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Kylie Jenner was the protagonist of social media on Monday (23), after choosing a very controversial look to attend the Schiaparelli show at Paris Fashion Week. The dress in question had a giant super realistic lion’s head in the center. The garment is part of the collection created by the designer Daniel Roseberry, in which various stuffed and resin animals have been applied to the clothes.

On Instagram, the entrepreneur thanked the invitation to the fashion show and reiterated that the ornament was not made with the real head of the animal. “Beauty and the Beast. Thank you @danielroseberry and @schiaparelli for such a special morning. Wow, I loved wearing this fake art creation handcrafted from synthetic materials. Very nice”she wrote in the caption.

Kylie Jenner posts on social networks explaining the controversial look. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

However, netizens didn’t like Kylie’s fashion choice at all. Many of them pointed out that wearing the dress would encourage animal hunting. “Every year foreign hunters export the carcasses (usually just the head and skin) of 665 wild lions from Africa, an average of nearly two lions a day. Wearing a fake head like Kylie Jenner isn’t cool and doesn’t celebrate the animal.said reporter Bryn Curt James Hammond. “Sorry, but I don’t care if Kylie’s ‘lion’ is real or not. That dress is wrong on so many levels.said one user. Check out the reactions from the web below:

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“My God, why…. because. I mean, seriously, who is Kylie Jenner’s stylist? How can you do this to a majestic creature? Whose idea was it to add a lion’s head to a dress? This is so wrong. Think about your kids, Kylie.

“False or not, what is implied makes illegal hunting fascinating and difficult for me to overcome. A cheap way to get people talking.

“Dear Kylie Jenner, I’m sure you meant no harm by wearing a ‘faux fox fur, lion head’. However, there are many people out there who kill beautiful and precious animals! Know your influence because it made you millions. So please always be careful and aware.

“Kylie Jenner you shocked the world, in the negative, by wearing a lion head dress, even a sweatshirt, all in the name of fashion and money, what a disappointment for your bearing, how horrible and pointless.”

“Kylie Jenner wearing a lion head on her dress looks stupid as fuck. There, I said it.”

Despite the negative fallout, the non-governmental organization PETA, which is dedicated to animal causes, has come to Jenner’s defense. Kylie’s look celebrates the beauty of lions and could be a statement against trophy hunting, where lion families are torn apart to satisfy human selfishness.”Ingrid Newkirk, president of the NGO, told TMZ. “These fabulously innovative three-dimensional animal heads show that where there’s a will, there’s a way”she added.

On social media, however, the French profile of PETA has published a report that warns against animal hunting. “While art, including fashion, can be subjective, Schiaparelli’s claim that ‘no animals were harmed’ in the making of this lion headdress worn by Kylie Jenner is objectively false.”started the text.

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“In fact, silkworms were boiled alive and sheep were tapped for their wool to obtain the silk and wool used to make these fake animal heads. Schiaparelli must use materials of non-animal origin. Anyone concerned that these outfits will encourage trophy hunting should also think about the animals that have actually suffered for this look and the countless people who are confined, maimed, abused and killed by the fashion.he concluded.

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