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We are entering one of the best months of the year! If you take a look at the 2023 astrological calendar, you will see that we have no retrograde planets, we still have the expanding planet (Jupiter) in the sign of the beginnings (Aries), and the powerful alignment between Venus and Jupiter, which tends to manifest as new opportunities in the february 2023 horoscope signs.

Each sign will experience transits differently. Some may be luckier in love, others may get new job offers. To better understand how all this will act in your life, access your personalized horoscopeThewhich takes into account your time and city of birth.

Below, check out your sign’s predictions for February 2023. Remember that your Ascendant deserves as much or even more attention than your Sun sign. If you don’t know your Ascendant, create your astral map here for free.


February comes with the alignment between Venus and Jupiter, which begins on the 21st and progresses through the month of March, which brings enthusiasm, good material opportunities and luck in love for the sign of Aries. Just beware of excessive excitement, as there is a risk of making mistakes.

Throughout the month of February there will also be a harmonious aspect between Mars, who rules Aries, and Jupiter, who gives a boost of energy to face obstacles.

Finally, from February 12, Mercury joins Saturn, fostering friendships with very intelligent and wise people. Pay attention to what more knowledgeable people have to say.

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  • Days 22, 23 and 24: February emerges as a positive-leaning month, but these days stand out as the best of the month for Aries.


For Taurus people, February can have strife and strife over financial matters. While Mars brings friction, it will be needed and welcome to resolve these clashes.

The first ten days of the month are marked by a conflict between what Taurus people want to do and what they have to do. They will learn that there is a substantial difference between want and need.

Since February 11, the transit of Mercury favors contacts and professional agreements from which both parties benefit. Anyone without a job can reverse this situation. And those who already have a job will most likely have the opportunity to open new doors. It’s a good time to create your professional map.

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  • From 11 to the end of the month: Taurus people are very likely to strike up important conversations with people who are significant for career growth.


February tends to be an extremely hectic month for Gemini. Mars transits in Gemini, which is especially good for initiating physical pursuits and new challenges.

Mars in harmony with Jupiter also greatly enhances self-determination. Thus, February and much of March represent a time marked by willpower.

However, we must be careful of the propensity for emotional conflicts in the first ten days of the month. The quadrature between Venus and Mars can represent quarrels, disagreements and disagreements with your loved one.

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The Sign of Cancer begins in February with a transit of Mercury conducive to conversations with intimate people, whether romantic or business. From the 12th the transit of Mercury changes and favors material and economic life.

Furthermore Venus, in the first 20 days of February, favors travel, especially the longer ones. Even those who cannot travel will have the opportunity to experience this pleasant cycle by diversifying the places they frequent in the city where they live.

Also, due to transiting Mars, Cancer people will need to be aware of self-sabotage. During the month of February it is advisable to become aware of these “difficult rather than easy” processes.

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  • From 12 to the end of the month: period is excellent for studying home economics, learning about applications and investments, in short, re-evaluating and optimizing your financial life.


February is the most favorable month of 2023 for interpersonal relationships for Leo people. The Sun not only favors love or professional relationships, but Mercury also stimulates dialogue and desired understandings.

From February 20, the transit of the planet Venus favors long journeys, as well as any activity that takes you out of the routine. The less routine Leo is, the more pleasant the moments will be.

Attention, however, between 12 and 18 February. Saturn and Sun aligned with and in opposition to Leo suggest a period of weakening vitality. Take rest and eat well otherwise you may get sick or exhausted which will affect your mood greatly.

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  • Days 5 and 6: they’re best for dialogue, smoothing rough edges, having relationship discussions, and punctuating I’s.


February is the love of love for Virgo people. Until the 10th, the square between Venus and Mars can represent conflicts and disagreements with close people.

But from 11 to 20 February the dynamic changes and begins to favor relationships, with opportunities for adjustment and understanding. Diplomacy begins to dominate astral dynamics, in contrast to the beginning of the month.

In the professional sphere, throughout the month, the transit of Mars stimulates the ability to overcome goals and the possibility of achieving significant results through challenges. However, there may be conflicts with colleagues.

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  • Days 1, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22: these are the days that tend to be gentler, emphasizing the more competitive side of Mars and encouraging fights.


