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Protagonist of the Brazilian national team and one of the stars of the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) squad, the player Neymar will be called to testify, as a witness, in the context of an operation by the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF). The investigation investigates the crimes of extortion, loansharking and money laundering and is conducted by the Division for the Prevention of Robbery and Theft (DRF). During the action, launched this Friday (27/1), three people were arrested.

The scheme is allegedly spearheaded by businessman Eduardo Rodrigues Silva, known in Brasilia for practicing a routine similar to that of athletes playing in some of the biggest clubs in the world. He introduces himself as “Eduardo Joias” and is said to have a business specializing in the design of gold and diamond forgings. The prime suspect is considered a fugitive.

With 74,800 Instagram followers, the entrepreneur insisted on posting photos with Neymar shortly after handing over a diamond-encrusted white gold necklace featuring the striker’s name pendant. The piece cost, according to the note, R$ 106.4 thousand.

The invoice was issued in the name of the footballer, in March 2019, by one of the companies under investigation for laundering, without the respective inclusion of the goods or raw materials for their manufacture. The operation is the result of the joint work of DRF/Corpatri and the Finance Department of the DF, with the participation of the Federal Revenue Agency and the support of the Brazilian Navy.

See pictures of the loan shark businessman with Neymar and big players:

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suspicious company

Investigations by the Coordination for the Repression of Property Crimes (Corpatri) have shown that the company Registro de Joias Eireli, whose name is EJ Joias, manages values ​​that do not even come close to the money that falls into Eduardo’s account and also the his right-hand man, Vitor Duarte Nunes, investigated in the midst of Operation Huitaca – the name alluding to the mythological goddess of lust.

Also according to the investigation, the transaction involving Neymar’s jewel represented more than 81% of the company’s sales transactions. Another 11 electronic invoices for jewelery were issued to Eduardo Rodrigues himself, without the respective entry of goods or raw materials.

It has also been ascertained that the other companies that have negotiated with the suspects are facades and only served to hide dirty values. They were created at the same time, worked for a few days and didn’t even generate invoices for the suspects or their related companies.

“The volume of elements collected in the precautionary measures authorized in recent months is very large. The material collected this morning is also very expressive. The investigations continue in a task force with the Finance Department of the Df,” said the director of the Drf, delegate Fernando Cocito, who leads the investigation.

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Relationship with Neymar

Both follow each other on social media and there is a personal relationship between Eduardo and star Neymar. In addition to the gold and diamond chain, the entrepreneur gave the player a gold plaque accompanied by an exclusive ring forged in gold and precious stones.

On Instagram there are photos in which Eduardo insists on showing the delivery of the jewels. One of the pictures, published by the entrepreneur on February 8, 2017, shows Neymar in a diamond chain. The picture has the following caption: “The pursuit of a dream is the most exact madness to achieve. When you work hard looking for what you dream about, you conquer! Have faith, because it is not easy and it will not be.

In two other photos of the entrepreneur, published on March 22, 2018, in Sao Paulo, the suspect shows the delivery of a gold ring to Neymar, with the following caption: “Another jewel made with great care for the genius of the ball, Neymar Thanks for your attention and your trust in the work!”, says the entrepreneur.

birthday in paris

The investigators also found photos published by Eduardo which confirm the suspect’s presence at Neymar’s birthday in Paris on February 4, 2019. On the occasion, the expenses of the Brazilian guests to attend the event were paid by the sponsors of the player.

According to the investigation, the businessman traveled to Paris on February 4, 2019 and returned on the 8th of the same month. The PCDF’s investigations also mapped to the fact that this isn’t the first time Neymar has bought or received jewelery from people involved in money laundering.

An investigation by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro revealed, in May 2017, that the player acquired, in 2015, a diamond chain from Tiego Raimundo dos Santos Silva, known as TH, involved in drug trafficking and money laundering money. The criminal was arrested, accused of being one of the main organizers of drug and arms trafficking in Rio, with operations in the three criminal factions of the state. In addition, he helped launder money from drug trafficking.

convicted businessman

The same entrepreneur who appears in the photos with international football big names had already been sentenced, in 2017, to five years and four months in prison, in an initially semi-open regime, for the crime of extortion. Eduardo and a partner lent R$160,000 to a man whose principal debt was due to be paid in February 2015, along with seven R$9,000 interest payments.

After paying some installments of the agreed interest, it did not pay the other installments of this nature, nor the principal debt, when it began to be charged. The victim fell into depression and, in October 2015, she committed suicide. Eduardo and his accomplice then began to debit the debt of the man’s relatives abusively for amounts ranging from a minimum of R $ 440,000 up to R $ 900,000.

On the last occasion, the usurers forced the victims, through serious threats, to pay an undue sum of money, whose release was not within their competence. Both were eventually tried and convicted.

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