After scolding Tadeu, the brother mentions Emily and Marcos’ abusive relationship

Gabriel and Ricardo talked about yesterday’s episode in which Tadeu Schmidt drew the attention of Anitta’s ex-boyfriend about his behavior with Bruna Griphao on BBB 23 (Globo).

Ricardo recalled the abusive relationship that Emily Araújo suffered with Marcos Harter in the 2017 edition.

Gabriel: “I don’t remember seeing anyone cry like yesterday”

Richard: “I remember when the guy was kicked out there, I don’t think there was a warning before”

Gabriel: “What a face?”

Rick: “A doctor. Do you remember you had twins?

Gabriel: “But he didn’t do it because it amounted to assault. What did he do again?”

Rick: “He held the mine against the wall and started screaming. Brother, so crazy”

At the time of the conversation, the camera of Globoplay, the streaming platform that shows live reality TV, was cut off to another room in the house.

What happened between Bruna and Gabriel?

Speech by Taddeo

On Sunday, before the formation of the first Paredão, Tadeu Schmidt spoke to the brothers about the relationship between Bruna Griphao and Gabriel.

The presenter began his speech by collecting sentences from other participants on the couple’s relationship.

“Let me tell you a few sentences that I have collected in the last few hours. Cara de Sapato talking about Gabriel and Bruna: ‘You are a boring couple’. Tina, talking about the same couple: ‘You are toxic’. scenes of Gabriele and Bruna,” said Tadeu.

Do you realize that something is wrong? I’m here to give a warning before it’s too late

Comment by Emily Araujo. “Congratulations to Globo, for doing what she should have done in 2017. This way Bruna doesn’t need to go through more than four years of therapy to try to overcome psychological and physical attacks like me,” wrote the ex. BBB on Twitter.

What happened to Marcos Hater and Emily Araújo in the 2017 edition?

  • Emily and Marcos had an affair on BBB 17 (Globe)
  • Their involvement was flagged after the doctor pushed him against the wall.
  • He also pinched Emily and left bruises on her sister.
  • Emily even complained to the show’s production at the time and he was kicked out.
  • The authorities even opened an inquiry to investigate the case and Marcos was barred from practicing medicine for a few months.
  • In 2020, a leaked video shows Emily reporting the attacks she suffered
  • She said what happened was “serious”
  • Emily said she still needs therapy to deal with what happened

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BBB 23: Meet the attendees

BBB 23: Meet the attendees

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