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This Thursday (26), the warner and the DC comics released the second official trailer of Shazam! Fury of the Godsthe second feature film of the hero, which continues the story that began in 2019. This time we’ll see Shazam! and his family must unite to fight the Daughters of Atlasvery ancient deities who want to regain their father’s powers.

With many action scenes and great heroic moments, the trailer does not give any story details, but already allows us to make some assumptions about the unfolding of the plot – and also bears one or the other cultural reference. pop very interesting. Therefore, we list here all you need to notice in the trailer for Shazam! Fury of the Gods!

First, the trailer!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the second trailer for Shazam! Fury of the Gods!

Mount Olympus?

The preview begins with an ominous sight: a gloomy mound, with gnarled trees, with some very old buildings. It is not possible to know for sure what exactly this place is, but many assume that perhaps it is the Mount Olympustaking into account the connections with Greek mythology.

What we can deduce from the video is that this is the base of operations for Daughters of Atlasthe great antagonists of the feature film, who will be played by Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu And Rachel Zegler. Here also seems to be the place where there is a prison where we see it Wizard Shazam.

great mass destruction

Right after the first scene, we have a sequence where Calypso (Lucy Liu) appears using a golden apple to create a giant “plant” whose roots consume everything in its path. If we watch the rest of the video, this appears to be the beginning of the final battle.

Unlike the first film, which despite having a lot of destruction has its most “reduced” action, this seems to be a spectacle of visual effects and epic battles – in fact, everything indicates that we will have a great destruction of the city, as we have already seen in Man of Steel.

A Shazam book?

Shortly after the logo of Warner Bros. appears on the screen, you can see a book with the Shazam!, surrounded by some very interesting and ancient objects. However, there is nothing in the original film to indicate the existence of a book connected to the hero or the Wizard Shazam.

That book no longer appears in the trailer, so it’s hard to know if it will be a major narrative element or just an unimportant artifact. Who knows, it could even be a book used in the opening to tell the story of the previous film and remind the audience of the first one. Shazam!

recognized heroes

As we can already see, not only that Billy Batson (Asher Angel) has become a great hero to his city, as well as all his brothers. Here we can see some of the heroic versions of each of them as they save the city from hidden danger.

As we can see, Billy/Shazam (Zachary Levi), freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer), Mary (Grace Fulton) Pedro (DJCotrona), eugene (Ross Butler) e Darla (Meagan Good) received minor changes to their skins. they live in Fawcet Cityfictional city of Philadelphia.

golden apples

A very interesting element present in several scenes are golden apples used by Daughters of Atlas to wreak havoc, so much so that Kalypso uses one early on to build her giant blueprint. And while this has no parallel in the comics, there is an explanation in the mythology.

Ivy, the goddess of marriage and family, would have created a tree with golden fruits to give to Zeus. To protect her, she sent a dragon named Ladonwho is even defeated and killed by Herculesfor stealing three fruits from the tree was the eleventh of his 12 labors.

The Goonies

Shazam! it was the first film DC Comics Extended Universe play a little more with references and connections with culture popso much so that we’ve seen many jokes and sequences involving the characters and their love of superheroes.

With this second one, it doesn’t look like it will be any different – but now, we have more references to other work outside of the DC comics. For example, in a moment we can see Billy Batson wear a shirt The Gooniesclassic movie Richard Donner released in 1985.

The plan of the Daughters of Atlas

At any given moment, esper (Helen Mirren) is shown talking to a mysterious figure in a dungeon, who we believe is the Wizard Shazam. There, she talks about how her father’s powers, Atlasthey were stolen by the children, and that the Wizard would extract them directly from their father’s “core”.

Soon after, both Hespera and Kalysto appear using the staff that belongs to the Wizard, with which he granted the powers of shazam to Billy Batson in the first film. Apparently, the staff can also remove these powers and the villains appear to do so throughout the trailer.


In several scenes, it is possible to see Calypso flying over the city and endangering the local population with a very imposing dragon. In one scene, shazam top of the dragon saying “Hey! Khaleesi!“, in a clear reference to the series game of Thrones.

The dragon itself can be Ladon, which is the dragon from Greek mythology sent to defend the golden apple tree. However, there are many theories circulating on the internet that it may as well be esper in its monstrous form, which has no basis in Greek myths.

Billy with staff

Although Kalysto and Hespera appear using the staff of the Wizard Shazam in several scenes, we can see that at one point in the plot, the Billy Batson he will take the artifact and use it against his enemies, perhaps to steal the powers they stole from his family.

As the video indicates, shazam he’ll be using the staff a lot during the film’s final fight, and that’s somewhat suspicious esperthe character of Helen Mirren, does not appear as much in the video, as she is referred to as the “main villain” of the film.


In a brief moment, we have a scene showing the character played by Rachel Zeglerwhich according to official descriptions, will be one of Daughters of Atlas. However, she doesn’t seem interested in facing the heroes, and at one point she even seems to ally with them.

According to the film licensed products such as Funkothe character will be called Antheaa plains and vegetation nymph who is also one of the three Thank you in Greek mythology. In myths, she is supposed to be the daughter of Zeus And Eurynomenot atlas.


At any time, Freddie Freeman he will lose his powers and be taken by the Daughters of Atlas, who build a kind of shield around Fawcett City to trap the remaining heroes inside. Then he leaves together with Espera, Kalysto And Anthea.

Everything indicates that Freddy will be used as a bargaining chip for the Daughters of the Atlas to get what they want. However, he later appears alongside her brothers, suggesting that Anthea may be betraying her own sisters to help the heroes.

Shazam and the Wizard argue

If, in the first film, the Wizard Shazam (Djimon Hounsou) is a very distant figure, who only serves to pass powers to shazamhere he seems to have a little more agency in the plot, and at one point we see him arguing with his apprentice.

The sequence proves it Billy Batson he asks the Wizard to withdraw his powers, but the Wizard refuses, saying he has spent millennia trying to find a worthy champion. This also intertwines with the story of black adamwhere we saw the Wizard betrayed by one of his champions.

Fantastic beasts and where they cause mayhem

At some point, we will witness a veritable incursion of fantastical beings into the “real” world, which will be the gateway to much chaos and confusion. In the video, we can see beings like unicorns and also what appears to be a chimeraright in the middle of Fawcett City.

Probably, these mythological animals will be commanded by esper And Calypso, who also control the dragon. However, we can see that the members of the Shazam family they will be able to tame unicorns and even ride them during the final battle.

The Wizard’s Prison

In one of the last scenes of the video, we have confirmation that the person arrested by Daughters of Atlas is actually the Wizard Shazam. Therefore, he is tortured and held captive while they extract everything they want to know about the new wielders of Atlas’ powers.

While it’s not possible to know for sure in which part of the film this occurs, my suspicion is that it’s at the very beginning. From there, they go in search of Billy Batsonthe wizard breaks free and then we have all the epic battles the movie promises!

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