After ChatGPT is banned from schools, the owner of the tool creates a website that identifies bots texts

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For its ability to write complex texts that appear to be made by humans, ChatGPT has been banned by schools and universities and has prompted debates about changes in teaching methods.

To help identify plagiarism and fraud, OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, launched this Tuesday (31) a tool that aims to identify whether a given text was written by AI (artificial intelligence) or not.

Understand: on the platform’s website (click here to access), OpenAI states that “the classifier is a tool to stimulate discussions about AI literacy”.

  • He says the results – which can be “very unlikely”, “unlikely”, “doubtful”, “maybe” or “probably” on AI-generated text – shouldn’t be the only evidence to ensure that a piece of content has been generated by an AI robot or not.

The tool itself exposes its weaknesses:

  • It requires a minimum of 1000 characters, which is about 150-250 words.
  • The classifier is not always accurate and may mislabel AI-generated and human-written text. There is even an example of an error: when the test is run with the second paragraph of the book “Don Quixote”, it is reported as being run by AI.
  • AI-generated text can be easily changed to avoid the classifier.
  • The classifier is likely to make mistakes on texts written by children and on non-English texts, because they have been trained mainly on English content written by adults.

Graduate: The concern of the academic community grew after ChatGPT was tested and passed – but not with the highest score – on an MBA at Wharton and on exams to practice as a doctor and lawyer in the United States.

In an interview with Folha, neuroscientist Álvaro Machado Dias, a columnist for the newspaper, said that technology can bring negative consequences, but the balance is positive. Bureaucratic professions and “by heart” teaching models may have their days numbered.

In January, the stock market went up and the dollar went down

In the first month of the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), the stock market and the exchange rate, the main indicators of the national financial market, closed in positive despite the turbulent start.

  • The highlight among investments was bitcoin, which has accumulated a maximum of 33.4% in January after a very negative 2022.

In numbers: after rising 1.26% on Tuesday, Ibovespa raked in gains of 3.6% in the first month of 2023, a 113,691 points, while the dollar fell 0.75% on the day to finish January down by 3.82% against the real, the BRL 5.07.

That explains: after a first week marked by statements by members of the government that generated risk aversion in investors and pushed the dollar to R$5.45, the last half of the month revived local assets thanks to positive news from China.

  • The reopening of operations by Brazil’s main trading partner has pushed up commodity prices and benefited Brazilian export companies. Signs of a reduction in the pace of monetary tightening in the United States have also weakened the dollar.
  • Around here, statements from the economics team ahead of April’s announcement of the new fiscal rule and fiscal commitment helped to calm investors concerned about fiscal risk.

After the fall, the benefit: Bitcoin’s surge comes after a turbulent 2022, when the cryptocurrency dropped 66%, impacted by high interest rates in the US and the FTX bankruptcy, which hit the entire industry.

  • In January, cryptocurrencies also benefited from the expectation of a lower interest rate hike, favoring investments considered riskier.

layoffs in the US

The cuts to workers involved in Americanas operations began this Tuesday (31).

  • Initially, the outsourced workers were fired after the retailer terminated contracts with service providers in Rio de Janeiro.
  • In Porto Alegre, one-off layoffs affect employees who have been with the company for less than a year, and the next step should be São Paulo, where the largest number of retail stores and distribution centers are concentrated.
  • Wanted, the Americans have denied that there are any layoffs. He said he “just terminated some contracts with companies that provide outsourced services.”

Layoffs outside RJ: for hastily filing the judicial recovery process to avoid freezing its accounts, Americanas has reversed the order commonly adopted by companies in this situation, as evidenced by the Sheet.

  • It is common for companies in bad shape to lay off their employees before joining RJ, so that the liabilities of the job are included in the negotiating plan with creditors.
  • Obligations that are owed by the companies after RJ’s application must be paid normally.

In numbers: are approximately 45 thousand direct employees and approx. 60 thousand resellers.

  • The cuts, already envisaged due to the company’s need to reduce costs, should focus on the operations of the physical points of sale – there are 1,800 points between traditional and Express formats, plus 79 points of sale of Natural da Terra fruit and vegetable supply chain products.

Learn more about Americans

Solar farms led the race for the subsidy

Once the deadlines for registering solar energy projects at full capacity have expired, the 486.6 thousand distributed generation projects registered from October to January 7 add up to 32,298 MW (megawatts) of installed power.

Understand: Distributed generation projects installed by January 7 will be exempt until 2045 for using wire in the distribution grid.

  • The exempt amount ends up being a subsidy from all consumers to producers, with a total cost of BRL 488.3 billion –considering this lot and previous projects– which will be added to the electricity bill by 2045, according to Abradee (distributors association).

Distributed generation is divided in two forms of solar energy generation:

  • Microgeneration: are solar panels installed on the roofs of houses, with an installed power lower than or equal to 75 kW.

In numbers: in the wave of last-minute projects, from October to January 7, they were registered 25,231 MW of mini-generation installed power, equal to a cost of BRL 209.4 billion from these farms to consumers.

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