Prince Harry describes ‘hot night’ with Meghan Markle in book

In one of the chapters of the book “O Que Sobra”, by Prince Harryshe described, in detail, one of the “hottest” nights she’s had with Megan Markle when they were still dating. It happened in 2016 after they hadn’t seen each other in person for two months due to distance.

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His night of passion with Markle took place at Soho House in London. Harry said that, in order not to be seen, he entered the hotel from a service elevator, following the directions of the former actress. When he got to the door to the room Meghan was in, he was “out of breath,” until she opened the door and quickly dragged him into the room.

The Duke of Sussex said: ‘His arms reached out to me… He pulled me in and quickly closed the door before anyone saw us. I meant we hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. But I don’t think there was time for that.

Harry says that, after the night of love, the next day, when breakfast arrived, he hid under the covers: “Meg whispered to me to go to the bathroom, but I preferred my hiding place. The person who walked in didn’t notice the princely bulge under the bedspread,” Harry wrote.

Since the beginning of his relationship with the Prince Harry, Megan Markle suffers the contempt of the royal family. The former actress has never felt loved by royalty, except for Queen Elizabeth II which made her feel part of the monarchy when the two met.

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After multiple royal affairs experts said that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge at the time, didn’t approve of Harry’s relationship with Markle from the start, she made that much clear by the way she treated Meghan.

Royal expert Camilla Tominey recalled that because of this conflict that Kate had with Meghan, her sister Pippa Middleton decided not to invite her to her wedding in 2017. And this made Harry furious.

Meghan Markle was also outraged by the fact, with Pippa allegedly explaining that it was her big day and she didn’t want any distractions at her wedding.

“Pippa may have been afraid that Harry’s girlfriend would upstage her,” Tominey told the Daily Telegraph. She adds that she “later relented and invited the current Duchess of Sussex to her evening reception to keep the peace.”

Another fact is that Pippa and Kate Middleton arranged the guests so that no other couple sat at Harry and Meghan’s table, and this prompted Harry to change the names of the seats at the tables.

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“Meghan’s presence generated jealousy in the Middleton family, but it also generated anxiety among the guests and, of course, in the British press, which already at that time saw Meghan as a good opportunity to increase the circulation of the press,” says Tominey .

“Kate and Pippa’s mother Carole Middleton feared Meghan would be the star attraction at the wedding, even surpassing the newlyweds.”

According to sources from The Mail on Sunday, Megan Markle he is also preparing his autobiography.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, will be putting her story and experiences on paper to write her memoirs as part of the four-book deal between her and Prince Harry, 38, with Penguin Random House.

Meghan, who has previously written a children’s book called “The Bench,” released in June 2021, could deliver her memoir later this year, while she and Harry are writing a book together, on well-being, according to the publication. .

A Hollywood agent told the British newspaper: ‘I would be surprised if Meghan doesn’t publish her story, to be honest. Spare is clearly Prince Harry’s chance to have his say, but hers is equally compelling, namely, how many actresses end up marrying a prince? If you have political ambitions, it would make even more sense ”.

Cover of Prince Harry’s memoir / Instagram

The memoir Prince Harry“Spare”, whose release has been postponed to January 2023, has already won the title in Brazil: “Prince Harry – What’s Left”. The publication has sparked much controversy since the Duke of Sussex announced that he was writing his memoirs of him.

In the book, Duchess Meghan’s husband has to deal with some important and controversial moments he has experienced within the royal family, before giving up on continuing as a senior member.

After the death of Elizabeth II, Harry has decided to postpone the book to make some changes: to include the death of the monarch, who passed away last September at the age of 96, and to ‘soften’ some allegations about her family, now that her father, Charles, became king.

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“O que Sobra” is already available for pre-sale on the Internet and the printed copy costs R $ 74.90. With 512 pages, the memoir that will be released on January 10, reveals the synopsis:

“This was one of the most poignant images of the 20th century: two young men, two princes, walking behind their mother’s coffin, while the world watches events in sadness – and horror. As Diana, Princess of Wales was buried, billions of people wondered how they felt, what the princes thought and how their lives would unfold from then on. For Harry, this is finally his story.

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“With utter and unavoidable honesty, What’s Left is an editorial milestone, filled with inspiration, revelations, insights and hard-earned wisdom about the eternal power of love over loss.”

To protect your children Archie Harrison And LilibetThe Prince Harry has decided it’s best not to be completely honest in his new memoirs, and should tone down the attacks on the royal family in publication, after receiving alleged “threats” from his father, the King Charles IIIregarding the future of the children in the royal family.

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According to sources of the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have agreed to sweeten some parts of the book and the documentary, despite the difficult relationship he has with his father.

“They both agreed to strike neutral ground, toning down the parts about Charles III and adding intimate details about the Queen’s legacy (…)

According to the publication, one of the new king’s biggest fears was that Harry would get his stepmother, Queen Consort Camilla, into trouble with his statements. It’s no secret that Prince Camilla dislikes her for everything she represented at her parents’ wedding.

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“Harry knows that if Charles hadn’t filed for divorce, his mother might still be alive, they would still be together, Diana would now be queen consort. He feels that all of this was taken prematurely by his mother and for that he cannot forgive them,” says the source.

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