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The Dreamcast was the last SEGA console and it brought about a revolution in the gaming market by featuring better looking games with more 3D graphics. Like others of the company, it was also launched in Brazil thanks to TecToy and at the same time as the launch in the United States, in 1999.

So it’s no wonder that even today many people still remember games that have become extraordinary on consoles like Shenmue and Crazy Taxi. So today we will remember 11 unforgettable Dreamcast games. To watch!

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11 unforgettable Dreamcast games

For many years SEGA was a fierce competitor in the console market and the Dreamcast was the company’s latest release to try and maintain its dominance in the market. While it didn’t have as many games as other devices, it still had enough titles to make many unforgettable.

We separate 11, which were highlighted in our article in no specific order. If you remember others who have also tagged you on the console, don’t forget to comment!


Nowadays it’s difficult to talk about the Dreamcast and not think about Shenmue, a game that proved to be a watershed at the time. It’s still regarded by many as the first major open world game, and while it hasn’t aged very well today, it was a historic revolution for its time.

The game tells the story of young Ryo Hazuki, who seeks revenge after seeing his father murdered by a mysterious Chinese man named Lan Di. From there, he embarks on a journey of investigation and improvement of fighting techniques, but with much more to come. Shenmue offered the possibility of being able to control the character like an almost real life simulator, being able to work, train, need to sleep or even talk to NPCs around the city.

sonic adventure

Sonic had a somewhat rocky start in its transition to the world of 3D gaming and as a result ended up not winning any titles for the Saturn generation. However, time meant that SEGA could better adapt to this new phase and the result of this was the launch of Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast.

It soon became one of the best titles of the famous blue hedgehog for consoles, with a very fun and fluid gameplay, managing to make good use of 3D as well as bringing back the adrenaline and speed typical of other games. Also, it has a great soundtrack and very charismatic characters.

marvel vs capcom 2

Marvel vs Capcom 2 was another game that stuck in the memory of many Dreamcast players mainly for bringing a great crossover between the two universes with fast-paced and fun fights. The game features beloved characters from both franchises and the ability to do 3v3 fights, being able to switch fighters at any time, not just when one loses.

There are a total of 56 characters, so it’s a very complete game and offers the main ones for everyone. He even brings Ken, who was missing from the first Marvel vs Capcom. During the fights you can perform combos to do more damage, special powers and everything reminiscent of the classic fighting games, with lots of color and liveliness. Definitely a classic.

Crazy taxi

This game has been a source of entertainment for many people, no doubt. Many Dreamcast players have already experienced the adrenaline of cruising through cities at top speed and performing high maneuvers to be able to pick up passengers in the shortest time possible and thus earn more money every day of work.

That’s because that’s simply the premise of the game. You control a taxi driver and to make more money you have to take passengers to their destination quickly and very carelessly. With this, the little taxi flies through the city and anyone who dares maneuvers also gets some bonus points.

Resident Evil: Veronica Code

Resident Evil is a franchise that has had its share of popularity on the Dreamcast as well. Code Veronica was originally going to be Resident Evil 3, but Capcom made the decision to keep the franchise’s numbered games only for Sony’s console, the PlayStation. However, even so, it managed to attract a lot of attention mainly because it featured changes and improvements in terms of graphics and camera.

Both the characters and the settings were more beautiful, and in Code Veronica the camera followed the player, who controls the famous character of the Claire Redfield franchise. As RE3 would be, the game picks up on the story that ended in 2, when she goes to Europe in search of her brother. However, everything goes awry when she is captured in an Umbrella facility and imprisoned on an island, where she will have to, in addition to finding her brother, also be able to escape.

Skies of Arcadia

The Dreamcast didn’t receive many RPGs, but Skies of Arcadia was one of the few representatives of this genre on consoles and gained prominence by pleasing the fans of the time. The game shows the story of Vyse and his band of sky pirates. The game shows the struggle of the protagonist and his group to stop the Valuan Empire from awakening a silver giant to take over the world.

The game has a very captivating and interesting story that attracts the player’s attention, and its battle system is also very smooth and easy to understand. The graphics are beautiful and certainly became unforgettable for RPG fans who had the console in hand.

earthquake 3 arena

Quake 3 Arena was the ideal game for those who were already starting to get interested in online games at the time, bringing a franchise title without a campaign for the first time. This is because it was focused on the online multiplayer mode, helping to popularize this new feature of the SEGA console.

Although there were some problems with the LAG, which was to be expected so soon, it was still possible to enjoy and face players from various places and regions of the country. The game was so unforgettable that even today there is an online community that supports Quake 3 Arena and allows it to be played online.

Stone of Power 2

In Power Stone 2, players were thrown into a sort of arena, where they could move freely anywhere and use scenario objects to defeat their opponents. The premise already sounds interesting, and in practice the game has become so much fun that it ended up becoming an icon on DreamCast.

With 3D fighting, Power Stone 2 came with significant improvements and evolutions over the first game, adding to the fun even more. Even at the time, many gamers believed that the franchise would have even more games due to its success, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Even today, many are clamoring for a Power Stone 3.


Although Ikaruga was first released in arcades, it was on the Dreamcast that it was able to really stand out and gain popularity. In the shooter style, the game had differentials that managed to make it stand out in the genre. It is a spaceship game, in which the player travels through space trying to dodge enemies and shots while also trying to shoot them.

One of the most interesting game techniques is that the ship could change color. The first was the black color that fired white bullets. The second was the white ship firing black shells. When the player used the ship in black, he was able to absorb the black hits of the opponents, so it was necessary to have a strategy to choose the right color at the right time.

Soul Calibur

Soulcalibur has been considered by many gamers as one of the best Dreamcast releases, bringing an improved version of a game that was already very interesting and beautiful to the arcades. Despite being more of a fighting game, Soulcalibur stood out a lot for the beauty of the graphics and for the movements of the characters, which were mesmerizing.

The game is a continuation of Soul Blade, but it was with him that the popularity of the series increased dramatically. Nowadays it seems little, mainly due to the evolution of games, but at the time it ended up attracting a lot of attention with its fights and movements, making it an unforgettable game on consoles.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Street Fighter 3 was a stumbling block for the franchise, which was already one of Capcom’s most profitable at the time. The game was built on a very powerful arcade board, which meant that its portability to the PS1 or Saturn ended up sacrificing a lot of quality. Also, the game was kind of a reboot, only bringing in Ryu and Ken as familiar characters, the rest was all new.

However, things improved slightly with the launch of the Dreamcast, as the console had the caliber to run the game the way it should be, using maximum processing and ensuring higher quality. With that, it ended up being an incredibly beautiful game, even though it was in 2D.

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