Abel tired of Leila’s economy, who denies reinforcements. And the advantage that Palmeiras gave to Flamengo in the Super Cup final

Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Wake up, little blogger.

“Weak leadership.

“We want players”.

(Wall of Palmeiras, last night, after the frustrating 0-0 draw against São Paulo.)

Six days after the decision of the SuperCopa do Brasil, against Flamengo, in Brasilia.

“I don’t want to use past mistakes.

“I want players who are ready, who make a difference, not train.

“To form I have the base and the children play”.

(Abel Ferreira, after yesterday’s draw at Allianz Parque)

Leila Pereira heard perfectly the boos and curses that were addressed to her after yesterday’s game.

Palmeiras 2023 is already making history.

Since its foundation in 1914, the club has never been without a new player in the following season. Athlete who came from another team.

The decision is taken by President Leila Pereira.

Abel Ferreira has made his list of reinforcements.

He had known since May that Gustavo Scarpa would leave.

Just as the club had two months to prepare to look for Danilo’s replacement.

The Brazilian victory, won by the club, ended in November.

November 13 was the last round.

The holidays came earlier, due to the World Cup in Qatar. The preseason has arrived.

All other Serie A, B and C do Brasileiro clubs have signed. Also the Paulista Championship.

Except Palmeiras.

In the latest balance sheet, released five days ago, the club recorded revenues of R$ 728 million between January and November 2022. The forecast, from the same management, was R$ 554 million.

That is, R $ 184 million more.

The expenses presented, however, amount to R$ 706 million.

In other words, a surplus of “only” R$ 22 million.

This is Leila Pereira’s excuse for not looking for the athletes requested by Abel Ferreira.

The leader promised, assuming, that the club would remain victorious, but absolutely financially balanced.

But there is a huge exaggeration, according to top advisers and people connected to the leader, who prefer to remain anonymous.

He is using the logical reasoning of the three titles won by Palmeiras in 2022: Recopa Sul-Americana, Paulista and Brasileiro.

Fans, managers and Abel Ferreira should value the squad, given that there are only two players left, Danilo and Scarpa, and Endrick has taken his place in the squad. Additionally, there are seven notable grassroots athletes who have been promoted.

In 2022, Leila authorized the hiring of eight athletes: José Manuel López, Merentiel, Navarro, Atuesta, Murilo, Lomba, Jailson and Rodrigo Tabata. Only Murilo became owner.

The eight remain in the squad, with a contract, earning and playing little, or not even that.

But what Leila doesn’t say is that these were the athletes Abel had to pick. With an emphasis on López, Merentiel and Navarro, strikers who weren’t yet ready for the responsibility of playing for Palmeiras.

He tried directing them, but they didn’t work.

The Portuguese coach, therefore, while not wanting to start an open brawl, wants the arrival of “ready athletes”. And “quality costs”, he has already said, as if he were patiently teaching the leader.

There is a cruel certainty that has been repeated for decades in world football.

If coaches and fans are pressing on the signing direction and the club is about to play in a final, just wait for the result. If there is a defeat, the pressure triples. And reinforcements usually arrive.

That is, Flamengo can help strengthen Palmeiras.

He just beat him in the final of the Brazilian Super Cup on Saturday in Brasilia.

If all the tension wasn’t enough for the lack of reinforcements, Abel Ferreira is still vexed by another underlying issue.

Flamengo, very strong and reinforced, will have one more day of rest to prepare for the final.

And without facing strong opponents.

Vítor Pereira’s team played against Nova Iguaçu on Saturday, beating 5-0. Palmeiras drew the classic against São Paulo. Flamengo will have Bangu on Tuesday. Abel Ferreira’s team will have Ituano, in Itu. On Wednesday.

As much as he uses the reserves, there is wear and tear, attention to the game, which distract preparation for the Supercopa do Brasil final.

There is a silent denunciation in relation to the direction of Leila Pereira, who should have followed the definition of the two dates more closely. Mainly the Brazilian Super Cup, released after Paulista.

But it wasn’t there.

And Palmeiras has 24 hours less than Flamengo.

Abel’s outburst yesterday after the draw against São Paulo was not for nothing.

“The Super Cup was scheduled for Sunday, and moved to Saturday, because it was prime time. The club knew in advance when the Super Cup would be. Our club, I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, when it goes to complain, it doesn’t never complains publicly, always emails, and can’t be.

“The coach trains, the player plays and the management must position themselves. And managing means positioning themselves. It cannot be just an email. We, in advance, asked that there be a three-day break between this match and the next, and it was possible, but the answer was no, because prime time. So I have to understand: if prime time is Sunday at 4 in the morning, why is the Super Cup not Sunday, but Saturday?”

More direct impossible.

Leila Pereira is uncomfortable.

So much for the lack of reinforcements.

As for Abel’s accusation in relation to the Palmeiras protest emails, in relation to the fact that the Supercopa do Brasil final will take place on Saturday and not Sunday, allowing Flamengo three days of preparation and two for his team.

Apart from the fact that Brasilia is an openly flamenguistic pole.

The Portuguese coach respects hierarchies.

But he knows how much a defeat will cost him.

First, the unprecedented title that the club does not have.

Then the psychological aspect of the team.

A breach of confidence for the rest of the season.

And also on the personal side, given that he is being held up as a candidate coach of the Brazilian national team.

Leila’s economy and the lack of vision of the managers, who accepted a 24-hour head start for Flamengo in this final, and the Brasilia match, will be heavily loaded in case of defeat.

Abel and his team are exposed and at a disadvantage in this decision.

Due to mistakes made by Palmeiras himself…

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