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CVC (CVCB3) concludes negotiations without proceeding with the acquisition of Ōner Travel

CVC (CVCB3) withdrew from the acquisition of Ōner Travel. In a press release sent to the market this Friday 27, CVC communicated that the parties have decided, by mutual agreement, to close the respective negotiations without proceeding with the acquisition.

Negotiations to purchase the company were announced in September of last year.

Petrobras receives BRL 1.3 billion gain from Sépia block

Petrobras (PETR4) received this Friday 27, in cash, the amount of R$ 1.3 billion, referring to the supplement to the fixed compensation (earnout) for the financial year 2022 of the Sépia block.

The amount already includes the pre-tax value of the 28%, 21% and 21% shares respectively of TotalEnergies EP Brasil, Petronas Petróleo Brasil and QatarEnergy Brasil in Sepia.

Pursuant to Ordinance no. 08 of 04/19/2021 of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the announcement of the 2nd round of the tender on the Transfer of excess rights under the Production Sharing regime, held on 12/17/2021, were fixed earnout values ​​for the Sépia and Atapu blocks, which will mature between 2022 and 2032, and payable starting from the last working day of January of the year following the one in which the price of Brent oil reaches an annual average greater than US$ 40/bbl, with a maximum limit of $70/bbl. Petrobras expects to receive the full payment related to the FY 2022 earnout, which is borne by the Sépia and Atapu block partners, by January 31, 2023.

Also this Friday 27, the oil company explained that the appointment of board members has not yet been formally communicated.

“Following the usual procedures for appointing executives, the candidate’s name must go through Petrobras’ internal governance procedures,” the state-owned company said.

In the case of members of the Executive Director, the final appointment will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, pursuant to the Law and the Articles of Association.

PetroReconcavo (RECV3) closes the natural gas contract with Sergas

PetroReconcavo (RECV3) informed on Friday evening, 27, that it has signed a contract to compose the natural gas supply portfolio of Sergas – Sergipe Gás (Sergas).

The contract is valid for 10 years from the date of signature in a firm, flexible and interruptible manner in terms of content, explained the oil company.

The expected steady volumes are 50,000 m³/day of natural gas in the second half of 2023 and 100,000 m³/day of natural gas from 2024 to 2032. In the interruptible and flexible contractual mode, supply and withdrawal commitments are established only with prior agreement between the parties, upon request by the buyer and availability by the seller.

The gas price in said contract will be made up of the sum of the carryover of the transport cost (Transport Section) with the Molecule Traction. The molecular portion of the fixed volumes of natural gas in said contract is 13.6% of the Brent oil price for 2023 and 2024 and 12.6% of the Brent oil price for 2025-2032.

The minimum and maximum prices for the quotation of Brent Oil have been determined, which will be adjusted annually by US CPI inflation.

The start of the supply is conditional on the signing between Sergas and TAG of a contract for the transport of natural gas, corresponding to the departures from the delivery points determined by the buyer – a contract which is currently being negotiated.

Caixa Seguridade completes the sale of its stake in CNP Capitalização e Previsul

Caixa Seguridade Participações (CXSE3) concluded on Friday 27 the sale of the entire stake held in CNP Participações em Seguros (Holding Saúde), which holds Previsul and CNP Capitalização shares, for a total amount of R$ 166,776,244.10.

The Board of Directors of Banco Bmg (BMGB4) starts the process of succession to the office of Chief Executive Officer

The board of directors of Banco Bmg (BMGB4) has resolved to start the process of succession to the office of Chief Executive Officer of Bmg, held by Ana Karina Bortoni Dias.

“The succession process will take place in a planned manner and will continue the growth, expansion and digital transformation plan, also ensuring the values ​​and governance processes”, highlighted the bank in a note to the market on the night of this Friday, 27 .

Ana Karina remains in office until the succession process is completed.

C&A Modas (CEAB3) extends its partnership with Bradesco

C&A Modas (CEAB3) announced on Friday 27 that, as resolved in the meeting of 25 January 2023 by its Board of Directors, it extended the partnership with Bradesco for a period of 2.5 years with maintenance of active current accounts and remuneration for the provision of the service for opening new accounts with Bradescard credit cards.

Fitch Confirms SBF Group Ratings (SBFG3)

The credit rating agency Fitch Ratings, one of the largest in the world, confirmed the long-term national rating “AA-(bra)”, with a “stable” outlook, of SBF Comércio de Produtos Esportivos (SBFG3).

According to the agency, the rating of the SBF Group takes into account its strong position in the retail of sports products in Brazil.

Fitch also explained that the rating is also based on expectations of maintaining low to moderate leverage, gradual margin growth and a lengthening of the debt program while the company remains on an aggressive expansion plan.

The SBF Group whose flagship is the Centauro brand.

Boa Vista (BOAS3): Márcio Fabbris takes over as CEO in February

Boa Vista Serviços (BOAS3) has informed that Márcio Henrique Bonomi Fabbris will assume the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company, replacing Dirceu Jodas Gardel Filho on February 15, 2023.

Márcio holds a BA in Economics from USP – University of São Paulo, with an MBA in Economics from Insper – Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa.

Before joining the company, Márcio worked at Telefonica since 2003, and from 2015-2023 he held the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing, before this experience he also worked at Mckinsey & Company (1999-2003), at Ernst & Young (1998-1999) and at Nestlé (1995-1998).

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