The 10 biggest Oscars snubbed 2023

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On Tuesday (24), the list of films nominated at the 95th Academy AwardThe oscar. With so many controversies, surprises and novelties, the edition seems to be very interesting for those who follow the award-giving seasons, given that it should bring various twists to its ceremony, which will be held on March 12th this year.

However, what attracts the most attention are not necessarily the nominated films, but the films that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences actively ignored or snubbed, from acclaimed outings to Oscar “repeat stickers” that, this time, failed to get off the ground. Here, we gather Top 10 Biggest Snubbed Oscars 2023!

The King Woman

Starting with one of the most acclaimed movies of the year, everyone was very surprised to see it The King Womana historical action drama about the ahosia unit of female warriors that protected the Kingdom of Dahomey in West Africa, it was summarily forgotten at the awards, without so much as a nomination.

The film, directed by Gina Prince Bythewood emerged as one of the favorites in the categories of Best Film, Best Director, Best Costumes, Best Original Screenplay And Best scenography. Also, it’s quite surprising that Viola Davis do not compete for the award of Best Actresssince the actress is in the running for several awards, such as the BAFTA.

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro

One of the most interesting releases of last year, Pinocchio is the first animated film directed by Guillermo del Toro (in collaboration with Marco Gustafson. The film ended up being nominated in the category of Best Animation in a Feature Filmbut many missed nominations for other categories.

The most striking thing is the absence of Pinocchio in the dispute for Best Original Songfor Hi Dad. Moreover, there are those who say that the feature deserved nominations for The best movie And Best direction, as it is one of the best-regarded films of del Toro’s career. Finally, it still deserves a mention in the category of Best scenography.

after sun

While the Academy doesn’t typically think much of independent films, there is some shift in the status quo of recent years, which has led to the victory of features such as TAIL: To the rhythm of the heart, last year. How the organization’s attention seems to have turned All everywhere at the same timemovie like after sun ended up being ignored.

Paul Mescal he still managed to snag a nomination in the lead actor category, but the film’s absence from the The best movie it’s significant. Another indication that could be interesting is that of Best directionsince the director Charlotte Wells does a great job — and what’s more, this year’s category doesn’t even have a female nominee.

decision to leave

Park Chanwook is one of the greatest South Korean filmmakers. Over the years, he has created famous and highly regarded works, such as Oldboy, The Handmaid, Bloodlust And Stoker: Secrets of blood. However, in 2023, the director was completely forgotten by the Academy – and with one of his best films, decision to leave.

Described as a “romantic mystery”, the film had even appeared on the shortlist for the Best international film, but was excluded from the final selection. Even so, many believed that he would be nominated for the main category, The best moviewhich ended up not happening, of course.


Again in the sphere of films produced outside of Hollywood, another sensational example is the Indian action film. RRRwhich presents a fictionalized version of two prominent revolutionary leaders in India, Alluri Sitarama Raju And Komaram Bheem – all while discussing colonialism and featuring some of the craziest action sequences you’ve ever seen.

It was already known in advance that the film would not be nominated for the Best international film, as it was not selected by India to compete for the award. Still, it’s shocking that he didn’t get at least nominations for Best direction And The best movie. At least you can be happy knowing that Naatu Naatu will win the best original song.

Not! Do not look!

Something must be said: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a conservative organization that despises and ignores horror films. That’s a fact, he just remembers so many performances and projects over the last few years that haven’t even been remembered since oscar. That said, it’s not surprising at all that Not! Do not look! it was one of the biggest snubs of the edition.

The film directed by Giordano Pele it is undoubtedly the director’s finest project. This is why it is so surprising that it is not even present in the technical categories where it should be, such as for example Best sound, best editing And Best Photography. Moreover, Daniel Kaluya And Keke Palmer they have great performances, but were summarily ignored by the awards.


Continuing the segment “The Oscar Academy hates horror!”, we can’t forget about her who, until recently, was considered one of the favorites to compete for the prize of Best Actress. Directed by Ti Westthe film pearl is the origin story of the elderly assassin we see in X: Mark of death.

Who stands out in production is My Goth, who became a horror fan favorite last year — and here, she makes a name for herself in acting, with a gigantic monologue and sequences that would snatch several awards if the Academy weren’t so cowardly. Goth deserved, at least, the nomination for Best Actressespecially after being nominated in other awards.

Till: The pursuit of justice

Till: The pursuit of justice is a biographical feature film directed by Chinonye Chukwuwhich tells a bit of the story of Mamie Till-Bradleywho was an activist and educator who demanded justice after her son’s murder, Emmett Finoin 1955, due to racism and white supremacy, one of the kickoffs of the struggle for racial rights in the United States.

The film has been acclaimed since its release which is why it is quite amazing Danielle Deadwyler do not compete for the award of Best Actressas she has already been nominated for several other awards, including the BAFTA. There are also those who argue that the director of the feature deserved a nomination for the award of Best direction.


Since its launch, Babylon caused controversy for exploring the vices and excesses of Hollywood in the 1920s, almost like a mirror to the current state of the film industry. The film was not as well received as its director’s previous films, but it is surprising that it was excluded from the best categories of the Oscars.

Even if you are running for Best Original Score, Best Costume Design And Best scenographymany think the Academy would have withheld nominations for Best direction, Best Actress (to Margot Robbie), Best Actor (to Diego Calva) and also The best movie. And it’s not like the Academy only recommends acclaimed and loved features…

Avatar: The Way of Water

the case of Avatar: The Way of Water that’s quite interesting, considering the film wasn’t entirely snubbed – after all, it’s nominated in 4 categories, including The best movie. However, the absence of a name caught our attention: James Cameron don’t compete for the prize Best director.

Since the start of awards season, Cameron has been nominated for several awards for his direction, such as the Film Critics Awards and the golden globe – and that makes perfect sense, given that the feature film took nearly ten years to complete and release. It is surprising that the Canadian director is not competing for an Oscar.

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