BBB23: Bruna’s father attacks Gabriel after his daughter leaves

It seems that Bruna Griphao’s father is more than happy with his daughter’s departure from model Gabriel Fop. This Thursday, January 26, kakau cut took advantage of the party atmosphere in the most guarded house in Brazil and put a stop to Bruna’s ex relationship.

“Ugh!!! Another party is over. Rodou, playboy,” she wrote in Instagram Stories.

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From reproach Thaddeus Schmidt, Bruna has decided to distance herself from Gabriel and only maintain a friendship. At the party, the actress was hardly close to the model.

It is worth mentioning that Bruna Grihpao’s mother also commented on the matter and even sent a message to Gabriel’s mother.

“This could have happened to anyone’s family. The boy’s mother must be very sad too. I don’t know Gabriel’s family, we have never spoken. I also didn’t want to talk now, to continue this story. I’m not here to throw stones either,” he said at the time.


Another night of partying rocked the most watched house in Brazil. The early hours of this Thursday January 26th at BBB23 got looks from Globo soap operas, plus a cage and lots of funk on the playlist. But there was no shortage of the common frills of any reality show ballad.

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Even before the event started, there were already people talking about the game, setting strategies, with bizarre jokes, and even a DR. Leader Bruna’s outburst about her relationship with Gabriel Fop and Marvvila’s ability to dance attracted attention. It was the talk of the night.

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Paola is one of the funniest characters of BBB23, that is indisputable. House of Glass winner, she joined the game together Gabriel Fop, his companion in the first hot seat of the edition. On the night of this Wednesday, January 25th, she once again demonstrated her sense of humor.

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In a conversation with Ricardo and other participants in the house, she assured that she does not intend to get involved with any other resident of the reality show Globo. According to her, the will to enter into a relationship, “give and pass”.

“I didn’t come here to be with anyone, no. Horny gives and passes. Will gives and folds. It’s like an itchy ass. Ah, it’s over. Do you understand?” he said, making his friends laugh.


Together since the first BBB23 party, Gustavo and Key had their first DR inside the house. Doubt the cowboy’s trust. At one point, on Wednesday January 25, the brother asked if the athlete was really with him in the game. The sister didn’t like the question.

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How the Farmer Prepared for the Chiefs’ Day brunette And Larissa, the prostitute entered the room looking for explanations. Key said the boy is “dramatic.” She remembered a joke from her brother that had embarrassed her. Watch the lovebirds talk.


Amanda and Fred were in the bosses bed when the boxer jumped between them. The crush between the doctor and the athlete is strong, even indirect ones reign between them. But Antonio has invested in another partner: he jumped to the side of Boca Rosa’s ex-husband.

“Do we provide the first duvet?” he asked, pulling the bedspread over his head, glued to his friend. The two made movements with their arms and legs, while the friends of the game burst out laughing.

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Meanwhile, the public awaits the first real comforter. And there are many couples on the list, even if Key and Gustavo are the most popular. Cristian and Paula are also on the list, but they haven’t even kissed yet.


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On the eve of the wall in which they are nominated, Fred Nicácio and Marília won another gift at the BBB23. The two vie for the public’s preference: one leaves the game for good and the other leaves the Secret Room to return to the reality show full of information.

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On the Wednesday, Jan. 25 show, the production opened a poll about a special power for siblings. The audience had to choose whether or not the participants could win more sound cards. With them they will be able to listen to more conversations of the participants whenever they want. It is the same power that the leader has.

Despite the award, the vote was balanced. Votes passed for them to win the toast. In addition to the extra cards, they also received a kit with the same food and drink as the party led by Bruna and Larissa.


On the first day of the reality show, the BBB23 attendees seemed very friendly and happy with their respective couples. At least, so it seemed. Fred Nicácio and Marília were fascinated by being around such similar people.

The extravagant energy, flashy posture and surface emotions would be links between the play partners, according to the doctor. Things have started to change and suddenly the brother believes otherwise.

