaos of vehicular combat by Twisted metal is in development for Peacock.

Twisted Metal will star the likes of Stephanie Beatriz, Anthony Mackie, Thomas Haden Church and Richard Cabrel. Sweet Tooth will be physically played by professional wrestler Samoa Joe, but will be voiced by Will Arnett, who is also a producer on the live-action series. Filming wrapped in late August 2022, meaning the series could arrive as early as 2023.

Dawn of Horizon Zero – Netflix

One of the most popular Playstation franchises, horizonhe will also win a TV series. horizon zero dawn is a post-apocalyptic story full of sentient machines that behave like animals, modern and prehistoric. The game stars Aloy, who discovers a mysterious device from the “Ancient Ones” that gives her a wealth of information and perspective on the world around her. A world that she will have to save.

Not much is known about the series. horizon zero dawn which is being developed by Netflix, as it was only announced in early 2022. However, we already know it will be developed by Steve Blackman, who was a writer and producer on Fargo, as well as the current showrunner on The Umbrella Academy. And he’s already confirmed that Aloy will be in the series, which indicates we’ll see a faithful adaptation of the game, even though initial rumors indicated otherwise.

God of War – Amazon Prime Video

When Playstation announced the series of horizon zero dawnhave also announced an adaptation of their iconic franchise God of War. God of War is one of Sony’s longest-running franchises and chronicles Kratos’ journey through Greek mythology and, recently, Norse mythology.

The God of War adaptation was officially ordered as a series in December 2022 and is expected to adapt the recent Norse saga, in which Kratos ventures with his son, Atreus. God of War was written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, both known for The Expanse. Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Jenkins will also serve as God of War showrunner. Cory Barlog, creative director of the video game series, will be one of the executive producers.


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