6 iPhone changes that will make your life easier in 2023

Some iPhone (iOS) tweaks can make your day-to-day life easier. Examples of functions like this are, for example, defining a time for different focus modes and even creating stickers using live objects. It is important to mention that not all new features are available for all versions of the operating system. That’s because some of them are part of iOS 16, an update released last year for mobile phones starting with iPhone 8. In the next lines, take a look at six iPhone changes that will simplify your daily life in 2023 and find out how to activate them.

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6 iPhone changes that will make your life easier in 2023 — Photo: Leticia Rosa/TechTudo

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1. View the duplicate photos and delete them

One of the new features of the iPhone is the ability to view duplicate photos in your gallery and then delete them. The feature automatically finds repeating images and lets you select them faster, freeing up space on your phone.

Using this feature is simple: first, open the gallery and search for “Albums”. Scroll down until you find the “Duplicates” option and select the images. Finally, tap “Combine” so that the system recognizes duplicates and chooses the option with the highest quality. The other will be deleted.

Duplicate photos can be managed quickly through the album. — Photo: Playback/Clara Tavares

You can also choose the photo you want to delete manually. That way, you can delete it without system intervention. If the album doesn’t appear, don’t worry: it means that there are no identical photos on your device.

2. Print without saving in memory

Another way to reduce the amount of unused images in your mobile memory is to take screenshots without saving them to your mobile. This feature allows you to take a screenshot by copying and pasting the image directly into the conversation or application you want, without saving it to your device’s gallery.

To use the feature, you need to print and then tap the thumbnail that will appear in the bottom corner of the screen. On the next screen, select “Ok” and “Copy and Delete”. The printout can be pasted into another window and will not be saved.

This way, it’s much easier to delete files that you won’t be using again. — Photo: Photo: Playback/Clara Tavares

3. Create Focus mode for work, study and rest

Focus Mode allows you to create different functions for your phone, such as changing the brightness of the screen and which apps can automatically send you notifications at certain times. You can choose which apps and contacts will be disabled, as well as the conditions for activating the mode such as location, start and end time, focus filters, and lock and home screen settings.

For example, “Work” mode blocks notifications from social networking apps and allows calls from only selected people, while “Sleep” dims the screen. The individual can even customize a mode from scratch, choosing the name, icon and settings. Here is a complete guide on how to use focus mode on iPhone.

Under “Focus” you can select “Do not disturb” or customize it your way. — Photo: Photo: Playback/Clara Tavares

4. Search for emojis on the keyboard

On the iPhone keyboard, searching for emoji by keywords can help speed up texting. To search for a specific emoji, it’s easy: go to the emoji tab and search for a keyword. For example, type “bear” to find variations of the bear emoji on your keyboard. The option is available in all apps and is useful because it makes it easier to find certain stickers.

Emoji search saves time as it recognizes keywords. — Photo: Photo: Playback/Clara Tavares

5. Create live object stickers

Live Objects is a new feature that allows the user to highlight a main figure from the background of the image directly from the photo gallery. The option is useful for those who want, for example, to quickly create stickers for WhatsApp, without having to access the editors to remove the background.

To make them, first save the desired selection in PNG format and send it to your email. Then, via your computer browser, save the photo and open WhatsApp Web. On the paper clip icon, tap the “Sticker” option and upload the image. On mobile, the image will already appear as a sent sticker. Now, save it to your favorites.

The sticker is created from the png saved from the mobile phone. — Photo: Photo: Playback/Clara Tavares

6. Remove bank apps from Siri search

In the iPhone settings there is a function that allows you to remove some apps from Siri search, the operating system assistant. This adds an extra layer of protection in the event of a robbery or theft, making it difficult for others to access your banks.

To do this, in “Settings”, search for “Siri and Search” and find the icon with your bank. Tapping it disables the “Show apps in search”, “Show on home screen” and “Recommend apps” buttons. This way, the app can only be opened from the App Library.

This feature improves data security on your phone. — Photo: Photo: Playback/Clara Tavares

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