Lisa Marie Presley changed her will in 2016 and Priscilla Presley is furious

The will left by Lisa Marie Presley had already been opened by the family, but the contents did not leave the mother of the late singer, Priscilla Presley, satisfied. That’s because she discovered that Lisa had added an amendment to the document dated 2016, the same year she was checked into rehab, naming her older children Riley and Benjamin Keough as co-trustees, leaving Priscilla out of the amendment.

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the ex wife of Elvis Presley filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles court Jan. 26 challenging the “authenticity and validity” of Lisa Marie Presley’s will, expressing “concern” about an “alleged 2016 amendment,” and further questioning whether her signature daughter on the document is authentic.

With Benjamin’s death in 2020, Riley then appears as sole trustee of the estate. [que Lisa Marie herdou com a morte do pai Elvis Presley, já que os pais eram divorciados na época da morte do rei do rock]taking up from the document Priscilla and her manager Barry Siegels, co-curators since 1993.

The last time Priscilla learned of the document update was when Lisa Marie “executed a revocable life trust, which she fully amended and renewed on January 27, 2010.”

According to the New York Post, the 77-year-old woman also noted that “both the 1993 original and the 2010 reworking appear to have been carefully crafted by competent estate planning attorneys.”

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Priscilla wrote in documents obtained by “Entertainment Tonight” that “there are many questions about the authenticity and validity of the purported 2016 amendment,” such as her name being misspelled and that the amendment “was never for her.” given” during his lifetime. by Lisa Marie Presley, “as required by the express terms of the trust”.

“Even Lisa Marie’s signature appears at odds with her usual customary signature,” the woman said in the document.

Priscila wants the amendment declared invalid by a judge. At the time of Lisa Marie’s death, she and Barry were in a legal battle over the management of her fortune.


The actress Riley Keoughdaughter of Lisa Marie Presley, was unable to take the stage to say goodbye to her mother at the funeral that took place at Graceland. Instead, her husband Ben Smith-Petersen read the letter written by the actress to her mother during the farewell ceremony. Riley sat in her first child and couldn’t resist her sadness as she watched musical tributes from Axl Roses, Billy Corgan and Alanis Morissette.

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Ben took the floor after Priscilla Presley, mother of Lisa Marie, finished her poem. And he ended up breaking some incredible news as he read the message: he and Riley recently became parents to a baby girl. Keough gave birth in complete secrecy.

“Thank you for showing me that love is the only thing that matters in this life. I hope I can love my daughter like you loved me, like you loved my brother and sisters,” Riley said in the text she couldn’t read.

“Thank you for giving me strength, my heart, my empathy, my courage, my sense of humor, my manners, my temper, my wildness, my tenacity. I am a product of your heart, my sisters are a product of your heart, my brother is a product of your heart.”

There is no further information about the birth of the child and how she came into the world.

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According to The New York Post’s “Page Six” column, a rep for the actress confirmed the birth of Lisa Marie’s only granddaughter, but didn’t name or comment on whether Elvis Presley’s daughter was able to meet. the grandson.

According to TMZ, the autopsy of Lisa Marie Presley it has already been completed, but the cause of death has not yet been disclosed, as the authorities are still waiting for the results of the toxicology tests to justify precisely the reason for his death.

The autopsy of the only daughter of Elvis Presleywho died at age 54 on Jan. 12 after suffering two heart attacks, was held on Saturday Jan. 14, but the Los Angeles coroner still doesn’t have a definitive answer on the official cause of death due to pending toxicology results . , which will reveal whether or not the singer had drugs in her system when she died.

Lisa Marie went into cardiac arrest at her home in Calabasas after complaining of severe stomach pains and suffered another heart attack when she arrived at the hospital. She died after the family signed a non-resuscitation order because she was declared brain dead.

Lisa Marie was living with her ex-husband Danny Keough, 58, when she collapsed on Thursday. She tried to revive her until paramedics arrived. He is the father of her daughter, actress Riley Keough, 33, and son Benjamin Keough, 27, who committed suicide in July 2020.

Lisa Marie married Danny as a teenager in drug rehab and they divorced in 1994, days before she eloped with Michael Jackson.

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While relatives and friends wait to say goodbye Lisa Marie Presley starting next weekend, new information about his death is emerging. According to the site “RadarOnline” the mother of the late singer, Priscilla Presleyhe predicted a bleak future for his daughter and tried to help her get off drugs for years.

The publication reveals that in 2019, she begged the Church of Scientology, of which Lisa Marie was a former member, to accept her into their rehabilitation program. It is not known whether they accepted her, as they did years earlier, when Elvis Presley’s only daughter spent a few months in the hospital overcoming her addictions.

“Priscilla knew Lisa was in the way [abusos] her father and tried to keep her off drugs, but he couldn’t,” says the source.

“Priscila pleaded with church leaders to accept her daughter into their drug treatment program. Lisa Marie was on drugs again and no one could get through to her… Priscilla saw how bad things were and did what she always does to save her daughter: she turned to Scientology to get her back on track .

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In her divorce papers from Michael Lockwood, the father of her twin daughters Finley and Harper, the singer even confessed in court between October 2015 and June 2016 to “using a significant amount of drugs and staying in bed for a long time”, revealing that he used “cocaine to counteract the effects” of other drugs he was taking.

According to RadarOnline, Lisa Marie had to spend several days at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 2016 undergoing rehabilitation.

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