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Stock exchanges, oil and bitcoin (7h54)

Germany (DAX): +0.14%

London (FTSE 100): +0.12%

China (Shanghai Comp.): public holiday

Japan (Nikkei 225): +0.07% (trading session closed)

Hong Kong (Hang Seng): +0.54% (trading session closed)

Brent oil: +1.28% ($88.6). Brent is a point of reference for Petrobras.

WTI Oil: +1.33% ($82.1)

Bitcoin futures: +0.39% ($23,165)

Iron ore

Due to the holidays in China, there was no trading on the Dalian Stock Exchange.

New York stock futures

As of 7:55 am on Wall Street, Dow Jones futures were down 0.06% and the S&P 500 futures were down 0.25%. Nasdaq futures fell 0.47%.

Company news:

Cielo (CIEL3) recurring profit rises to R$ 490.1 million in 4Q22

Cielo (CIEL3) released its fourth quarter 2022 (4Q22) results on Thursday evening, 26.

In the period, it recorded a recurring net profit of 490.1 million reais, up 63.3% compared to the same quarter of 2021.

The consensus of the market, according to a Bloomberg survey, predicted 360 million reais. Refinitiv’s consensus estimated profit at BRL 441.2 million.

The result was driven by both Cielo Brasil and Cateno, in addition to the improvement of operating fundamentals, with growth in revenues and expenses under control, highlighted Cielo.

Ebitda totaled R$1.092 billion in 4Q22, an expansion of 40.4% compared to 4Q21.

The Adjusted Ebitda margin reached 39.7% in 4Q22, up 14.9 percentage points (pp) compared to the margin recorded in the same period of 2021.

Sanepar: the board authorizes the structuring of the bond issue operation

The Companhia de Saneamento do Paraná – Sanepar (SAPR4, SAPR11) communicated Thursday evening, 26, that its board of directors has authorized the start of the structuring of the issue of simple bonds, not convertible into shares.

The bonds will be unsecured, in up to two series, with limited, not encouraged, placement efforts.

The total value is up to R $ 400 million.

According to Sanepar, the funds raised will be used to supplement the investment plan.

Banco do Brasil confirms the publication of the result on 13/02

Banco do Brasil (BBAS3) has confirmed it will publish its Q4 2022 result on Monday, February 13, after the market closes.

Therefore, between 29/01/2023 and 13/02/2023 it will be a quiet period.

The state-owned bank highlighted that the initiative aims to comply with corporate governance best practices, ensuring fairness in the treatment of information.

On 02/14/2023, Tuesday, the conference call will take place at 11:00 AM Brasilia time and will be broadcast live on the Investor Relations page:

EDP ​​​​​​(ENBR3) announces the cancellation of R $ 1.2 billion related to Pecém

EDP ​​​​- Energias do Brasil (ENBR3) announced after the market close on Thursday 26 that it will recognize a reduction in the book value of assets (impairment) of R$ 1.2 billion due to the cancellation of the reserve auction of capacity in the power supply mode which was expected at the end of 2022 and which led to the loss of the most suitable window for the renewal of the contracts of the subsidiary Porto do Pecém Geração de Energia.

Pecém is a coal-fired thermoelectric plant, with an installed capacity of 720 MW, with energy availability contracts in force until July 2027 and production authorization until January 2044.

“Although this fact did not affect the generation of cash until July 2027, the company, in carrying out the aforementioned impairment test, considered a weighting of the scenarios, after 2027, for the calculation of the recoverable amount, the use – enterprise value: do not summarize; and rehiring in a possible auction,” he said.

The company underlined that the adjustment “will have no impact on the fulfillment of the contracts and other obligations of the company and of Pecém, including the financial covenants in the related contracts; in the ability to generate cash flow; in the net debt ratio; and in anticipation of the payments, for the 2022 financial year, of the proceeds envisaged by its Dividend Policy”.

Energias do Brasil highlighted that it recorded a “very positive” operating performance in 2022 with an average availability of 98%, the highest since its entry into operation, resulting in a positive economic result with EBITDA in the first nine months of 2022 of R$ 446 million.

ESH increases stake in Gafisa capital

Gafisa (GFSA3) reported the day before that it had received notification of a major holding increase from ESH Capital Investimentos.

ESH communicated that the Funds under its management have reached 7,499,755 shares, plus a forward position which entitles the Fund to purchase 570,000 shares.

The consolidated position, considering the maturity date, corresponds to 15.77976% of Gafisa.

ESH also communicated that the Fund has requested the convening of an extraordinary general meeting to resolve on the suspension of the exercise of shareholders’ political rights. The current shareholding is not sufficient to change the current control structure of the company, however the Fund reserves the right to appoint members to make up the governing bodies, in particular the Board of Directors.

Petrobras reports proven reserves of 10.5 billion barrels at the end of 2022

Petrobras (PETR3, PETR4) said after the market close Thursday that its estimates of US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) criteria for oil, condensate and natural gas proved reserves came in at 10. 5 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe), as of December 31, 2022. Of this total, 85% are oil and condensates and 15% natural gas.

In 2022, Petrobras made the largest reserve addition in its history (2 billion boe), for the second consecutive year.

“This addition of reserves is mainly due to the continued development of the Búzios field and new projects to increase the recovery of oil in other fields in the Santos and Campos basins, in addition to the appropriations due to the good performance of the fields,” explained the oil company .

According to Petrobras, there have been no major changes related to the change in oil prices.

The company also explained that there were reductions resulting from the sale of the 5% interest in the Transfer of Excess Rights in Búzios and the effect of the joint agreements of the Transfer of Excess Rights of Atapu and Sépia, in addition to the shares for the transfer of rights in mature fields.

The organic replenishment of reserves, that is, ignoring these effects, determined 239% of production for that year.

ONS releases the operation of the new section of the Energisa transmission line (ENGI11)

Energisa (ENGI11) informed on Thursday 26th that the National System Operator (ONS) had issued the Term of Release for Transmission Function 3 of Energisa Tocantins Transmissora de Energia with the base date for Function 3 from January 20, 2023.

The Transmission 3 function covers the 230 kV Dianópolis II – Barreiras II transmission line, the Barreiras II substation and the Dianópolis II substation.

This section has 255 km of transmission line and adds 25.6% of the project’s Total Annual Allowable Revenue (RAP) to Grupo Energisa’s result.

The third and final phase of the works was completed 46 months after the signing of the concession contract, 14 months ahead of the scheduled regulatory date.

“This project is of great importance for the disposal of the hydraulic and photovoltaic generation potential in the states of Bahia and Tocantins, as well as for supplying the region of Barreiras in the state of Bahia,” highlighted the company.

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