The Last of Us: Is it possible for a mushroom pandemic to create zombies in real life? – BBC News Brazil

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The Last of Us series imagines what Cordyceps mushroom contamination would look like in humans

the new series HBO’s The Last of US features a post-apocalyptic scenario where thousands of people are turned into zombies after a fungal infection becomes a pandemic. The series was the second biggest premiere this year on the HBO MAX platform and the third episode is available this Sunday (28).

The scenario may be fanciful, but the kind of mushroom depicted in the series really exists. They are fungi of the genera Cordyceps and Ophiocordyceps and in real life turn their victims into zombies.

The spores of this type of mushroom enter the victim’s body, where the mushroom grows and begins to hijack its host’s mind until it loses control and is forced to ascend to higher ground. The parasitic fungus devours its victim from the inside out, extracting every last nutrient as it prepares for its grand final deed.

Then – in a creepier scene than the scariest horror movie – a death tentacle erupts from the head. This mushroom body spreads spores all around itself, dooming other victims to the same fate if they are too close to be infected.

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