In February, Jupiter indicates that Libra people will have very interesting social (and perhaps love) opportunities, especially from February 20, when the planet Venus joins Jupiter.

Very interesting people can emerge. If the Libra person is already involved in a relationship, this can cause stress. For single women, February should be ideal for having fun, flirting, dating and enjoying life, especially from the 20th.

From the 11th, Mercury joins the astral transits of Libra, indicating a particularly propitious time for leisure, entertainment, parties and other recreational activities.

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  • Days 22, 23 and 24: must be the days when the dynamics of pleasure, fun and pleasures of life expand. Have fun!


The transit of the planet Mars is affecting the lives of Scorpio people, with a predisposition to sudden breakups. But you should wait until at least 11 to make important decisions, especially on projects, intimate relationships and friendships.

The first ten days of February tends to be turbulent in an emotional and sexual sense due to the quadrature between Venus and Mars. Great emotions are best avoided, as there is a risk of regrets.

February should be good for seizing the moment, but not very good for continuing the relationships that may start this month. For committed Scorpios, the first 11 days tend to signal some turbulence, but nothing that can’t be resolved with patience.

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  • Until 11: try to reflect on what no longer makes sense and what has been maintained out of mere habit or fear of change, but let that be the real decision after 11.


As in recent months, February should be devoid of vitality for Sagittarius people. So it’s important to know when to stop and not to overwhelm yourself.

From February 11, the transit of Mercury favors fast travel and the intellectual activity of Sagittarius. Also, a lot of new contacts can occur, as well as re-establishing old contacts.

From February 20 onwards, the alignment of Venus with Jupiter will intensify the pleasures. That is, considering the carnival period, the sign of Sagittarius will probably be one of the most popular in 2023.

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  • From 11: Mercury favors fast travel, as well as initiating courses, readings and research. If you play!


The beginning of February will be marked by the passage of Mercury in the sign of Capricorn, favorable to intellectual activities. The mind will be more predisposed to learning, which favors written and spoken communication.

From February 6th to 11th, when Mercury aligns with Pluto, important revelations, discoveries, more elaborate perspectives, etc. can occur. From the 12th, Mercury joins the Sun in excellent alignment for Capricorn to improve his knowledge of economic and financial matters.

The trend is that, from the 12th to the end of the month, spending is done more intelligently. Some important money decisions will need to be made between the 15th and 18th, as a result of the alignment of the Sun with Saturn.

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  • Until 11: starting a new course or resuming studies that were abandoned will be a great idea. Enjoy the mental boom of Mercury!


February is a month that already tends to be naturally extraordinary for Aquarius people, as it is the birthday month for most of them. By the way, be sure to check your Solar Return, which will allow you to check trends for next year.

About February 2023, Mercury enters your sign on the 11th and remains there until early March, enhancing Aquarius’ intelligence and written and spoken communication. Precisely for this reason it represents an excellent period for studies of all kinds.

Travel and quick outings are favored throughout the month thanks to the harmony between Mars and Jupiter. Take advantage of the fact that Carnival takes place in February and, if you can, temporarily change the scenery. Stroll, enjoy!

However, in the first 10 days of February, one must be very careful with financial speculation, due to the quadrature between the planets Venus and Mars. It is not convenient to invest in something risky or to make purchases and sales that involve large sums.

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  • From 24 to 28: qHow about starting a new class or saving a type of study you had abandoned? The alignment with Saturn allows for an enviable intellectual deepening.


February has a strong love and sexual tone. The first ten days tend to be particularly troubled, with strong emotions, great sexual energy and moments of passion alternating with moments of anger.

But from February 11 to 20, things are more loving and harmonious, without the jealous tensions and aggressive dispositions generated by the planet Mars.

The period from the 21st to the 28th tends to be very positive for the financial life of Pisces. There is an alignment between Venus and Jupiter, which tends to manifest itself as new job opportunities, contacts and relationships that make it possible to earn money. Just beware of impulse spending.

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  • It is worth remembering that February is special for many Pisces, as it is the birthday month for many of them. It is suggested to check the Solar Return, which will allow you to understand the progress of the next year, from one birthday to the next.

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