BBB: Lari’s confession and explanation of ‘wig bullshit’ marks the dawn

The BBB 23 (Globo) brothers had a busy morning at home. After a long Game of Discord, which lasted until 2 a.m., the participants continued to reflect on the main themes of the dynamic, including Fred Nicácio’s speech to Gabriel and the “wig bullshit”.

Check out the highlights of the evening below!

End of the discord game

BBB 23: Larissa chooses Bruna for her podium and Key Alves and Gustavo for the pumps

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In the second Game of Discord, the participants chose their highest priority to present the plaque “together with the final”. Then they nominated two rivals to present the bomb.

At the end of the dynamic, around 2 in the morning, the score was as follows:

  • Brothers who most received bombs: Gabriel (10), Marília (8), Nicácio (7) and MC Guimê (6)
  • Brothers who were not mentioned in “together in the final”: Gabriel, Gabriel Santana and Marilia
  • Sisters who most received “together in the final”: Key Alves and Sarah Aline

As announced at the beginning of the game, for being the ones who received the most “together in the final” plaques, Key and Sarah each won 300 bets

Nicácio explains the sentence he said to Gabriel

BBB 23: Fred Nicácio explains the sentence spoken to Gabriel in the Game of Discord - Play/Globoplay - Play/Globoplay

BBB 23: Fred Nicácio explains the line spoken to Gabriel in the Game of Discord

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After Discord, Fred Nicácio spoke with Cara de Sapato and Amanda about a line he said to Gabriel in the dynamic and made it clear that he wasn’t inciting violence.

“I can also leave, but Brazil are sad they had to take one of us. It’s a shame that the race is a matter of concentration and skill, but Brazil are sad because they wanted your blood,” Nicácio said at the time , referring to the controversy surrounding the boy’s relationship with Bruna Griphao.

Frederick: “I wasn’t inciting violence, but saying that Brazil wanted it on Paredão. You know and you are not innocent. I didn’t talk about beating blood, imagine! It was him who distorted my speech”

Bruna talks to Marília

BBB 23: Bruna and Marília talk after the Discord Game - Play/Globoplay - Play/Globoplay

BBB 23: Bruna and Marília talk after the Discord Game

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In a chat with Marília, Bruna confessed that she was angry with the make-up artist after hearing her comments at the last party.

brunette: “I just want to explain why we totally missed this exchange. I don’t think if you guys came to me I would take this as a joke.”

brunette: “Yesterday I wanted to leave. Today I get distracted as much as possible, because I won’t settle in the place of a victim, a sufferer, anything”

Larissa admits differences with Gabriel

BBB 23: Larissa and Fred Nicácio talk about Gabriel - Play/Globoplay - Play/Globoplay

BBB 23: Larissa and Fred Nicácio talk about Gabriel

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In a conversation with Fred Nicácio in the kitchen, Larissa said she disagreed with Gabriel’s jokes directed at the doctor in the Game of Discord.

Larisa: “I don’t agree with some things, like saying you’re leaving tomorrow. We’re not sure of anything here, I would never say that, even if I were sure”

Nicacio: “That arrogance of hers [Gabriel] It is what shows character. When I speak of questionable character, this is it. It’s something that if you have character, you wouldn’t do it.”

Paula cries with Nicácio

BBB 23: Paula cries when talking to Fred Nicácio - Play/Globoplay - Play/Globoplay

BBB 23: Paula cries when talking to Fred Nicácio

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Paula could not hold back her emotions when she spoke to Nicácio about the first Paredão. The sister escaped the hot seat by winning the Bate and Volta race.

Nicacio: “Unfortunately our partners pushed us away, but even so they couldn’t stop our connection. We know there was a connection, that’s undeniable”

Paola: “If I really could, I really wish it on you and the cowboy [Gustavo] stay, and Marília and Key left through that door”

Tina explains “wig bullshit” to Cezar

BBB 23: Tina comments episode with Cezar - Play/Globoplay - Play/Globoplay

BBB 23: Tina comments on the episode with Cezar

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At dawn, Tina recalled winning a “bomb” from Cezar in the Game of Discord with the excuse that she hadn’t lent one of her laces to the nurse.

The model explained to her fellow prisoners her opinion on bullshit with the guy and was quite uncomfortable.

Tina: “When black [Cezar] came here to get [a lace], he said: ‘I want to go to Carnival’. It is not so. For a black woman, changing her hair is very personal.”

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