How long does a processor last? We tested it 10 years later!

We tested CPUs that are decades old to see how time has gone by!

Last year we jumped into our time machine and went back in time to answer the question “how long does a video card last”? To find out, we ran a series of tests with graphics cards released in 2015, pitting them against games released every year until finally arriving in 2022.

Now it’s time to evaluate how processors stand the test of time. For this, we have chosen six CPU models released between 2012 and 2014 that we have here on Adrenaline, three from AMD and three from Intel, in the entry, middle and high-end segments.

An important mention before introducing the processors: Despite the higher number of cores in AMD processors, the models used are part of the FX line, older than ryzen current. On these CPUs, the build architecture is different, bulldozer of 1The And TwoThe generationwhich they present dual-core modules that share some resources with each other, like the input drive and L2 memory cache, for example. At the time, AMD was betting on it with the intention of optimizing the processor and reducing costs. This, however, ended up affecting the performance of the models, causing them to perform worse per core.

Meanwhile, the information already used a structure in its processors very similar to the one used by the company until 11The generation From intel processor, which provided better performance per core in comparison. This was before the company transitioned to its current hybrid architecture format that blends performance and efficiency cores.

tested processors


Intel Core i3 4150 (2 cores, 4 threads) – released in the first half of 2014 for $117

AMD FX 4170 (4 cores and 4 threads) – released February 2012 for $135


Intel Core i5 4570 (4 cores and 4 threads) – released in the first half of 2013 for $192 to $202

AMD FX 6300 (6 cores, 6 threads) – released October 2012 for $132

high end

Intel Core i7 4790k (4 cores and 8 threads) – released in the first half of 2014 for $350

AMD FX 8370 (8 cores, 8 threads) – released September 2014 for $199


Since the idea here is the same as for graphics cards, we separated at least two games released each year, from 2015 to 2022, to see how each of the processors performed over time. During testing, we used 1080p resolution at Ultra settings and calculated the average and the 1% Lowto evaluate everyone’s real performance and avoid that the average hides possible instability during the games.

For this we use our own test rig, which comes with a video card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti and memories operating at 2133 Hz which is a good level by the standards of the time. In the evaluation, we considered an average of 60 frames per second to be ideal.


As of the year 2015, what we see is that the entry-level models, both from AMD and Intel, suffer and do not reach the average 60 frames. That is, if the brands weaker competitors do not perform ideally right from the start, the future for them will be short…


Already in 2016, guard dogs 2 it seemed like a very demanding game and only the i7 from Intel managed to provide a satisfactory frame rate to the users.

The other release of the year was battlefield 1 and in it nearly every contestant did well, delivering more than 60 frames. The problem is there when we look at the 1% Low. In the percentile, virtually all CPUs performed below half the average, i.e. they experienced sudden stutters that interfered with gameplay. This happens, perhaps, due to the destruction of the shapes present in the BF maps, which can affect the use of the processors. In this case, the tests were performed in campaign mode only.


In 2017 the good news was shadow of war. The open world RPG set in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ universe ran smoothly on all of our competitors, delivering averages over 70 frames.

But in Assassin’s Creed Origins the story was different and once again only Intel’s top of the range managed to deliver an average above 60 frames per second. But the Assassin’s Creed series is known for having a lot of instability, so it’s not out of the box for the game.


To find out how the chosen models would perform in 2018, we ran a trio of games: tomb Raider, force horizon 4 And Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Again, Assassin’s Creed ended up featuring similar graphics to the previous game in the series, with only the intel core i7 works well.

In Forza and Tomb Raider, all CPUs except the AMD FX 4170 – AMD’s entry-level model – averaged over 60 frames. However, Tomb Raider’s overall low 1% was poor compared to the averages. So the gameplay of the title was not very smooth.


Red Dead Redemption 2 it is still a game that is often used for testing here on Adrena, because, since the game’s release in 2019, it has been a very demanding game on both processors and video cards.

In it, the core i5 4570 and the FX8370 they averaged 60fps, while the i7 hovered around 90. Despite this, the percentile they showed was harsh, and on almost all CPUs, the result was around 30 frames.


The first year of the pandemic brought with it the controversial cyberpunk 2077 and while current hardware still struggles to run the game as expected, our older processors have suffered quite a bit. nor the core i7 4790k, our top competitor, managed to maintain averages above 60 frames. Already inside Assassin’s Creed Valhallathe averages delivered were very close to each other, except for the Core i5 and i7 that stood out, hitting more than 75 frames.


force horizon 5 it also made life difficult for AMD models and Core i3. None of them reached 60 frames. But in Resident Evil village, another 2021 release, the averages were better. The AMD FX 4170 also topped 60 frames in Full HD Ultra resolution, but with as little as 1% of 37.


Finally, coming to the games released last year, Elden Ring And God of War they seem to demonstrate that older processors are no longer reliable to deliver good performance, despite Intel’s top-of-the-line processor holding up well in God of War.


Moving forward to our conclusion, the processor that stood the test of time best was the Intel Core i7 4790k processor. To date, the model looks very similar to a 10th generation Intel Core i3The generation has enough strength to exceed 60 frames in several games. That is, those who had the opportunity to spend a little more in 2014 managed to maintain stable gameplay in many titles, but have already started to feel the passage of time in more recent games. What made the model survive over time was the combination of a good number of cores and threads. It is worth mentioning that the Core i7 4790k has 4 cores and 8 threads.

Therefore, a processor upgrade is now welcome for anyone who owns one of the models we’ve tested for this article. including the i7. That’s because even current entry models can outrun them. Processors like the OMG Ryzen 5 5600 And Intel Core i5 12400fintermediate in the range of BRL 1,100they easily outlast older models and still have room to better withstand the elements.

Below we present some comparative graphs of the performance of the models indicated above (OMG Ryzen 5 5600 And Intel Core i5 12400f) with older models used for testing in this article, in the games mentioned.

Before the end, guesses!

While futurology isn’t the focus of the channel, we’ve picked a candidate who will stand the test of time: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. Our hypothesis, however, is based on some valid arguments. First, the model features a good combination of core And threadsrespectively 8 And 16, which, according to our tests, is a good indication that it will stand the test of time. Another point is that it is the model that has the same architecture that equips the new generation consoles, Xbox series And Playstation 5who still have years of life ahead of them.

Considering current products, models such as the Ryzen 7 5800X3D and the Core i5-12600KFor example, they are models who can be great candidates to keep for an extended period of time before falling behind. Betting on one of these models, or the products superior to them within the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen lineups, can be a good bet to play with for several years.

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