“Elon Musk makes me feel ashamed to drive my Tesla” – BBC News Brasil

  • Natalie Sherman and Samira Hussain
  • From BBC News in New York

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Anne Marie Squeo says she will choose another brand when she changes cars

When 55-year-old publicist Anne Marie Squeo received her red Tesla sports car in 2020, she felt like she’d joined a special “club” of people who were doing something to help the environment, but not driving with style.

But last year, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared right-wing conspiracy theories on Twitter, he posted a photo of guns next to his bed and proposed terms to resolve the war in Ukraine that were rejected by everyone. the main leaders, Anne Marie’s satisfaction gave way to shame .

“It was very depressing and sometimes embarrassing to drive around in this car,” says the Connecticut woman who wrote an article about her discomfort. “I wonder if people are judging me.”

Once hailed as the secret to Tesla’s success, Elon Musk now appears to be one of its biggest problems as his constant stream of political social media posts alienates a major chunk of the brand’s customer base. At the same time, increased competition is starting to erode the company’s dominance in the electric car market.

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