Palmeiras launches the new kit for the 2023 season with an economic option

THE palms and sporting goods supplier Puma this Tuesday launched the new club kits for the 2023 season. e Stadium – the latter with reduced value. With the “Welcome to the Third Sector” marketing campaign, the launch celebrates the First and Second Sectors, teams that left their mark in the 60s and 70s, and exalts the Third Sector, referring to the current moment experienced by the club, which collects several major titles in recent years.

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The campaign draws a parallel between the two historical teams and the team led by coach Abel Ferreira, who continues to write a history full of successes. The denomination of this victorious period as Terceira Academia bears the seal of the idol Ademir da Guia, one of the most outstanding players of the first two Academies.

– In the 60s and 70s Palmeiras had a team with an exciting game and we won cups and cups. I see in the current team the art of the First Academy with the solidity of the Second,” said Ademir.

– I feel honored, at the age of 80, to witness the birth of another historic team which I declare to be the Third Academy of the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras – concluded Divino.

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Derived from Puma’s new “Forever Faster” concept, which establishes a relationship between history and the future, the launch film features memorable scenes of Ademir da Guia and Dudu, overlaid with images of the current squad, showing how these different generations of players have built the history of the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras.

The debut of the new shirt takes place this Saturday (28), at 4.30 pm, against Flamengo, at the Estádio Mané Garrincha, in Brasilia (DF), in a match valid for the 2023 Supercopa do Brasil.

Dudu, Weverton and Ademir da Guia in the countryside (Photo: Disclosure)

new uniforms

The “home” uniform (first shirt) is a direct reference to the Second Academy of Palmeiras, inspired by the 1973 shirt, the year in which the club won the Brazilian championship. The shirt features a straight collar and ribbed cuffs, replicating the 1973 motif in a bolder, more modern execution in neon green. A sublimated appliqué print of a star pays homage to recent achievements, centered on the chest to receive the 2022 Brazilian champion “badge”.

Simultaneously, the brand and the club launch the “Away” kit, for away matches, bringing a direct link with the fans, inspired by the symbology used on Palmeiras game days, such as banners, pennants and flags.

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For the first time, Puma and Palmeiras bring three different versions of the jerseys to the market: Player, Supporter and Stadium, which feature different details, technologies and finishes to meet the different expectations of the fans. The Player “Home” and “Away” jerseys feature Jacquard fabric, TPU badge, star and logo, as well as dryCELL technology for maximum moisture wicking. The Player shirt is the exact replica of the shirt worn on the pitch.

New Palmeiras 2023 uniform

The away shirt has details reminiscent of stripes (Photo: Disclosure)

The Torcedor and Estádio models, in the “Home” and “Away” versions, in turn, enter the market with more attractive prices for the consumer, with small changes in fabric and finish, without losing quality. Torcedor has Pollem fabric, shield, star and PUMA logo based on water and dryCELL technology, Stadium, in turn, has Citrine fabric, shield, star and PUMA logo based on water and dryCELL technology.

– The 2023 collection was conceived as a way to honor the past, but without losing sight of the present and the future built with the competent work we have developed over the years. In collaboration with Puma, we have managed to combine technological products with options that meet the wishes and expectations of our fans. We are very happy to complete another year of this successful partnership with Puma – said the president of Palmeiras, Leila Pereira.

– The strength of this campaign lies in the union between past and present; players and fans; committee and technical council; Palm trees and pumas. We reiterate the work we are developing to honor one of the biggest clubs in Brazil – celebrated Sebastian Diaz, CEO of Puma Brasil.

– We are a Forever Faster brand which, like Palmeiras, has an important and successful legacy, but when we look to the future, we see even more possibilities to write new goals together – concluded the executive.

New Palmeiras 2023 uniform

Weverton poses in his new goalkeeper kit (Photo: Disclosure)

– Through our campaigns, we always try to enhance the history of the club as much as possible and we can be proud to say that we are part of a small but important and successful period in this history. Nothing could be fairer than celebrating this chapter through the new uniform, referring not only to the idols of the present and the past, but also to the fans who embraced us from the very beginning – said Luciana Soares, marketing director of Puma Brasil.

– With our new campaign for the launch of the “Home” shirt, we try to honor the idols of the past and, at the same time, reaffirm the idolatry and importance of the players of the current team – said Everaldo Coelho, Marketing Director of the Palmeiras.

– Bringing Ademir da Guia, the symbol par excellence of past generations, to the countryside was the fairest and most concrete way we found to support and formalize once and for all the Third Academy of the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras – added the director.

New Palmeiras 2023 uniform

Detail of the 2023 away shirt (Photo: Disclosure)

The “Home” and “Away” jerseys will be available from January 28 on,, Palmeiras Store and Puma. From January 30 they will be available in other stores in the Player models for BRL 429.90 (size S to 3XL adult), Torcedor for BRL 329.90 (size S to 3XL adult), Children for BRL 299.90 (size 8 to 3XL adult ), 16) and Female for R $ 299.90 (size XS to XL). The Estádio model costs R$ 179.90 (from size S to 3GG adult) and will be available exclusively at the Palmeiras Store.

Original Puma products have a holographic seal with the club crest on the label, guaranteeing the quality and originality of the product.

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