Special do Domingo Legal also witnessed the contraction of SBT

What “Domingo Legal” presented on its 30th anniversary remains to be addressed, as it contains evidence of much that television has left behind and must pick up on, if it is to regain the attention of an audience, which it was losing to of the Internet, streaming and other means.

It lost because manufacturing work itself became less demanding and much more focused on serving commercial interests.

The “DL” itself, without the presenter Celso Portiolli and the director Rubens Gargalaqua having the slightest responsibility or interference in it – because they operate only within the limits determined and permitted – has been the victim of a notable impoverishment of its contents, including displayed there behind and what it is today.

Being prepared and knowing how to face the facts, for example, was one of them. Numerous covers have entered the history of the program, such as the accident that killed Mamonas Assassinas and the fire at the Kiss nightclub, among many others. Today this is no longer possible and, I repeat, not due to the direct fault of the program or its team, but due to SBT’s zero desire to invest in its contents. There is, and this is easily observable, a harmful adjustment in the way of working, which is only eroding its entire programming grid.

And something that extends to all open TV, which instead of following its own products with its own subscription and meeting what the viewer wants to find and see, has opted for “ready meals”, standard formats and faster deadlines than a train passing through a station.

explicit example

The special “Domingo Legal”, lasting 1h40, demonstrated what SBT has already presented and is no longer able to do today

In the present conditions and with no prospect of changing this state of affairs, there is no condition for repeating it a little.


The band left, initially for March, the changes already announced in its journalism.

The most significant, if it happens, will be the transfer of Lana Canepa to Brasilia and the entrance of Adriana Araújo, in her place, in the “Jornal da Band”.

it’s worth saying

When you are careful not to implement such changes in Bandwidth yet, it is because a good majority of them still depend on some definitions.

There are those who understand that the changes in “Jornal da Band” should be different.


Marco Antonio Costa, another commentator on the right, left TV Jovem Pan earlier this week.

Today, due to the absence of representatives of different political tendencies, there are already difficulties in maintaining the debate programs that have always existed.


Globo shouldn’t stay long in Mato Grosso do Sul for the recording of the next nine o’clock telenovela, written by Walcyr Carrasco.

The works, if nothing changes, are maintained for the period of February 9 and 12, according to their production.

strong name

Due to the soap opera “Travessia”, Globo still does not officially talk about his replacement, written by Walcyr, or the cast.

But the name of Bárbara Reis (All flowers) makes a lot of talk, as one of the protagonists. O antagonist, Débora.


Isabela Souza and Juliana Velásquez, Colombian actresses and singers, are the protagonists of “An Ordinary Girl”, on Disney+, whose premiere is scheduled for later this year.

The series shows Latin pop star Alana (Velásquez), who, when she gets tired of not having control over her life, runs away to a small town in the interior of Brazil. Isabela is Victoria, her great rival.

Yes a little bit

Live, when it comes to any reality show, it’s always a risk, especially in the case of “BBB”, “Fazenda” and others like that.

Although the participants know of the existence of the cameras and above all of the microphones, hung around each one’s neck, it seems that they don’t care what they say.

a festival

Now, for example, however great the caveats and effort of host Tadeu Schmidt, there’s a crowd on “BBB” that doesn’t hold back on the verbiage.

He’s also a bit clueless.

situation at the moment

In Banda, on the broadcast of the Rio championship, there are two pieces of news: one good and one bad.

The good news is, you don’t walk away disappointed. It even reached surprising audiences in some games.
The bad thing is that we run the risk of closing ourselves in such a vermillion, with the system of the division of quotas.

Is out

Up until now, it had always been assumed that Edmundo would be hired as one of Paramount’s commentators.

Yes, given today, you can guarantee this won’t happen. In addition to PVC, other names are being researched.


Marcello Camargo is now part of the programming of SBT Interior, on Saturday evenings, with his “Café com Selinho”.

And it began with a tribute to her mother, Hebe Camargo, in a three-part special, recorded in Santa Fé do Sul, which can be followed on streaming TV and on the presenter’s YouTube channel.

book of pleasures

Simone Spoladore is what you might consider a film actress. You have almost 40 works to your credit, including feature films, short films and documentaries.

This Thursday, together with the director Marcela Lordy, he will be in the program “O País do Cinema”, hosted by Andréia Horta to talk about the “Book of Pleasures”. The film will be screened before the interview.

Knock – Knock

• The career of the singer Luciana Mello, from now on, will be managed by “Mallupy Entretenimento”, which already looks after Toni Garrido, Thiago Martins and the group Jeito Moleque.

• This Thursday, on digital platforms, actress and singer Julia Svacinna releases her latest single, “Sem Tempo Para Amar”…

• … As an actress, Júlia has “Um Uncle Almost Perfect” 1 and 2), “The Mechanism”, among others…

• … And integrated the soundtrack of “Maldivas” and “A Christmas Full of Grace”, both from Netflix.

• Bruno Ahamed returns, in March, with the show “A História é uma História”, at the Teatro dos Grandes Atores, Rio.

• Paulo Miklos plays Etcetera, the head of a prison, in the film “Estômago 2”, directed by Marcos Jorge. Launch later this year.

• Samantha Jones, happy with her work as Ciça, in “Todas as Flores,” told the column that her character’s participation will evolve in the second phase of the soap opera.

• Filming of the new season of “Impuros”, Star+ series, is nearing completion.

• Prime Video confirms the release of “Soltos em Salvador” for February 24…

• … It’s a Brazilian reality show on Amazon, with lots of partying, making out and disagreements, of course.

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