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Exchanges, oil and bitcoin (8h)

Germany (DAX): -0.34%

London (FTSE 100): -0.24%

China (Shanghai Comp.): public holiday

Japan (Nikkei 225): +1.46% (trading session closed)

Hong Kong (Hang Seng): vacation

Brent Oil: -0.01% ($88.1). Brent is a point of reference for Petrobras.

WTI Oil: -0.04% ($81.5)

Bitcoin futures: +2.64% ($22,985)

Iron ore

Due to the holidays in China, there was no trading on the Dalian Stock Exchange.

New York stock futures

As of 7:59 am on Wall Street, Dow Jones futures were down 0.19% and the S&P 500 futures were down 0.19%. Nasdaq futures fell 0.28%.

Inflation preview

This Tuesday, at 9am, the extended consumer price index, the HICP-15, known as the official inflation preview, will be released. Will refer to January. This data can primarily impact the shares of companies in the retail and technology sectors.

US corporate balance sheets

Microsoft releases its quarterly results on Tuesday.

Company news:

Americanas (AMER3) signs Alvarez & Marsal

Americanas (AMER3) announced Monday evening, 23, the hiring of global services consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) to act as Project Management Office (PMO) in relation to the judicial recovery process.

“A&M will act in coordination with Rothschild & Co, the company’s partner in debt rescheduling,” the retailer said.

Americanas also stated that its goal is “to ensure that the executive team has all the support and reference tools in the market to achieve the strategic objectives of the business”.

Vibra (VBBR3) ends partnership with Americanas from stores to gas stations

Vibra (VBBR3) communicated on Monday evening, 23, that its board of directors notified Americanas (AMER3) of the immediate termination of the partnership in the joint venture “Vem Conveniência”.

The partnership was aimed at exploring the small retail business, inside and outside petrol stations, through the Local and BR Mania stores. Vibra holds 50% of the share capital of the Vem Conveniência company, while the remaining 50% is held by Americanas.

“In the light of recent events involving Americanas, which may constitute changes to the basic assumptions that led to the signing of the partnership, with potential impacts for Vem Conveniência, the company informs that, on this date, with the resolution of its Board of Directors , notified Americanas of the immediate termination of the partnership, having initiated the procedures and procedures necessary for its dissolution”, declared Vibra, formerly BR Distribuidora, in a material fact.

Vibra emphasized the importance of convenience in its business and reaffirmed its commitment to its franchisees and dealer network to continue working to offer the best solutions to this business.

According to the company, the operation of the BR Mania stores will follow its normal course.

“The company understands that this procedure best meets the objectives of the enterprise at that time, and seeks to preserve all of its rights and prerogatives guaranteed by law or in the corporate documents, which may derive from acts performed by the partner Americanas also in the process of setting up the partnership”, highlighted Vibra.

Petrobras receives BRL 313 million from “earnout”

Petrobras (PETR3, PETR4) communicated the day before that it had received in cash from TotalEnergies EP Brasil Ltda (TotalEnergies), the amount of BRL 313 million referring to the supplement to the firm compensation (earnout) for the fiscal year 2022, of Atapu block.

The amount already includes the value “gross” of applicable taxes relating to TotalEnergies’ 22.5% stake in Atapu.

Pursuant to Ordinance no. 08 of 04/19/2021 of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the announcement of the 2nd round of the tender on the Transfer of excess rights under the Production Sharing regime, held on 12/17/2021, were fixed earnout values ​​for the Sépia and Atapu blocks, which will mature between 2022 and 2032, and payable starting from the last working day of January of the year following the one in which the price of Brent oil reaches an annual average higher than US$40/bbl, with a cap of US$70/bbl, Petrobras explained.

The state oil company expects to receive the full payment related to the FY 2022 earnout, which is paid by the partners in the Sépia and Atapu blocks, by January 31, 2023.

