BBB23: See the summary of the party, which had a DR, a long-awaited kiss, and even naked

The Festa da Quinto Andar marked a busy night BBB23. Very rough! Attendees decided to offer a lot of content throughout the night. And it all started much earlier, when they were still preparing. Tadeu Schmidt also went live to throw a bomb at the house.

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Key and Gustavo were in the center of a hurricane. The sister asked the farmer for some space, but he was wrong, as if they were separating. In the middle of the night, the cowboy was crying in the middle of the track, while the jock was crying in the kitchen. In the middle of the night, the brother burst into tears again, but now in the company of his beloved.

And speaking of Agroboy, he ended up neglecting himself when he showered and internet users caught the moment when he showed too much! The comments on the web caused a stir, but they weren’t the kindest to the boy.

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Another piece of news that rocked the night was the rapprochement of Gabriel and Bruna. The model insists on trying to maintain ties with the actress, even if he says no to the four corners. In the middle of the party, he said that she is his only company in the house and exchanged a few caresses with his sister.

Soon after, Larissa tried to separate the two once again. She tried to keep her friend away from the boy, just to not get involved again and be vulnerable.

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While showering for the party this Friday January 27, at BBB23, Gustavo Cowboy careless and showed too much. Part of the farmer’s penis was discovered as he washed inside his bathing suit.

The reason? The brother was talking to someone else outside the bathroom and got distracted. Of course, there was no shortage of internet commentary at the time. Praise, criticism and lots of good humor rocked the web before the party even started.

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alves key he complained about his relationship with Gustavo Cowboy hours before the party. She doesn’t like how she’s taking the relationship because the two don’t let themselves go in the house. In conversation with Domitilla, the nun said that she needs more space.

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According to the woman from São Paulo, being constantly at the farmer’s side means that she is unable to address “women’s issues” with the other girls in her group. Something that makes you uncomfortable.

“I feel uncomfortable being glued to him all the time. I love him, I love being with him. I’m not complaining or anything, but I like some me time. There are things that belong to women, there has to be a woman I can talk to,” he said.

Message given

Eliminated the night before, Marialia recorded a video and sent it to the participants. While also watching the Quarto Secreto videos, she took the opportunity to reveal some information to the brothers.

In the speech, Marília said she was sure of everything she imagined within the game:

“I’ve been eliminated, but I’ve been watching a lot, I’m aware of a lot of hype. Everything I imagined was real. All the joints, ‘fuás’ and gossip, I learned a lot. I want to tell you that you’re thinking the seedlings will get away with it, they won’t. I’m already in sight! Be careful. And who said he would bite his allies’ necks, Bruno Fred, message ‘for’ you: he’s already started to burn, to burn. Open your eyes”.

DR 1 – The Strategy

Fred and Gabriel talk to BBB23. Photo: Play/Globoplay

Soon after Skank’s performance at the party, Gabriel approached Fred to try to explain how Marília’s speech came about, using a term that was inappropriate in another conversation.

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Despite the explanation of the San Paolo, the ex-husband of Boca Rosa has not spared his answer. Fred bet that Gabriel will leave the reality show as soon as he hits a wall. He also highlighted his brother’s risky strategy:

“Everything you’re going through is a result of your attitudes, you know? Fred was surgical when he said “fish die by mouth”. You had a gaming mentality. She risky. You know that from the start, right?

DR 2 – The wigs

One of the highlights of the first Game of Discord BBB23 was when Cezar Black mentioned a situation with wigs from Tina to criticize her. Her sister could not believe what she heard and her laughter took over even the other participants in the house. It has become a meme, of course.

What audiences really didn’t expect is that the story would produce more than a party and a game of contention. Days later, the model realized the nurse’s reasons for being so hurt when she heard a “no” when she asked her to borrow a wig. Still, it explained itself.

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According to Tina, the different hair types are very particular objects in her life, which have immense meaning for her. Therefore, using them as a joke would be pointless.

“It’s my universe. It is my capillary freedom, as a woman. I straightened my hair for years and it took a long time to see myself represented in a woman with hair like mine, to get to know this whole universe of wigs, laces, accept my hair. It’s something very much mine,” she mused.

DR 3 – Suffering

Key Alves at BBB23
Photo: Play/Globoplay

Earlier this Saturday, January 28, key And I tasted went through a beautiful climate in the BBB23. Her sister felt she needed to talk to her boyfriend about their approach. According to her, she lacks some space to be alone at home.

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He took his brother to the Deep Sea Room and tried to explain the situation to his mate. The athlete said she feels she lacks the space to be alone, but she wants to continue being with her brother.

“I want to continue as we are – to stay. But I don’t want to be blocked all the time,” she said.

‘I need you’

brunette is very sensitive to the situation of Gabriel inside at BBB23. After violent comments on the reality show, he began to feel isolated among the 20 other residents of the house.

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In a conversation with Bruna Griphao earlier this Saturday, January 28, he vented. Furthermore, he asked the actress – and ex-lover – not to leave. Also, he highlighted his loneliness in the game.

“Don’t let go of my hand, I need you. I am alone. Do you think you don’t want to cry too? Too! […] If you weren’t here with me, who would be here? There is no one else. I would have been alone,” she whined.


Shoe Guy scolds Gabriel
Shoe Face scolds Gabriel. Photo: Play/Globoplay

the report of brunette And Gabriel to the BBB23 is certainly the most controversial of the BBB23. After the model’s toxic comments and abusive attitudes with the actress, she still couldn’t adjust to her attitudes with the girls of the house. Antonio Volto of Shoes tried to advise the brother.

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He told his friend not to act on impulse when talking to other women. The paulista, however, collapsed into other complaints: “Everything is falling on me. I can’t stop talking. Every time I talk to Bruna I try to involve her in a relationship”.

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Upon hearing this, the fighter tried to be more didactic with his playmate. The brother repeated the phrases ‘think before you speak’ and ‘think before you act’ a few times.

“Think before you speak. Before you do anything, stop, think and do what you have to do. The graphs are falling all over you, because you speak without thinking. I’ll just tell you one thing, before you do anything, think before you act” , he fitted in. The conversation went far and even had the intervention of Guimê.


And it has finally arrived. Earlier this Saturday, January 28, cold And Larissa kissed during the “Big Brother Brasil 23” party, by Rede Globo.

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The moment happened on the dance floor right after the brother made a drink for the sister. Shortly before the kiss, the couple sat hand in hand on one of the sofas in the outdoor area.

Also, after exchanging so much affection at the party, Fred and Larissa went to sleep in each other’s arms.

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For the kiss to finally happen, Fred and Larrisa had a little help from Marvvillawho acted as Cupid at the party.

First, the sister came to Larissa and warned her: “Sister, he is so into you,” she said. But Lari interrupted the conversation and declared that they were just friends.

Marvvila then went after Fred. “I think you are totally different from the other guys here. There is no way to compare. If you get there and strike up a conversation… Have a little more attitude, my boy,” she said.

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