February Tarot: Find out what your sign can expect from the new month

The new month comes with excellent opportunities and challenges that bring learning to the entire zodiac wheel. See what the letters say tarot in February for all signs.

Tarot in February for all signs


The month of February can start a little slow due to the lack of definition, which generates stress and emotional fluctuations, but if you don’t resist and go through this inner call, observing how your memories influence your current moment, in the third week you will be able to make a great emotional transformation, understanding your decision-making power and manifesting your reality. This week, understand your limit, when it’s time to stop and do things differently, without feeling smaller because of it. In the fourth week, you will understand how to best use your emotional powers to generate pleasurable results.

Warnings: The greatest fuel for our actions comes from the chemical output of our thoughts, hormones.

Reflection: resilience is moving forward, whatever its speed.


The cards say that the time has come to study what you want to manifest, listen more to your dreams. By your second and third weeks, you will more clearly realize how a lack of planning and attachment in some situations can keep you from taking daily action with faith and hope, from looking at the glass half full and experiencing happiness! Living requires intimate work, time to look at yourself truthfully. In the fourth week, your emotions may be more volatile, channel them correctly to reconfigure your behavior in front of life and in a way that pushes you to build new possibilities and change the scenery.

Warnings: do not make sadness the scenery of your camp, rest, but follow the journey.

Reflection: What stories have you told to keep you paralyzed?


The first week of the month comes with the anxiety of being in control of one’s life, this is legitimate, but it will be necessary to analyze the true meaning of one’s goals. In weeks two and three, you might be surprised to find that some things just weren’t happening because they didn’t really make sense in your journey, and that you were looking at and comparing a lot with the journey of others. Don’t be afraid to let go, rather look at what you have conquered, learned and developed in yourself. Already in the last week the roads are so clear that enthusiasm will return with everything and the offer of something long-awaited may appear.

Alerts: The Universe has a unique way to make it happen, our job is just to plant the seeds we want, take care, be resilient and keep the soil fertile.

Reflection: Those who don’t make it happen, see it happen.


The cards indicate an arrival in the first week, which can cheer up your life, but which will also change its dynamics very quickly. We could be talking about pregnancy, a new relationship, or even regaining your personal magnetism and independence. In the third and fourth week of the month this will become clearer and you will have to make a choice, remember to preserve your decision-making power and your ability to manage your life, even if the unexpected happens, without becoming attached to something or someone.

Notices: We have great power, that power is choice, it takes us out and puts us where we want

Reflection: Luck is the meeting of preparation with opportunity.


A quick opportunity may pass by at the beginning of the month, you can prepare or stay as is, the consequences of the change will need to be weighed, as any change requires commitment, don’t let doubt take over and paralyze you. In the second and third weeks the situation will change completely, perhaps you will also walk towards this opportunity and need to develop mentally for this new situation as well as adopt a new posture. Already in the fourth week a new beginning begins to settle down and you will have all the odds in your favor, be creative and decisive.

Notices: The difference between you and those who have already won is the time and quality of dedication.

Reflection: What calling does your soul point to you?


Are you really listening to your soul? The month of February comes to say that a difficulty has not yet been overcome for self-sabotage. You will need to truly connect with yourself and your life story to understand and break this loop. In the second and third weeks the cards indicate a deep dive into memories to reframe emotions and behaviors, even if this movement is the impact of someone’s attitude, overcome sadness to seriously face this process. In the fourth week, you really need to get rid of mental fluctuations and understand how your decisions are building your life. Be persevering.

Alerts: Inside, the universe is reborn and life emerges.

Reflection: Personal transformation requires the replacement of old habits.


Have emotional maturity not to act in a way that hurts things. In the second and third week, you can see the result of some action appear, also an opportunity can be due to a third party movement. Justice will be done and you will find yourself in a dynamic that will have to give up something, beware of stubbornness, think about what makes sense for that moment and what can push you to achieve what you want. In the fourth week it will take determination, perhaps involving yourself more rationally than sentimentally in the situation, but make an effort and keep the enthusiasm to enjoy the moment.

Notices: Having anxiety isn’t putting the cart before the horse, it’s taking both and loading them onto your back with the illusion that you’ll make it happen faster if you’re in control.

Reflection: Many times the universe will send us what we need in a package we don’t want or expect.


Recognizing your personal power will be essential for the beginning of February. The cards indicate that you may be faced with a dead end, a duality, but if you listen to your inner wisdom, you will quickly resolve it, as the major arcana succeed each other. To do this, the second and third weeks indicate that you will have to face your shadows and even how you allow yourself to be dependent on a situation, through generosity, domination or submission, but which does not promote such happiness for you. Already in the fourth week the work will be to feed your inner child, without depending on the situation that imprisons you.

Warnings: When we reach a certain age, we become our own parents and are responsible for giving us what we need.

Reflection: Just like in nature, what is overripe, ends up falling off one day.


The letters from the first week of February indicate that there is nothing too much, let’s follow some advice. But not all of them truly fit into our reality. Choose to be guided by your higher consciousness and acknowledge your personal values. The second and third weeks carry the message that your desires and boundaries need to be respected and acknowledged by yourself first. Something or someone may be affecting you too much and you fail to recognize yourself. See how you can organize yourself and put a healthy distance for yourself and be able to live your truth.

Alerts: Just like the course of a river, life’s course is shaped by its environment.

Reflection: Strive to be better, but never for what you are not.


The first week of the month will require you to make some choices. Don’t see it as a burden, choices determine our lives, so make it clear. In the second and third week, take a break, but do not fall into isolation or sadness, on the path of good feelings and recognize yourself in new ways, without depending on the presence of what hurts more than what is good for you, discover and listen to your potential. In the fourth week, explore them. Maybe you feel duality, but the power of decision will be in your hands, beware of arrogance and over-explanations, show that you are serious by proving to yourself that you are capable of doing amazing things and doing it well.

Warnings: Be careful when opening up to people who anchor you more with criticism and adjectives than with advice.

Reflection: not everyone wants our harm and not everyone is aware of what they are doing.


The cards indicate that in the first week of February a new situation arises that will bring harmony to you and also to your home, see what you can do differently to feel stable. For the second and third week you will have to review your emotional state, an excess or a fixed idea could prevent you from closing a cycle and undermine your decision-making power and autonomy in managing your life. Time to want this looping. The fourth week says you can implement a different way of seeing things and this will bring immediate relief and new opportunities.

Warnings: self-definition can prevent you from experiencing new possibilities, let yourself be guided by character.

Reflection: Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, this does not dispense with the work of shaping yourself to be better.


In a somewhat tense way, your first week can bring some mental disturbances, due to the material desires you want to conquer. But the second and third weeks bring signs that this phase is coming to an end. An opportunity may appear and bring joy, but it will require you to be more confident, dedicated, and forthcoming with your truth. Emotional and spiritual maturity will be essential to make peace with life and give it a new direction. Week 4 indicates that you need to disprove a belief, without a feeling of loss, but rather as the closest thing to resolving a situation.

Notices: The universe has many ways to bring what we need, sometimes it’s the way we don’t want it.

Reflection: Opportunities live in your audacity.

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