Chocolate With Pepper: Tonic is finally out

In “Chocolate Com Pimenta”, a soap opera that is rerun by Rede Globo, Ana Francisca (Mariana Ximenes) was desperate for the kidnapping of Tonico (Guilherme Vieira).

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In the chapter Friday 27 January the girl goes with Danilo (Murillo Benicio) and Sebastian (Tarcisio Filo) deliver the ransom. With money, Juvenal (Robert Bomtempo) finally releases the baby.

Everyone drives to the meeting place with the kidnapper. Sebástian takes the money, despite Danilo’s protest. Timóteo hears the sound of a car and leaves for the woods with Margarido. Terêncio, Peixoto and Danilo hear footsteps. Juvenal threatens to keep the money and make Sebástian and Tonico disappear. Olga, Marieta and Cássia offer solidarity to Ana Francisca. Danilo, Terêncio and Peixoto fight in the dark with Margarido and Timóteo, thinking they are the bad guys. Tonico hears Sebástian threaten Juvenal. Danilo is sure Sebástian stole the money. Juvenal takes the money and releases Tonico.

“Chocolate com Pimenta” is a Brazilian soap opera, originally broadcast from September 8, 2003 to May 7, 2004 on TV Globo. It was written by Walcyr Carrasco in collaboration with Thelma Guedes and the general direction of Fabrício Mamberti, with the main direction of Jorge Fernando. It is inspired by the work “The Merry Widow” by Franz Lehár.


Monday 30 January

Ana Francisca promises to think. Barbara refuses to answer Vivaldo. Mocinha asks Dr. Paulo examines Bernadette, because she has gogó, but he doesn’t. Terêncio, Klaus, Vivaldo and Jezebel celebrate the success of the piano. Bárbara explains to Morcego Voador that she is not ready to have a romance yet, but that she still wants to leave with the circus. Mocinha advises Ana Francisca to marry Sebástian. Barbara calls Marcia a cheek. She complains to Vivaldo and insists that she marry her. Guilherme is sure that Sebástian has indicated the wrong meeting place for Danilo. Selma agrees to go to the circus with Maurício. Ana Francisca announces that she will no longer sell the factory, surprising Jezebel and Roseli. She invites everyone to her house for dinner. Barbara asks Marieta to take care of Estelinha. Klaus wants Celina to go to dinner with him. Guilherme asks Graça to join the circus with him. Ana Francisca agrees to marry Sebástian, who kisses her sweetly. Danilo enters and sees the kiss.

Tuesday 31 January

Ana Francisca is surprised to see Danilo, who turns his back and walks away. Sebástian is delighted when Ana Francisca guarantees that she will announce their engagement at dinner the next day. Tonico thinks of Danilo when his mother talks about marriage. Danilo promises Samsão that he will end Ana Francisca’s marriage. Everyone has fun at the circus. Bernadette pushes Fabrício. Beto looks sadly at Maurício and Selma. Margarido takes Mocinha’s hand. The magician asks Barbara to enter the ring as his assistant. Sebástian gets money from Klaus to buy the engagement ring. Everyone is surprised to see Bárbara on an odalisque sawn by the magician, they comment and laugh at Vivaldo. Olga delivers Danilo Barbara’s farewell note. Jezebel and Márcia go to the town hall. Vivaldo sits down when he hears the news. Margot assures Guilherme that Graça likes her. Ana Francisca assures Mocinha that everyone will be surprised at dinner.

Wednesday February 1st

Margarido makes a heart-shaped cake for Ana Francisca. Vivaldo decides to go to dinner, to prove that he is not defeated. Danilo swears he won’t go. Celina takes Graça, much to Klaus’ annoyance. Maurício is scolded by Klaus for talking to Selma. Danilo thanks Olga for taking care of Estelinha. Guilherme warns Danilo that the kidnapper had an accomplice close to Tonico’s family. Ana Francisca thanks everyone, tells her that she will no longer sell the factory and announces her marriage to Sebástian. Everyone applauds, except Carmem, Márcia and Timóteo. Margot thinks there was something strange about saving Tonico. Celina tells Klaus that she will only get married if he gives her a diamond tiara. Camelia finds Timoteo interesting. Márcia and Carmem warn Aninha about Sebástian. Ana Francisca tells her that her family will have to accept her boyfriend.

Thursday 2 February

Tonic says he heard the word when he was about to be released. Mocinha asks if there were two kidnappers and the confusion is over. Tonico tells his mother that one of the bandits was called Juvenal. Terêncio assures Ana Francisca that he will look for the suspect. Ana Francisca and Sebástian have set the wedding date. Márcia guarantees that she will soon be the first lady. Peixoto confesses to Olga that he knows who kidnapped Tonico. He tells him to shut up so as not to involve his father. Daniel hears everything. Vivaldo has the wall painted, where a caricature dressed as a clown has been painted. Sebástian reacts when he learns that Tonico knows Juvenal’s name. Peixoto tells everything to Danilo. Graça advises Klaus to buy the tiara. Ana Francisca confesses to Mocinha that she doesn’t feel happy. Danilo asks Guilherme for help.

Friday 3 February

Danilo tells Guilherme that there was a conspiracy to prevent the factory from closing and that Sebástian was the mastermind behind Tonico’s kidnapping. Olga argues with Jezebel who takes better care of Estelinha and they end up breaking the girl’s doll. Margot quarrels with Gigi and Raulina, who make advances to Vivaldo. Estelinha cries when Olga tells her that she will be back the next day. Margot reveals that she can’t warn Aninha against Sebástian because she knows her big secret about her. Graça smiles happily when the count gives Celina the diamond tiara and asks to set a date for the wedding. He asks to wait until Ana Francisca’s wedding, as she will ask to borrow her dress. Danilo is grateful for Olga’s commitment to taking care of Estelinha. A new caricature of the mayor appears on the wall. Danilo talks to detective Horácio so he can find out everything about Sebástian.

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