BBB23. Rodrigo Mussi on the relationship with Key Alves: “I saw him once” | metropolis

Rodrigo Mussi attended the meeting, this Monday morning (23/1), and spoke about the relationship he had with Key Alves, which is on BBB23. The model was with the volleyball player moments before the incident. The famous took the opportunity to declare his support for another participant.

“I saw Key once. I did not know the background, I can not speak. After the incident, we had conversations on social media, I heard she got a tattoo at the time. I think he proved it at home ”, said Mussi, when asked about the athlete’s personality.

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Speaking of his fans at the BBB23, Rodrigo didn’t put Key Alves in his favorites. “I really like Fred [ex da Boca Rosa] because he is charismatic and Larissa, who is very smart in the game, makes us want to cheer for her,” he added.

Before suffering the serious car accident, which left him in a coma for weeks, Rodrigo Mussi was with Key Alves, now a BBB23 participant. After the volleyball player unveiled the story on social media, it was now the model’s turn to tell the moment spent with the athlete in detail.

“I went to see the San Paolo match with my friends and then we went to a restaurant. My friends told me I was paralyzed there for about three, four minutes. At that time, a film from my childhood was spinning in my head. A message from him arrived shortly after, I don’t remember if we were already talking that day ”, Mussi said, in an interview with GShow.

After receiving Key’s message, Rodrigo Mussi explained that he went to the player’s home. “We first met at his house, and then I went to my house, got an app car, that’s where the accident happened,” he explained.

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