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published on 01/24/2023 09:37


In early June, the most varied nonsense about celebrities, singers and personalities went viral on the web. The most recent one indicated that singer Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, was actually alive and placed “unconscious” in some kind of refrigeration chamber. The message was allegedly published by a profile linked to the Anonymous network, who claims to have had access to virtually private documents and intimate information of countless celebrities.

With no proven connection to the US hacking group, the @AnonymousACCs on Twitter he accuses the star’s family of freezing him by betting on the cryogenics technique. Family members allegedly confined Michael Jackson’s body in a tank of liquid nitrogen at minus 200 degrees. The conspiracy theory more than bizarre and without any concrete proof also states that the plan to resurrect Michael in the future would have come from Dr. Conrad Murray and also underlines that the star would have been kept alive.

The profile also shared an alleged photo and some videos, check them out below:

Michael Jackson (Photo: Playback)

Playback / Internet
Michael Jackson (Photo: Playback)

Playback / Internet
(PHOTOS: Playback)

Netizens suspect that the anonymous profiles are taking advantage of Anonymous’s hysterical outburst in American and Brazilian politics to pretend to be associated with the hacker group. It is worth mentioning that Swedish DJs Avicii, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington would have been some victims of some false information that went viral on social networks. The supposedly suicidal trio of musicians was actually murdered after discovering a pedophile ring by billionaire businessman Jeffrey Epstein.


The anonymous network cites not only the musicians but its alleged list would include other deceased personalities and wonders whether their deaths were suicides or accidents. Paul Walker, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and Lady Di are other celebrities mentioned.

All coincidentally had tragic deaths widely reported in the media. The famous deceased would have important information on the criminal activities of Jeffrey Epstein’s exploratory network and, therefore, would have been assassinated, according to the Anomymous network.

Many of these celebrities were allegedly invited to the late billionaire’s parties Jeffrey Epstein, where they say there was child sexual abuse. The entrepreneur killed in 2019 has been the subject of careful reports on a real financial plan of sexual abuse and child trafficking by the US authorities.

The hacker profile accuses Epstein of being killed at the behest of Donald Trump to “cover up his history of abuse and rape”.

The 91-page list, titled “Jeffrey’s Epstein Little Black Book” (something like “Listinha Negra de Jeffrey’s Epstein”) also includes names of Trump family members, such as his daughter, Ivanka, his ex-wives Blaine Trump and Ivana Trump and his younger brother, Robert Trump. In addition to the names of billionaires, there would also be famous names like Chris Tucker and Naomi Campbell. These are listed in a simple search.

However, to list musicians Avicii, Michael Jackson, Chester Bennington or Chris Cornell to the alleged allegations of cryogenics, trafficking and exploitation of minors, with all the concrete information to date, would be completely wrong.

They are not mentioned in the listing. Musicians have not (yet) been linked in any major way to entrepreneur Jeffrey Epstein or the cryonics companies, and treating them this way could dishonor their histories in the music and entertainment world. Viral information is presented, for now, as fake news!

Learn about the “Anonymous” group:

The channel Did you know?, from YouTube, explains that before you understand Anonymous, you need to know “hacktivism”, Hackers + activism. They use their technological knowledge to carry out their hacking attacks, but always with a specific cause or purpose. That is, they only attack when they believe or have a greater reason to.

They are divided across the globe and believe that corrupt corporations and organizations should be attacked. It all started in 2003, when a group of hackers met on a platform, where everyone was anonymous. In the beginning they did everything just for fun and hacked games for kids for teasing and also dating sites.

But they had a lot of knowledge, so they decided to use their skills to do something more important. Anonymous has no leader, which is why their main symbol is a man with a question mark for a head. Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific rule for being anonymous. They use the movie mask V for Vendetta to represent the anarchy that exists behind the group. That’s why the group is made up of different people with different backgrounds.

Most relevant anonymous attacks

The first attack that made Anonymous known around the world was carried out in 2008, during a protest against the Church of Scientology. Actor Tom Cruise was preaching that only the Church of Scientology saved, and someone filmed this scene and shared it.

The video had a strong impact and the church asked to remove it for copyright infringement. Anonymous saw this as “censorship” and decided to attack church websites. At the same time, several demonstrations against the church broke out and people were wearing masks just like Anonymous.

After that first act, the group became known all over the world. Shortly after the Islamic State attack in Paris in 2015, the anonymous group declared war on ISIS, starting the hashtag OPISIS.

In doing so, the group deleted more than 2,000 Islamic State-related social media accounts. On the deep web, anonymous managed to shut down several ISIS-related sites, not to mention that they managed to compromise most of the online currencies used by the Islamic state.

One of the most important operations of Anonymous was certainly this. The idea of ​​the operation was to fight and eliminate everything related to pedophilia on the deep web. One of the ways they found to fight these crimes was to expose the companies that provided platforms for these sites to go online, thus letting the pedophile criminals run free.

They have taken down hundreds of pedophilia related websites. More than 1,500 names of criminals using these sites have been uncovered, and the group was responsible for aiding in the arrest of sex offender Cris Fourkand. To carry out this act, some members of the gang invaded these sites and posed as innocent children, until they got enough evidence to incriminate these bandits.

They’ve done many other things already, like attacking government websites and even the FBI. To better understand, watch the video from which all this information was taken:

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