GPA (PCAR3) announces bond issuance

The GPA Board of Directors (PCAR3) approved the 19th issuance of simple, non-convertible and unsecured bonds, in up to two series, for private placement, for an initial amount of R $ 750 million, observing the option of additional lot, through which the company can increase the number of bonds originally issued, in agreement with the offer coordinators, up to 25%, or up to R$ 187.5 million and the possibility of a partial distribution of the offer, provided that the minimum amount of R$ 500 million is observed.

GPA explained that the funds that will be raised will be used to pay the expenses, costs and expenses not yet incurred by the company, directly related to the payment of the rents of some properties; and the reimbursement of expenses, costs and expenses of a real estate nature already incurred in the 24 months preceding the closing date of the offer, directly connected to the payment of the rents of some properties described in the deed of issue.

“In light of the above provision of funds, it should be noted that the issuance will have no impact on the company’s current net debt level, and the issuance also aims to lengthen the company’s debt maturity, as well as reduce its current cost ratio. financial weighted, on the heels of the firm’s commitment to its deleveraging plan through 2023,” GPA explained in a data material.

Paradice buys shares of Yduqs (YDUQ3)

Manager Paradice Investment bought shares in Yduqs (YDUQ3).

Paradice Investment Management LLC, as investment manager, disclosed that as of January 20, 2023, its holdings, in total, amounted to 15,944,332 shares of its common stock, which represents approximately 5.16% of Paradice’s total issued common stock. Education.

“The purpose of the aforementioned investments has the sole purpose of investing on behalf of the funds and investment portfolios managed by it, without any intention of modifying the composition of the control or the administrative structure of the company”, highlighted Paradice.

Eternit (ETER3): Sama continues with the operation supported by the law of the state of Goiás

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) annulled a first instance decision, pending at the Federal Court of Uruaçu-GO, and ordered the suspension of the trial until the decision on the merits of the Direct Action of Unconstitutionality.

Eternit highlighted that, in this way, Sama Minerações Associadas (Sama) continues with its operation supported by the law of the state of Goiás n. 20.514/19, governed by decree 9.518.

Last year, a judicial decision ordered that Sama Mineração, a company of the Eternit group, immediately suspend the exploration of chrysotile asbestos in the north of Goiás.

In 2019, the government of Goiás passed a law authorizing the extraction of asbestos for export.

BlackRock sells Embraer shares

The American manager BlackRock, one of the largest in the world, has sold shares of Embraer (EMBR3).

BlackRock, acting on behalf of some of its clients, acting as investment manager, disclosed that it sold Embraer common stock and, as of January 18, 2023, its cumulative holdings increased to 32,919,286 common shares and 568,187 American Depositary Receipt (“ADR”), representing 2,272,748 shares of common stock, for a total of 35,192,034 shares of common stock, representing approximately 4.752% of the Company’s total issued common stock, and 4,143,109 financial derivative instruments reference in cash-settled ordinary shares, which represent approximately 0.559% of the total ordinary shares issued by the company.

BlackRock sells shares of Qualicorp (QUAL3)

Manager BlackRock, one of the largest in the world, sold ordinary shares issued by Qualicorp (QUAL3).

As of January 19, 2023, BlackRock’s overall holdings increased to 26,154,151 common shares, or approximately 9.21% of total shares issued, and 8,997,705 financial derivative instruments relating to common shares with liquidated financial position, representing approximately 3.17% of the total shares issued by Qualicorp.

BlackRock has communicated that the objective of the cited shareholdings is purely of investment.

SLC Agrícola (SLCE3) responds to press reports

SLC Agrícola (SLCE3) spoke on Monday evening, 23, regarding the article published in the Valor Econômico newspaper, 01/23/2023, in online format, entitled “The manager excludes SLC from contributions for complaints of environmental violations ” .

In a long press release, the company explained the points raised in this regard.

SLC Agrícola clarified that the transformations of the areas that took place until August 2021 were carried out with the respective environmental licenses of the competent environmental agencies, “without having committed any socio-environmental violation in this process”. Read the full press release here.

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