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In the Secret Room, he unleashed a totally baffling monologue in his sister’s face. He talked about the incompatibility between them, he said that both are very different and that he would not have approached her in the game, if they hadn’t formed a duo.

It is not the first time that the carioca speaks like this. Since the beginning of the program, the two have received negative plaques in the Game of Discord, won the Monster of Angels and stopped on the wall. In all situations, Nicácio insisted on placing the blame on his colleague.


Marvvilla he was not a frequently appearing character in the first week of BBB23. Not until now. In the early hours of this Thursday, January 26, she became a topic in the Globoplay audience. And in the most unusual way possible.

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The fact that the singer dances very well has made her name one of the most talked about entertainment on Twitter. Most praised the artist’s beauty and ability to dance. Yes, she put her colleagues in slippers and put life on the dance floor.

The carioca joined Fred and the other participants to reproduce the famous TikTok choreography. But he didn’t stop there. He demonstrated a perfect execution of “Crazy In Love”, Beyoncé’s hit with super complex choreography. The pagodeira also told the participants about the differences between one version of the dance and another.


The party leaders of Bruna and Larissa started the season on the right foot. Lots of decorations, a great playlist, and brothers and sisters oozing with style and joy. There was no shortage of alcohol either and, as they say, “when the alcohol goes in, the truth comes out”. Bruna had an outburst with Amanda and Cara de Sapato.

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The pair were talking about gaming partnerships and their potential rivals when the current leader arrived. The doctor asked if she was all right when she saw her playmate, already aware there was a problem. The actress tried to hide it.

“It’s okay. You’ll never see me looking defeated. It’s okay. We don’t know what’s going on out there. We can’t keep thinking about it,” he began.


The Festa das Líderes lasted until dawn on this Thursday January 26, and at one point, Bruna Griphaoin conversation with Paula Freitasdenounced Larissa.

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The actress, who has chosen period soap operas as the theme of her leadership celebration, highlighted to Biomédica the fact that the personal trainer goes to great lengths to keep her from getting close to Gabriel Tavaresas in a situation where the artist approaches the model and before the conversation could develop, she ends up being carried away by Larissa.

“Larissa comes and pulls. Don’t let me get near Gabriel. He keeps saying: ‘he’s not for you to approach, he’s not for you to talk’ ”, complained the leader. “Yes, it’s not like that…”, Paula said.

brunette, then, showed that he did not enjoy the situation: “It’s not like that! Our relationship here is just over, old chap.”

Some netizens thought so Paola was “making it worse”, as he should have endorsed the words of Larissa and did exactly the opposite.

It’s worth mentioning Bruna Griphao And Gabriel Tavares understood that it would be better to leave after the warning made by Thaddeus Schmidtregarding their relationship as a couple.


Is there a climate more suitable for bad luck than for parties?? And Richard he went out shooting his arrow, trying to get along. But… Throw all over your lip at Will bethe brother started a conversation about voting, but soon changed the subject.

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They began to compliment each other and the sister said that her haircut was beautiful. It was the cue she needed: “Take me?” she asked. Richard. “I will not kiss you ‘easily'”, cuts the psychologist.

He tried to fix the stump: “Out there,” said his brother. To surprise, Will be she didn’t run away and was direct, showing total interest: “Outside, yeah, I kiss your ass****. I kiss you without even thinking twice,” she retorted.

Richard without wasting time: “I’ll lick you everything”. Sarah did not go far behind: “Outside kiss a lot. I know you kiss me too.

The psychologist then hinted that the two already knew each other before the premiere of the reality show: “Out, you hit on me. Remember I said we’d meet?” he asked.

“I remember, I told you to give me your Instagram. I’m not here by chance, it’s written in my destiny. I’ve suffered a lot in this long life, a lot of humiliation, I’ve been very hungry and I knew there was going to be a turning point. The time has come!” said the brother.

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